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Bum   /bəm/   Listen

A person who is deemed to be despicable or contemptible.  Synonyms: crumb, dirty dog, git, lowlife, puke, rat, rotter, scum bag, skunk, so-and-so, stinker, stinkpot.  "Kill the rat" , "Throw the bum out" , "You cowardly little pukes!" , "The British call a contemptible person a 'git'"
A disreputable vagrant.  Synonyms: hobo, tramp.  "He tried to help the really down-and-out bums"
Person who does no work.  Synonyms: do-nothing, idler, layabout, loafer.
The fleshy part of the human body that you sit on.  Synonyms: arse, ass, backside, behind, bottom, buns, butt, buttocks, can, derriere, fanny, fundament, hind end, hindquarters, keister, nates, posterior, prat, rear, rear end, rump, seat, stern, tail, tail end, tooshie, tush.  "Are you going to sit on your fanny and do nothing?"

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"Bum" Quotes from Famous Books

... westbound, about one-forty in the morning. There wasn't anything else till six-one. Them are always the hardest hours. A fellow's got to stay awake, see, and nothin' to keep him—unless maybe a coyote howlin' a mile off, or maybe a bum knockin' around among the box cars on the sidin', or, if it's cold, the stove to tend. That's all. Unless you put a record on the old phonograph and hit 'er up a few minutes now ...
— The Best Short Stories of 1921 and the Yearbook of the American Short Story • Various

... a bunch like that," Dickie commented. "A man that can't get a job to-day is a bum. And the fellow doesn't live that ever gets through knocking around. That is if ...
— El Diablo • Brayton Norton

... "Yeah. Bum-lookin' joint, ain't it? These guys ain't got no brains; they like to live like this." The contempt of the second speaker was only surpassed by the stridency ...
— Ralestone Luck • Andre Norton

... got a prety Bust in fact she is perfectly made up and you mite know of her by a Thing she has got tattooed on her rite thigh kindly in front of her leg. I think they aimed it for a Hart with L. M. in it but they kinder made a bum job of it and it is hard to make out what it is. If you here of her let me know it at wounced and I will come rite up fur her fur I want to See her bad. eny thing you let me no Surtenly will be appreciate. Yours ...
— The So-called Human Race • Bert Leston Taylor

... as they were scraping their shoes, and said, "Come in—come in—for the love of heaven come in, else you will ruin me entirely." "How so?" cried Opie "Marry, thus," replied the other, "my neighbors over the way will see you, and say, 'Fuseli's done,—for there's a bum bailiff,'" he looked at Opie, "'going to seize his person; and a little Jew broker,'" he looked at Northcote, "'going to take his furniture,—so come in ...
— Anecdotes of Painters, Engravers, Sculptors and Architects, and Curiosities of Art, (Vol. 2 of 3) • Shearjashub Spooner

Words linked to "Bum" :   lazybones, laze, woolgatherer, lie-abed, stinker, mope, slacker, poke, slugabed, shirker, layabout, dosser, goldbrick, vagrant, body, trailer, body part, street person, daydreamer, derriere, idle, loon, lounger, colloquialism, good-for-nothing, disagreeable person, ne'er-do-well, dillydallier, spiv, clock watcher, slug, trunk, dallier, sluggard, fundament, no-account, drone, lagger, floater, nonworker, unpleasant person, tramp, inferior, couch potato, sunbather, stagnate, dilly-dallier, dawdler, trifler, whittler, vagabond, obtain, drifter, good-for-naught, laggard, goof-off, torso, freeload

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