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Take after   /teɪk ˈæftər/   Listen
Take after

Be similar to a relative.
Imitate in behavior; take as a model.  Synonym: follow.

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"Take after" Quotes from Famous Books

... little angel picter," said Siller Noonin, smoothing baby's dot of a nose; "I guess she's going to take after your side of the house, and ...
— Little Grandmother • Sophie May

... bad dispositions—they take after their mother," Rufus remarked, looking after them. "With you to work the windlass and empty the bucket we'll make out without them till I pick up another ...
— The Dude Wrangler • Caroline Lockhart

... a rare grammarian, I'm sure," said the farmer. "You do take after your father, sir; I always do say that nobody have got such a ...
— The Hill of Dreams • Arthur Machen

... But, far's the minister's concerned, didn't I hear of your Uncle Eben sayin' in prayer meetin' only a fortni't or so ago that all hands who wa'n't Come-Outers were own children to Satan? Mr. Ellery must take after his father some. Surprisin', ain't it, what a ...
— Keziah Coffin • Joseph C. Lincoln

... guide the pursuit in that direction, if pursuit there is to be. But even this is doubtful. For Colonel Armstrong having recovered his daughters, and only some silver stolen, the settlers may be loath to take after the thieves, or postpone following them to some future time. Clancy has no knowledge of the sanguinary drama that has been enacted at the Mission, else he would not reason thus. Ignorant of it, he can only be sure, that Sime Woodley and Ned Heywood will come in quest of, but without ...
— The Death Shot - A Story Retold • Mayne Reid

... very difficult to satisfy even in little matters, and with a chronic suspicion that everyone with whom she came in contact was trying to get the best of her. Her eldest girl was likely, Captain Hannay thought, to take after her mother, whose pet she was, while Isobel took after her father. He had suggested that both should be sent to school, but Mrs. Hannay would not hear of parting from Helena, but was willing enough that Isobel should be sent to a boarding ...
— Rujub, the Juggler • G. A. Henty

... wondrous big in self esteem. He was the owner of much property, already one of the twelve aldermen, and ambitious, folk said, to arrive at the highest dignity a citizen of Shrewsbury could attain and wear the chain of mayor about his bulldog neck. He doted on his son, who certainly did not take after his father so far as looks went, for he was a tall, lanky fellow with a sallow face, the alderman's countenance being ...
— Humphrey Bold - A Story of the Times of Benbow • Herbert Strang

... Winthrop, we are alike descendants of hers; and the sons as often take after their ...
— Medoline Selwyn's Work • Mrs. J. J. Colter

... station agent. "I knowed a Farrel thirty years gone. W'u'd he be yer father, now? His people come from Munster, if I mind right. Ye do not favour him, but maybe ye take after yer mother. Still, I'm thinkin' ye can't be his son, on account of yer age; though he ...
— Desert Conquest - or, Precious Waters • A. M. Chisholm

... take after his father, Gill. By the way, what's that old wisionary doing now?" drawled Billy, throwing back the lapels of his coat, and slapping his checked trousers with his cane. "Larst time you talked to me about him he had some machine with w'eels and ...
— The Fortunes of Oliver Horn • F. Hopkinson Smith

... come across. And here was one, a splendid bird, in full flowing plumage. This, with an observation made, that the ostriches seem less shy than is usual with these wary creatures, and are moving away but slowly, decides him to take after and have a try at capturing the cock. Unloosing his bolas from the saddle-bow, where he habitually carries this weapon, and spurring his horse to a gallop, off after ...
— Gaspar the Gaucho - A Story of the Gran Chaco • Mayne Reid

... "Naw, from St. Helen's, o' course; deddn' you see their red 'eads? They 're all red-'eaded over on Helen's—take after ...
— Punch, or the London Charivari, Volume 159, December 8, 1920 • Various

... their points," suggested Abner. "Besides, boys take after their mothers, they say." And Abner rose and ...
— Malvina of Brittany • Jerome K. Jerome

... where I get it from," he exclaimed, as if in some measure relieved by the discovery. "I must take after my uncle. He was the greatest fellow to ...
— Calumet 'K' • Samuel Merwin

... we should speak about quite tolerantly. I dare say this particular aunt had only married a Unitarian, or rode to hounds on both sides of her horse, or something of that sort. Anyhow, we can't wait indefinitely for one of the children to take after a doubtfully depraved great-aunt. Something else ...
— Reginald in Russia and Other Sketches • Saki (H.H. Munro)

... is no difficulty to see who you take after! Your dear mother was so clever at all those things! If I had but her memory! But I can remember nothing;—not even that particular riddle which you have heard me mention; I can only recollect the first stanza; and there ...
— Persuasion • Jane Austen

... to those children, sir? I know You'll not believe her, even should the Queen Think they take after one they rarely saw. I had intended that my son should live A stranger to these matters: but you are So utterly deprived of friends! He too Must serve you—will you not be good to him? Or, stay, sir, do not promise—do not swear! You, Hollis—do ...
— Browning's England - A Study in English Influences in Browning • Helen Archibald Clarke

... that's evil; the devil and Tom Walker! Say, who do you take after? Not your daddy. He's easy. Fifty dollars a month? Say, I worked two years and had a wife and two children to take care of and I never cleared forty dollars a month. I've been a lifetime working myself up to what I am and you jump into the game, inexperienced, green as a cucumber, and want ...
— Watch Yourself Go By • Al. G. Field

... certainly take after your mother—she would never have anything to do with us. But I couldn't take Damie alone along with me, even if he wanted to go; for a long time he wouldn't be able to do anything but eat bread, whereas you would have been able to ...
— The German Classics of The Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries, Vol. VIII • Various

... we," Ralph laughed. "My brother and myself, although French born, are actually English. Our father is an English officer, but our mother is French and, as you see, we take after ...
— The Young Franc Tireurs - And Their Adventures in the Franco-Prussian War • G. A. Henty

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