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Mobilize   /mˈoʊbəlˌaɪz/   Listen

(past & past part. mobilized; pres. part. mobilizing)
Make ready for action or use.  Synonyms: marshal, mobilise, summon.
Call to arms; of military personnel.  Synonyms: call up, mobilise, rally.
Get ready for war.  Synonym: mobilise.
Cause to move around.  Synonyms: circulate, mobilise.

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"Mobilize" Quotes from Famous Books

... openings which result from the reply (1) ..., P-e5 by playing (1) ..., P- e6 for instance, or (1) ..., P-c5;, or, in fact, any other of the twenty possible first moves, White will find the right way to mobilize his men if he strictly adheres to those two principles and resists the temptation to institute an early attack. A few examples will show how simple the application of the ...
— Chess and Checkers: The Way to Mastership • Edward Lasker

... Austrian Crown Prince and the subsequent events were exciting, but it was only when Russia sent that one word "Mobilize" to Serbia that we suspected serious results. Even the summer visitors from the States exhibited signs of excitement, yet they were skeptical of the chances of war; that is, war that would really affect us! My newspaper in ...
— "Crumps", The Plain Story of a Canadian Who Went • Louis Keene

... people as a mild, meek and inoffensive lot. That isn't the sort of stuff out of which her dogged and continuing resistance was wrought. That isn't the mettle which for two weeks stopped up the German tide before the Liege forts, giving the allies two weeks to mobilize, and all they had asked the Belgians for was two or three days of grace. But before the German avalanche hurled itself on Liege it was this peasant population which bore the first brunt of ...
— In the Claws of the German Eagle • Albert Rhys Williams

... complex problems we had to discuss and adjust, and we had to determine how we could most effectually mobilize the financial resources of the Allies so as to be of the greatest help to the common cause. For the moment undoubtedly ours is still the best market in the world. An alliance in a great war to be effective needs that each country must bring all its ...
— New York Times Current History: The European War, Vol 2, No. 1, April, 1915 - April-September, 1915 • Various

... success of the Boer forces against Dr. Jameson's band has been accounted for in many ways, but undoubtedly the one reason, if one can be selected, which enabled them to deal with the invaders, was their ability to mobilize at short notice. And in this connection arises the question: Did the Boers know beforehand of the intended invasion, and were they waiting until Dr. Jameson should walk into the trap? On behalf of the Boers it is strenuously maintained that they had not ...
— The Transvaal from Within - A Private Record of Public Affairs • J. P. Fitzpatrick

... apparent that the sacrifice of lives was becoming too great to warrant the Allies trying to hold their first-line trenches much longer, and that they must give them up, at least until they could re-mobilize their forces for ...
— The Brighton Boys in the Radio Service • James R. Driscoll

... Punch's way of thinking, 'tis for women, kind and wise, These neglected scattered units to enrol and mobilize, Their vagabond activities to curb and concentrate, And turn the skittish hoyden to ...
— Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 152, January 10, 1917 • Various

... our loyal brave allies In the Southlands mobilize, Faith is sworn to our emprise, The scouting breezes whisper That help is sure today: Vanguards of the springtime rains Cannonade the hills and plains, Freeing them from Winter's chains, So birds and buds may flourish ...
— Ballads of Peace in War • Michael Earls

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