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Abnormality   /ˌæbnɔrmˈæləti/   Listen

(pl. abnormalities)
An abnormal physical condition resulting from defective genes or developmental deficiencies.  Synonym: abnormalcy.
Retardation sufficient to fall outside the normal range of intelligence.  Synonym: mental defectiveness.
Marked strangeness as a consequence of being abnormal.  Synonym: freakishness.
Behavior that breaches the rule or etiquette or custom or morality.  Synonym: irregularity.

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"Abnormality" Quotes from Famous Books

... suicide because he wrote Timon of Athens as to say that he was a pessimist because he wrote Hamlet—the tragedy of an irresolute avenger. This interpretation is contradicted by the very play itself. "At Hamlet's side is the thoroughly healthy Horatio, almost a standard by which his abnormality may be measured. At Lear's side stand Cordelia and Kent, faithful and sound to the core. If the hater of mankind, Timon, had written a play about a rich man who was betrayed by his friends, he would unquestionably have portrayed even the servants as scoundrels. But Shakespeare ...
— An Essay Toward a History of Shakespeare in Norway • Martin Brown Ruud

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