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Darter   /dˈɑrtər/   Listen

Fish-eating bird of warm inland waters having a long flexible neck and slender sharp-pointed bill.  Synonyms: anhinga, snakebird.
A person or other animal that moves abruptly and rapidly.

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"Darter" Quotes from Famous Books

... telling fibs," said the old lady. "What I want to know is, if you know my darter, Mrs. John Jones; her first name is Seraphiny. She lives on Bleecker Street, and her husband, who is a nice man, though his head is bald on ...
— Ben, the Luggage Boy; - or, Among the Wharves • Horatio Alger

... Princesse, and trimmed with dandylion ruchin and sun-flower brade. Then she fleeced a he ram, and of the wool thereof she formed a big bussel, and Adam got mashed on her fine does, and she turned up her knoes at the washerwomans darter wot didnt have on nothin but a palm leef jursey, wot fit ...
— The Bad Boy At Home - And His Experiences In Trying To Become An Editor - 1885 • Walter T. Gray

... "She ain't nobody's darter, ole gent, but he sez she's his gurl. She been keepin' comp'ny wid young Swiggsy, an' she wont promise not ter. Dat's de whole biznuss. De harder he walloped, de more she ...
— Tin-Types Taken in the Streets of New York • Lemuel Ely Quigg

... Altman's darter, Agnes (she ain't much more than a child), felt so sorry for The Panther, thinking, too, that I meant to shove him under, that she cut ...
— The Phantom of the River • Edward S. Ellis

... but it do be so, sure!" quoth he, staring. "My very own dinner cut by my very own darter, beef an' bread an' a mossel o' cheese—I take my bible oath t' it, I do—bread an' beef ...
— Black Bartlemy's Treasure • Jeffrey Farnol

... are ten to one that thing couldn't happen ag'in; but luck, just then, war t'other way. Lone Wolf and his men war on their way home, and had no more idea of meeting yer folks than he had of axing me to come down and act as bridesmaid for his darter, ...
— The Cave in the Mountain • Lieut. R. H. Jayne

... like that, and others—when he refused a big pile for his hacienda and the garden, that ran right into the gold-bearing ledge—war for lynching him and driving him outer the settlement. But as he had a pretty darter or niece livin' with him, and, except for his partickler cussedness towards mining, was kinder peaceable and perlite, they thought better of it. Things went along like this, until one day the boys noticed—particklerly the boys that had slipped up on their luck—that old ...
— Mr. Jack Hamlin's Mediation and Other Stories • Bret Harte

... pretty creetur!" said Douglass, looking up with some animation. "I wouldn't blame any man that sot a good deal by her. I will say I think she's as handsome as my own darter; and a man can't go no ...
— Queechy, Volume I • Elizabeth Wetherell

... "An' 'is darter might be princesses!" exclaimed the landlady with a sniff. Quite plainly she did not approve of the seclusion in which Herr Kreutzer kept his daughter. "Five years 'ave them two lived 'ere in this 'ere 'ouse, an' not five times 'as that ...
— The Old Flute-Player - A Romance of To-day • Edward Marshall and Charles T. Dazey

... durned young imp, I'd lief have skinned him! If it hadn't been for your gal, they'd have raised thunder aboard, they would: you oughter be kinder proud, mister, to hev sich a sensible young woman fur yer darter! She warn't a bit skeart when the shock came; but braced herself up as cool as a cowcumber, and thar she's ben, keeping them noisy folks quiet, and tendin' her little siss ...
— The Wreck of the Nancy Bell - Cast Away on Kerguelen Land • J. C. Hutcheson

... sure, the cornel's darter, and an illigant wan she is, av she has to make her livin' by ...
— Two Knapsacks - A Novel of Canadian Summer Life • John Campbell

... their grub's got ready in the camp house. It's a jo-darter of a feed, with cake, pie, airtights, an' the full game, an' Jack an' Pickles walks over side an' side. They goes in alone an' shets the door. In about five minutes, thar's some emphatic remarks by two six-shooters, an' we-all goes chargin' to find out. We discovers Jack eatin' away ...
— Wolfville Days • Alfred Henry Lewis

... the banks; and on every dead tree and piece of rock may be seen one or two species of the web-footed 'Plotus', darter, or snake-bird. They sit most of the day sunning themselves over the stream, sometimes standing erect with their wings outstretched; occasionally they may be seen engaged in fishing by diving, and, as they swim about, their bodies are so much submerged that hardly any thing ...
— Missionary Travels and Researches in South Africa - Journeys and Researches in South Africa • David Livingstone

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