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Ponce   /pˈoʊnseɪ/  /pɑns/  /pˈɑnseɪ/   Listen

A man who is effeminate in his manner and fussy in the way he dresses.
Someone who procures customers for whores (in England they call a pimp a ponce).  Synonyms: fancy man, pandar, pander, panderer, pimp, procurer.

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"Ponce" Quotes from Famous Books

... the seas; he thought Flanders a garden to be tilled to supply his table, and its wealth, gold for him to squander on Armadas. Italian provinces were his, and Spain was his; and the Western Hemisphere, by his own daring assumption, and the generosity of the papal gift, and the toils of Ponce de Leon and de Soto and Coronado and Pizarro and Cortes, was his. Compared with the wide and bewildering extent of his kingdom, the Roman Empire was a dukedom. His empire spurred him to world-dominion, and he used his patrimony and its fabulous ...
— A Hero and Some Other Folks • William A. Quayle

... Spain that credit is to be given as being the first country of Europe where there are recorded accounts of successful instruction of the deaf. In 1550, or perhaps earlier, Pedro Ponce de Leon of the Order of St. Benedict taught, chiefly by oral methods, several deaf children in the convent of San Salvador de Ona. Great success must have attended his efforts, for in addition to the Spanish language and arithmetic, his pupils are reported to have mastered Latin, Greek and ...
— The Deaf - Their Position in Society and the Provision for Their - Education in the United States • Harry Best

... books characterized by lofty thought, by fine feeling and, as a rule, by a beautiful simplicity of expression. They have another quality, hard to define but easy to understand, a quality which leaves upon us the impression of eternal youth, as if they had been dipped in the fountain which Ponce de Leon sought for in vain through the New World. If a great book could speak, it would use the words of the Cobzar (poet) in ...
— Outlines of English and American Literature • William J. Long

... on this continent of the Spanish and the French, though in itself a captivating story, cannot properly be dwelt on in a history of the growth of the American principle. Ponce de Leon traversed Florida in the first quarter of the Sixteenth Century, hunting for the Fountain of Immortality, and finding death. Hernando de Soto wandered over the area of several of our present Southern States, and discovered the lower ...
— The History of the United States from 1492 to 1910, Volume 1 • Julian Hawthorne

... frottemens, il n'y a que la longueur du tems qui l'ait degrade, et lui ait imprime le caractere de la vetuste. On ne voit que des pierres calcaires, elles sont remplies de trous, de fentes, et de crevasses; beaucoup, paroissent poreuses comme de la la pierre ponce grossiere; le sejour des neiges des eaux, la gelee, et l'intemperie des saisons a tout fait. On voit de tous cotes que l'eau s'y infiltre et s'y perd. L'arrangement de cette espece de pierre par couches, facilite l'entree des eaux dans l'interieur de ...
— Theory of the Earth, Volume 2 (of 4) • James Hutton

... the Government charts which give the coast line only, the existing maps of the scene of the story are worse than useless. In them a hundred square miles are given to Ponce de Leon Bay, which doesn't exist, unless the little depression in the coast which is called Shark River Bight is accounted a bay. Rivers are omitted; one with a mouth fifty feet wide is represented as a mile broad. A little stream four miles long is sent wandering over a hundred and forty ...
— Dick in the Everglades • A. W. Dimock

... cannot be mentioned. And yet this Cabinet had no knowledge of the conditions, and concluded from the report of the Doolittle Peace Commission that the Indian expedition was a complete failure, notwithstanding that this commission failed to make ponce with a single tribe of Indians and failed to stop the depredations of any band of Indians; and, upon its report, declaring that the Indian expeditions were a folly and wickedness gotten up by some one without the authority or knowledge ...
— The Battle of Atlanta - and Other Campaigns, Addresses, Etc. • Grenville M. Dodge

... the line of Spanish notables in the New World,—of Ponce de Leon, of Garay, Ayllon, De Narvaez, and De Soto,—Mr. Parkman concisely reviews the successive attempts at a settlement in Florida by Frenchmen. His central figures here are Admiral De Coligny and his agents, Villegagnon, Ribaut, and Laudonniere. ...
— The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 16, No. 96, October 1865 • Various

... three were from cities; and the spell of dreams, and of Granger, was upon them all. They were dazzled, dazed. On their native heaths, perhaps as shrewd as any, here they were pleased, hopeful children in a master's hands. Ponce de Leon's Fountain of Youth, a plot of land in perpetual sun, where crops grow without work or worry, big land profits, easy money, something for nothing—the lure is as innate and potent as ...
— The Plunderer • Henry Oyen

... forestry, and a few of the manufactures exhibits. On the second floor were the liberal arts and manufactures exhibits and the offices of the commission; also the needlework display, which was collected and exhibited by the Women's Aid Society, San Juan, and the Benevolent Society, Ponce. ...
— Final Report of the Louisiana Purchase Exposition Commission • Louisiana Purchase Exposition Commission

... of this reasoning will bear repeating. It is taken from a Latin edition of an ancient description of Florida, originally in the English, but translated into the Latin by the geographer, Mercator. In this book we find the roots of some of the myths that led Ponce de Leon and his steel-clad warriors to wander through Florida in a vain search of that spring or fountain of the waters of perpetual youth and of everlasting life which they were never to find. We there learn that, in the ...
— History of Circumcision from the Earliest Times to the Present - Moral and Physical Reasons for its Performance • Peter Charles Remondino

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