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Teen   /tin/   Listen

A juvenile between the onset of puberty and maturity.  Synonyms: adolescent, stripling, teenager.

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"Teen" Quotes from Famous Books

... ace four' teen fa' mous ly scul' lion re past' in hal' ing en chant' ed mat' tress char' coal land' scapes ar' ...
— De La Salle Fifth Reader • Brothers of the Christian Schools

... by his birth And death my sins be all redeemable— As Mary of Egypt's dole he changed to mirth, And eke Theophilus', to whom befell Quittance of thee, albeit (so men tell) To the foul fiend he had contracted been. Assoilzie me, that I may have no teen, Maid, that without breach of virginity Didst bear our Lord that in the Host is seen: In this belief I will ...
— Our Lady Saint Mary • J. G. H. Barry

... my Geraldine, No flow'r was ever seen so toodle um. You are my lum ti toodle lay, Pretty, pretty queen, Is rum ti Geraldine and something teen, More sweet than tiddle lum in May. Like the star so bright That somethings all the night, My Geraldine! You're fair as the rum ti lum ti sheen, Hark! there is what—ho! From something—um, you know, Dear, what I mean. Oh! rum! ...
— A Nonsense Anthology • Collected by Carolyn Wells

... with false priests.] For wonder wroth is e wy[gh] {a}t wro[gh]t alle i{n}g{es}, Wyth e freke at i{n} fyle fol[gh]es hy{m} aft{er}, As renke[gh] of relygiou{n} at reden & sy{n}gen, & aprochen to hys presens, & preste[gh] arn called; 8 Thay teen vnto his te{m}mple & teme{n} to hy{m} seluen, Reken w{i}t{h} reu{er}ence ay r[ec]hen his auter, ay hondel er his aune body & vsen hit boe. [Sidenote: The pure worshipper receives great reward.] If ay in cla{n}nes be clos ay cleche ...
— Early English Alliterative Poems - in the West-Midland Dialect of the Fourteenth Century • Various

... dawn, however, he was kicked in the leg by the tall soldier, and then, before he was entirely awake, he found himself running down a wood road in the midst of men who were panting from the first effects of speed. His can teen banged rhythmically upon his thigh, and his haversack bobbed softly. His musket bounced a trifle from his shoulder at each stride and made his cap feel ...
— The Red Badge of Courage - An Episode of the American Civil War • Stephen Crane

... Ceyce branch of the Bank of Maccadon. And it was lucky she'd done all her banking in Ceyce since she was a teen-ager, because she would have to present herself in person to draw out her savings. She'd better lose no time getting to the bank either. It was one place where theoretical searchers could expect her ...
— Legacy • James H Schmitz

... has written a letter to give me my choice between The wee little whimpering Love and the great god Nick o' Teen. ...
— The Works of Rudyard Kipling One Volume Edition • Rudyard Kipling

... queer-like look in his e'e. "Gie's three bawbees! Look now; there's thae three bawbees. Weel than, here's twa here, an' there's ane there. Noo, this ane here is equal to that ane there, an' this ither ane here is equal to that ane there too; so that, when they're baith equal to that ane, the teen maun be equal to the tither. A blind bat cud see that wi' its ...
— My Man Sandy • J. B. Salmond

... in my mind, with something over to the credit of blind, stupid heroism. He is not a clever man. But, speaking as one who has teen face to face with the end of things, I can say that I know of no act of his that should prevent his returning to his family—if he had a family—not even his deserting them for twenty years. ...
— The Desert and The Sown • Mary Hallock Foote

... child came to me about it," continued their mother, "and asked me if I would let you be engaiged to him; and I said, 'Certainly, if Paige wants to be, Jimmy. I was engaiged myse'f fo' times befo' I was fo'teen——'" ...
— Ailsa Paige • Robert W. Chambers

... much younger than even the twenty-five Mike had guessed at. She seemed to be more like a somewhat bashful teen-ager who had been educated in a convent. "I was what they call an 'exceptional child.' My mother died when I was seven, and Dad ... well, he just didn't know what to do with a baby girl, I guess. He was a kind man, and I think he really loved me, but ...
— Unwise Child • Gordon Randall Garrett

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