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To move or force, especially in an effort to get something open.  Synonyms: jimmy, lever, prize, pry.  "Raccoons managed to pry the lid off the garbage pail"
Make an uninvited or presumptuous inquiry.  Synonym: pry.
Regard highly; think much of.  Synonyms: esteem, prize, respect, value.  "We prize his creativity"

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"Prise" Quotes from Famous Books

... "it—it was a Chris'mus s'prise fur you an' Aunt Judith." A great tear rolled slowly down upon the tippet. "I—I seen a book on fancy carpenterin' an' I—I didn't have no money an'—an' a thimble. It ain't silver, but it's 'mos' as good." And then Jimsy lost his moorings with ...
— Jimsy - The Christmas Kid • Leona Dalrymple

... acceded the black, yielding to the spell of the lass. "Massa allus radder see a pooty face dan black ole Billy's. Jus' yo' run along with it, chile, an' s'prise him." ...
— Janice Meredith • Paul Leicester Ford

... said brutally. "Waste no time on that boy. Before the man returns, let us seize our prise. Keep your hands off. This is no common chest. It opens with a combination lock and the ...
— The Son of Clemenceau • Alexandre (fils) Dumas

... There did not at first sight appear to be anything of value among the ancient relics, but I noticed some iron boxes, which had rusted at the locks, so that it became difficult to open them. With the aid of a crowbar, however, which I sent for from the ship, we were able to prise the lid off one of them, when it was found to be filled with Spanish money, much gold coin being amongst it. There were twelve iron boxes, and we reckoned that each box contained money to the value of two thousand English pounds. At the sight of this treasure Hartog readily ...
— Adventures in Southern Seas - A Tale of the Sixteenth Century • George Forbes

... things. Fetch me his head; he nere shall speake againe. [Ex. Tigell. What doe we Princes differ from the durt And basenesse of the common Multitude If to the scorne of each malicious tongue We subiect are: For that I had no skill,[19] Not he that his farre famed daughter set A prise to Victoria and had bin Crown'd With thirteene Sutors deaths till he at length By fate of Gods and Servants treason fell, (Shoulder pack't[20] Pelops, glorying in his spoyles) Could with more skill his coupled horses guide. Even ...
— Old English Plays, Vol. I - A Collection of Old English Plays • Various

... announced the Missionary's boy of twelve, who promptly turned a hand spring over the slab bench, never pausing in a running fire of exuberant comment. "Get on y'r bib and tucker, Dickie! You're goin' t' have a s'prise party—right away! Senator Moses and Battle Brydges, handy-andy-dandy, comin' up with Dad and MacDonald! Oh, hullo, Miss Eleanor, how d' y' get here ahead? Did y' climb? We met His Royal High Mightiness and His Nibs ...
— The Freebooters of the Wilderness • Agnes C. Laut

... discover; and, moreover, the Portuguese geographers were right in condemning his scheme, because it really is not so far by sea from Lisbon around Africa to Hindustan as from Lisbon by any practicable route westward to Japan! See Luciano Cordeiro, De la part prise par les Portugais dans la decouverte d'Amerique, Lisbon, 1876, pp. 23, 24, 29, 30. Well, I don't know that there is any answer to be made to this argument. Logic is logic, says the ...
— The Discovery of America Vol. 1 (of 2) - with some account of Ancient America and the Spanish Conquest • John Fiske

... pineapple, but the other fruits were new to us—lanzones in white, fuzzy clusters like giant grapes; the chico, a little brown fruit that tastes like baked apple flavored with caramel; and the atis, which most natives prise as a delicacy, but which few Americans ever learn ...
— A Woman's Impression of the Philippines • Mary Helen Fee

... I suppose, By the loud and frequent manner in which I blowed my nose!— But his su-prise was greater, and it made him wonder more, When I kissed and hugged the widder when she met us at ...
— Riley Love-Lyrics • James Whitcomb Riley

... supercilious tone." We are unable to detect any such feature in it. That trait was wholly foreign from Leibnitz's nature. "Car je suis des plus dociles," he says of himself, in this same essay. He was the most tolerant of philosophers. "Je ne mprise presque rien."—"Nemo est ingenio minus quam ego censorio."— "Mirum dictu: probo pleraque quae lego."—"Non admodum ...
— The Atlantic Monthly, Vol. II, No. 8, June 1858 • Various

... game there was set up, A white bull up y-pight, A great courser with saddle and brydle, With gold burnished full bryght; A payre of gloves, a red golde ringe, A pipe of wine, good day; What man bereth him best, I wis, The prise shall ...
— The Lady of the Lake • Sir Walter Scott

... did I express the mental distractions I was suffering from, and the tugs at my heart respectively administered by Francine's cap-strings and Mary Ashburton's shadowy tresses. Berkley, diplomatically approving the landscape before us, would not get angry, would not be insulted, and offered no prise to ...
— Lippincott's Magazine. Vol. XII, No. 33. December, 1873. • Various

... enterprise, were anxious to avoid further indebtedness; and the colonists, wearying of the dual control, wished to reap for themselves the full reward of their own efforts. Under the new arrangement of small private properties, the settlers began "to prise corne as more pretious than silver, and those that had some to spare begane to trade one with another for small things, by the quart, pottle, and peck, etc., for money they had none." Later, finding "their ...
— The Fathers of New England - A Chronicle of the Puritan Commonwealths • Charles M. Andrews

... eyes wandered furtively up and down the endless ornate table, and he felt he had been, in a sort of way, right in thinking these people were the handiest instrument to prise open the national conscience with. The shining red faces of the men, the shining white necks and arms of the women, the fearless eyes, the general free-and-easiness and spaciousness, the look of late hours counteracted by fresh air and exercise and the best things to eat and drink—what ...
— A Christmas Garland • Max Beerbohm

... hypocrisy "que l'histoire atteste, et qu'on ne saurait mettre en doute sans oter quelque chose a l'idee de son genie; car les hommes verront toujours moins de grandeur dans un fanatique de bonne foi, que dans une ambition qui fait des enthusiastes. Cromwell mena les hommes par la prise qu'ils lui donnaient sur eux. L'ambition seule lui inspira des crimes, qu'il fit executer par le fanatisme des autres." That he thus employed the spirit of the age without sharing it, is a theory which ...
— Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, Volume 61, No. 378, April, 1847 • Various

... own tristes you have added more, and the account(s) which I have of your health, and of what it may be, and of the Castle air, &c., do by no means aid me on this occasion. I will fairly own to you, that, a quelque prise que ce soit, I wish this administration of yours in Ireland was at an end; and if no other ever began, I should be as well contented, unless, what is impossible, it could be exempt from those solicitudes which do not seem in any degree to be suitable ...
— George Selwyn: His Letters and His Life • E. S. Roscoe and Helen Clergue

... strongest man, and Solomon was wise, Alexander for to conquer 'twas all his daily prise; King David was valiant, and many thousands slew, Yet none of these brave heroes could live without ...
— Ancient Poems, Ballads and Songs of England • Robert Bell

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