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Cop   /kɑp/   Listen

Uncomplimentary terms for a policeman.  Synonyms: bull, copper, fuzz, pig.

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"Cop" Quotes from Famous Books

... "Too damn dull. I was on it for six months. Damn near drove me nuts. Nobody to talk to but another cop—same cop, day after day. He was a nice guy, don't get me wrong, but Christ! Nothin' to do but watch for people breakin' traffic pattern. Can't even pull over to the side and watch the traffic go by. It's dull, I'm tellin' you, Johnny. I asked for a transfer back ...
— Anything You Can Do ... • Gordon Randall Garrett

... choppy, without any follow through; I doubt if he will ever, on a short hole, cop a two, But his putts are straight and deadly, and he doesn't even frown When he's tried to hole a long one and just fails to get it down. On the fourteenth green I faded; there he put me on the shelf, And it's not to his discredit when I ...
— The Path to Home • Edgar A. Guest

... sermons, pietisms, keepsakes, schoolbooks, and 'Aristotles' (tied up in red twine, these last), he could descry, in the farther gloom, actual folios and quartos. It was like seeing the gleam of nuggets on the familiar slopes of Mow Cop, which is the Five Towns' mountain. The proprietor, an extraordinarily grimy man, invited him to examine. He could not refuse. He found Byron's "Childe Harold" in one volume and "Don Juan" in another, ...
— Clayhanger • Arnold Bennett

... our things that way." Then a thought of his own came to him, "You wouldn't want the police coming round and taking you off to the lockup, would you? I saw 'em take Binney Rogers one time, just because he broke a window that he didn't mean to. He was only shying a rock at a sparrow. There was a cop on each side of him a hold of his arm, and Binney's mother and sister were following along behind crying and begging them not to take him something awful. But all they could say didn't ...
— Georgina of the Rainbows • Annie Fellows Johnston

... "Der cop run out der back door," was all that she could be made to say in answer to fierce inquiries. Every apartment was examined in vain, and then the roughs departed in search of other prey. Brave, simple-hearted girl! She ...
— An Original Belle • E. P. Roe

... time, old Cop, the porter (so called because he hath copper boots to keep the wet from his stomach, and a nose of copper also, in right of other waters), his place is to stand at the gate, attending to the flood-boards grooved into one another, and so to watch the torrents rise, and not be ...
— Lorna Doone - A Romance of Exmoor • R. D. Blackmore

... the way, men, and let me see him. Blind me, I'd sooner have taken a bug into my confidence than Pierce. He gets ahead of us with his long thin legs, and without so much as 'By your leave' swims out to sea to cop what belongs to you and me and ...
— Hurricane Island • H. B. Marriott Watson

... May 31, "Go away, you stink." In the first part of this period, she presented some bursts of elation, on one occasion turned somersaults, indulged in a few pranks with laughter, or once, when a knock at the door was heard, she called out "Holy gee, cheese it, the cop." But these occurred only in the first part of the period. On June 1 she spoke to the nurse, said, "What is the matter with these people, they must be crazy," asked to go home, and was then by the nurse found to be oriented, and to know the names of people around her. But when she was asked ...
— Benign Stupors - A Study of a New Manic-Depressive Reaction Type • August Hoch

... ... all are unanimous in voting "Krazy Kat" and "Ignatz the Mouse" headliners among comics. A cat ... a mouse ... a brick ... a dog "cop" ... these are the whimsical characters that have made Herriman a billionaire in laughs. Evening Journal readers are not afraid to laugh ... they have made "Krazy Kat" a ...
— What's in the New York Evening Journal - America's Greatest Evening Newspaper • New York Evening Journal

... for me, Mr. Chames. If I'd bin taller I'd have stood for being a New York cop, and bin buying a brownstone house on Fifth Avenue by this. It's de cops makes de big money in old Manhattan, dat's ...
— The Gem Collector • P. G. Wodehouse

... and nobody could have blamed him for not taking the jump. However, he jumped; and in this particular case the hand of the Lord was heavy upon the unrighteous. The burglar had the breath knocked out of him, and the 'cop' didn't. When his victim could walk, the officer trotted him around to the station house." When Roosevelt had discovered that the patrolman's record showed him to be sober, trustworthy, and strictly attentive to duty, he secured ...
— Theodore Roosevelt and His Times - A Chronicle of the Progressive Movement; Volume 47 in The - Chronicles Of America Series • Harold Howland

... somewhere and hide, but more often the good old Blue has come out on top, and then I've been so hoarse from yelling that I haven't been able to talk above a whisper for a week. Of course it wouldn't be a good thing for the game if one team won all the time, and as long as we cop about two out of three, I'm not doing any kicking. It isn't often that we lose two years in succession, and I'm looking for you fellows now to ...
— Bert Wilson on the Gridiron • J. W. Duffield

... me der stomach pain efry day," wailed Schmoll to Sergeant Casey. "I tell him, 'Lieutenant, dose horseshoes is expendable. We don't acgount for efry shoe like they was men's shoes, und oder dings dot is issued.' 'I prefer to cake them cop!' says Baby Bismarck. Und he smile ...
— The Jimmyjohn Boss and Other Stories • Owen Wister

... frequently to apply to them for information, and it sometimes happens that the answer is couched in language that may be Polish, so far as the querist knows, though, in fact, there is no polish about it. It is more likely to be COPTIC, as the policeman of the period likes to call himself a "COP." If there is a street sensation in progress, and you ask a contemplative policeman the cause of it, matters are not made perfectly clear to you when he replies that it is "only a put-up job to screen a fence" or words to that affect. If you ask him to explain things ...
— Punchinello, Vol. II. No. 38, Saturday, December 17, 1870. • Various

... I took the trouble to make a wireless outfit good enough to cop that prize, I'd expect them to pay me a thousand dollars for it instead of a ...
— The Radio Boys' First Wireless - Or Winning the Ferberton Prize • Allen Chapman

... desk this was, and opened the cover of it. In the recess beneath were soiled tables of figures, torn maps, and dogs-eared writing books. The ragged paper cover of one of these last, bore on its inner side a grotesquely imperfect inscription:—my cop book zo. He tore off the cover, and put it in the breast pocket ...
— Heart and Science - A Story of the Present Time • Wilkie Collins

... cynics. If you are run over on Market Street and left groaning under the mailed fist of a flivver, the Bolsheviki and I.W.W. will be watching the shop windows. It will be the Boob who will come to your aid, even before the cop ...
— Mince Pie • Christopher Darlington Morley

... coach. "That was a bird! A lulu-cooler and a scalp-taker! Ripley, I reckon you're the new cop that runs the beat!" ...
— The High School Pitcher - Dick & Co. on the Gridley Diamond • H. Irving Hancock

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