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White person  n.  A person of the Caucasian race (). Note: In the time of slavery in the United States white person was generally construed as a person without admixture of colored blood. In various statutes and decisions in different States since 1865 white person is construed as in effect (as of 1913): one not having any negro blood (Ark., Okla.); one having less than one eighth of negro blood (Ala., Fla., Ga., Ind., Ky., Md., Minn., Miss., Mo., N.C., S.C., Tenn., Tex.); one having less than one fourth (Mich., Neb., Ore., Va.); one having less than one half (Ohio). Since the passage of civil rights legislation in the 1960's and 1970's, the term has little legal significance for some purposes, as in filling out questionnaires, a person's race is whatever the person claims it to be.

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"White person" Quotes from Famous Books

... Mek Nimmur's messengers through the medium of Taher Noor, who knew their language, our attention was attracted by the arrival of a tremendous swell who at a distance I thought must be Mek Nimmur himself. A snow-white mule carried an equally snow-white person, whose tight white pantaloons looked as though he had forgotten his trousers, and had mounted in his drawers. He carried a large umbrella to shade his complexion; a pair of handsome silver-mounted pistols ...
— The Nile Tributaries of Abyssinia • Samuel W. Baker

... just about prepared for Christianity when he thrust himself forward as a god, and with his despotic licentiousness destroyed immediate possibilities of progress. In Sandwich Island notes by "a Haole" (that is to say, a white person) we see what may be said on the other side of the picture: "It becomes an interesting duty to examine their social, political and religious condition. The first feature that calls the attention to the past is ...
— The Story of the Philippines and Our New Possessions, • Murat Halstead

... country, and then we will learn more about them," continued the doctor; "but of one thing let me remind you, do not speak of them as 'natives.' In Australia, the term 'native' is applied to a white person born in this country, while the real natives, as we ourselves would speak of them, are termed 'blacks' ...
— The Land of the Kangaroo - Adventures of Two Youths in a Journey through the Great Island Continent • Thomas Wallace Knox

... good and noble instincts, and it is with pride that we call to mind the fact that he was the first white person who ever interested himself in the work of elevating and civilizing our Indians. He built a commodious jail and put up a gallows, and to his dying day he claimed with satisfaction that he had had a more restraining and elevating influence ...
— Innocents abroad • Mark Twain

... though to see what she might read in the younger woman's eyes. She stood for a long moment, thinking. Finally she sat down on the grass under the maple-tree, and motioned Marise to sit beside her. She meditated for a long time, and then said, hesitatingly, "I don't know as a white person could understand. White people . . . nobody ever ...
— The Brimming Cup • Dorothy Canfield Fisher

... the jungle on an equality with his fellows. Among the pets of the establishment are a youthful black bear that spends much of its time in climbing up and down a post on the lawn, a recently captured monkey that utters cries of alarm and looks badly frightened when approached by a white person, and a pair of spotted deer. These, together with several hunting dogs that delight in taking wanton liberties with the bear and deer, form quite a happy, though not altogether trustful ...
— Around the World on a Bicycle Volume II. - From Teheran To Yokohama • Thomas Stevens

... ascribed to Molly by Mr. Wood, I can say nothing further than this—that I have heard she had at a former period (previous to her marriage) a connexion with a white person, a Capt. ——, which I have no doubt was broken off when she became seriously impressed with religion. But, at any rate, such connexions are so common, I might almost say universal, in our slave colonies, that except by the missionaries ...
— The History of Mary Prince - A West Indian Slave • Mary Prince

... it is impossible. Who ever heard of such a thing as a Negro being palmed upon society as a white person?" ...
— Minnie's Sacrifice • Frances Ellen Watkins Harper

... known all along that the unread whites of Hooker's Bend —and that included nearly every white person in the village—considered black men as simple animals; but he had supposed that the more thoughtful men, of whom Captain Renfrew was a type, at least admitted the Afro- American to the common brotherhood of humanity. ...
— Birthright - A Novel • T.S. Stribling

... is no worse for a red man to hold a white person as a captive than it is for a white man to own a slave. It's a poor rule that won't work ...
— On the Trail of Pontiac • Edward Stratemeyer

... white" slave, who, it is suspected, will try to "pass for a white person," is William Foster's grandson, or perhaps his own offspring. Foster, no doubt, thinks that the negro is indebted to slavery for his moral and religious training. We advise the conservative journals to copy the above advertisement, and comment indignantly on the practice of amalgamation. ...
— Incidents of the War: Humorous, Pathetic, and Descriptive • Alf Burnett

... actually declared them free, and that they were held in bondage contrary to the laws of the land. Even whilst walking through the streets in company with another, he was not idle; for if his companion bowed to a white person, he would rebuke him, and observe that all men were born equal, and that he was surprised that any one would degrade himself by such conduct; that he would never cringe to the whites, nor ought any one who had the feelings of a man. ...
— Black Rebellion - Five Slave Revolts • Thomas Wentworth Higginson

... to a bridge asserts that "any person driving over this bridge in a faster pace than a walk shall, if a white person be fined five dollars, and if a negro receive twenty-five lashes, half the penalty to be bestowed on ...
— English as She is Wrote - Showing Curious Ways in which the English Language may be - made to Convey Ideas or obscure them. • Anonymous

... terrible Indian Mutiny, when most of the native troops rose against their British rulers, and vowed to kill every white person in the land, many cruel deeds were done. A great number of white people were slain before the British troops could come to their rescue, but in some places they managed to hold out until help reached them. This was the case in the city of Lucknow, where the British governor with ...
— True Stories of Wonderful Deeds - Pictures and Stories for Little Folk • Anonymous

... to me to hear the average white person speak of the blacks collectively as having no individuality, for really they are as diverse in characteristics as possible; no two girls I had in the house ...
— The Euahlayi Tribe - A Study of Aboriginal Life in Australia • K. Langloh Parker

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