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Exam   /ɪgzˈæm/   Listen

A set of questions or exercises evaluating skill or knowledge.  Synonyms: examination, test.

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"Exam" Quotes from Famous Books

... Hebby for fear he'd quiz me or follow me. This other man began a cross exam., so I beat it. He said he was from the ranch where you stopped. I asked the clerk when I paid my bill who he was, and he said he was a sheriff, or had been one. Maybe Hebler got him to track you. I dodged his questions so as not to put ...
— Penny of Top Hill Trail • Belle Kanaris Maniates

... is, he makes up for it. They were doing Ancient Greek Geography in his form at early school last term. Tony tackled it in his spare time, and got most marks in the exam." ...
— The Camera Fiend • E.W. Hornung

... on the Stock Exchange," explained Cedric. "Clever old chap—shouldn't mind if he would give me the straight tip. I tell you what, Die," and here Cedric lit himself another cigarette, "if I come a cropper in the exam, the Stock Exchange would not be a bad place for me to make ...
— Herb of Grace • Rosa Nouchette Carey

... the "exam," of her chances in this or that "paper," of the likelihood that this or that question would be "set." Her brain was becoming a mere receptacle for dates and definitions, vocabularies and rules syntactic, ...
— The House of Cobwebs and Other Stories • George Gissing

... to the child's recollection how she sometimes couldn't repeat on Friday the sentence that had been glib on Wednesday, and she dealt all feebly and ruefully with the present tough passage. Sir Claude and Mrs. Beale stood there like visitors at an "exam." She had indeed an instant a whiff of the faint flower that Mrs. Wix pretended to have plucked and now with such a peremptory hand thrust at her nose. Then it left her, and, as if she were sinking with a slip from a foothold, her arms made a short jerk. What this jerk represented ...
— What Maisie Knew • Henry James

... intended for the Army, but I couldn't pass the doctor—rather a facer after scraping through the exam.; when that was knocked on the head, I got a post as assistant-master, but I couldn't stick it for more than a couple of years; after that, I was in a newspaper office; then I got badly stage-struck and went on the boards. Unfortunately, I was not a success; I never could do ...
— The Road to Mandalay - A Tale of Burma • B. M. Croker

... old pater; and I say, Peg, I don't mean to leave Sandhurst without bringing home something to keep as a souvenir. At the end of each Christmas term a sword is presented to the cadet who passes out first in the final exam.—'The Anson Memorial Sword.' Mariquita!"—Arthur smote his breast, and struck a fierce and warlike attitude,—"that sword is mine! In the days to come, when you are old and grey-headed, you will see that rusty blade hanging over my ancestral hearth, ...
— About Peggy Saville • Mrs. G. de Horne Vaizey

... or saying. Not thinking—knowing. I'd be playing hide-and-seek, and I could see the places where the other kids were hiding just as plainly as I could see my own surroundings. Or I'd be worrying over the answers to an exam question, and I'd know what somebody in the back of the room had decided to write down, or what the teacher was expecting us to write. Not always—but it happened often enough so that it bothered me, just the way it does now when I answer a question before it's been asked, or ...
— The Sound of Silence • Barbara Constant

... back with the team on the six o'clock train—hour exam on Monday. My brother's waiting for me outside; I want to see him for a while before we start. I hope to come up here some time again—hope ...
— The Jester of St. Timothy's • Arthur Stanwood Pier

... third did our visit prove abortive. The outer door would not open to our knock, and nothing more substantial than a torrent of bad language came from behind it. "I don't care who you are. You can go to blazes!" roared the angry voice. "Tomorrow's the exam, and I won't ...
— The Return of Sherlock Holmes • Arthur Conan Doyle

... leapt the young Athletes from his seat beside the Cam: 'This is tempting me, by Jingo, to submit to an Exam! So it's time, my learned Lady, you and I should say good-bye'— And he stood with indignation and wild ...
— Sagittulae, Random Verses • E. W. Bowling

... mother, I am accepted! It is the happiest day of my life; it will be a red letter day for you! I love you. I have tried so hard for your sake; I have tried to make my life hear one long prayer and the dear Lord helps me. I did not write because the exam. was delaid, and I wanted to wait untill I had something good to tell you. I look nice in the unniform. It is pink and a white cap, apron and cuffs. Oh I am so contented; this work is so filling. I never get lonely or homesick. We nurses had a party, and we danced and served ...
— The Making of Mary • Jean Forsyth

... queer fellow," Pinkerton said, "one never knows what he can do and what he can't. At the last exam Glover said that the papers he sent in were far and away the best, but that he had only done the difficult questions and hadn't sent in any answers at all to the easy ones, so that instead of coming in first he was five or six down the list. I believe myself ...
— The Dash for Khartoum - A Tale of Nile Expedition • George Alfred Henty

... this time she herself was secretly engaged to be married to Edward Coe, who had conquered her heart with unimaginable swiftness a few weeks before she was about to sit for a musical examination at Manchester. "Let us say nothing till after my exam," she had suggested to her betrothed. "There will be an enormous fuss, and it will put me off, and I shall fail, and I don't want to fail, and you don't want me to fail." He agreed rapturously. Of course ...
— The Matador of the Five Towns and Other Stories • Arnold Bennett

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