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Wallop   Listen
Wallop  v. t.  
To beat soundly; to flog; to whip. (Prov. Eng., Scot., & Colloq. U. S.)
To wrap up temporarily. (Prov. Eng.)
To throw or tumble over. (Prov. Eng.)

Collaborative International Dictionary of English 0.48

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"Wallop" Quotes from Famous Books

... he breathed, with what, for him, was almost excitement. "It just came! Oh, isn't that good news? Read it out, Captain Butch. Won't we wallop Ballard now!" ...
— T. Haviland Hicks Senior • J. Raymond Elderdice

... West coast of Greenland, bearin' about E. by N., when we thought that at last we were going' to get one back on the old man. It was this way. One bitter cold night 'e was makin' 'is way aft to turn in, when 'e slips up where a wave 'ad froze on the deck, an' e' goes wallop down the 'ole length of the companion, from top to bottom, an' busts three of 'is ribs. Of course we all ran an' picked 'im up, an' said we 'oped 'e wasn't much 'urt. But 'e says, "None of yer jabber, ye swines; 'elp me inter my bunk, and ...
— Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 152, March 28, 1917 • Various

... with heavyweights that 'a all right. He can't time an' distance as good as me, an' I can keep set better, too. But he's cleverer an' quicker. I never was quick like him. We both can take punishment, an' we're both two-handed, a wallop in all our fists. I know the kick of his, an' he knows my kick, an' we're both real respectful. And we're even-matched. Two draws, and a decision to each. Honest, I ain't any kind of a hunch who's gain' to win, ...
— The Valley of the Moon • Jack London

... Grey and Fairfax, Lisle, Rolles, St. John, Wilde, Bradshaw, Cromwell, Skippon, Pickering, Massam, Haselrig, Harrington, Vane, Jun., Danvers, Armine, Mildmay, Constable, Pennington, Wilson, Whitlocke, Martin, Ludlow, Stapleton, Hevingham, Wallop, Hutchinson, Bond, Popham, ...
— The History of England in Three Volumes, Vol.I., Part E. - From Charles I. to Cromwell • David Hume

... been either an Irishman or of Irish descent. But in the second biggest police force in the world, wherein twenty per cent of the personnel wear names that betoken Jewish, Slavic or Latin forebears, tradition these times suffers many a body wallop. ...
— From Place to Place • Irvin S. Cobb

... punish her with a wet towel, well twisted, and administered freely—more comprehensively expressed by the term "spanker" and "spank her" very much—late from Scotland with all Europe, and schools in America, except the American School of Osteopathy, which recommends to "wallop" and "wallop" very freely the empty headed schools and theories that have no more sense than to torture a sick person and do so to disguise their ignorance of the cause of her disease, which is shown by the spasmodic effect that has been named by a little book of guess ...
— Philosophy of Osteopathy • Andrew T. Still

... concerned, like myself, with the slave-market. In the open air, in the middle of the place, a long table was set. The crowd gathered round this, and presented types of various sorts of citizens. The common "mean white" was spitting and staring—a man fallen so low that he had no nigger to wallop, and was thus even more abject, because he had no natural place and functions in local society, than the slaves themselves. The local drunkard was uttering sagacities to which no mortal attended. Two or three speculators were bidding on commission, and there were a few ...
— In the Wrong Paradise • Andrew Lang

... gone out of the rest of the bunch. An end must be made speedily, or they would climb him like a pack of wildcats and crush him like a rabbit in a fall. With this menace plainly before him, Morgan put his best into the rush and wallop that he ...
— Trail's End • George W. Ogden

... saw Pride go to the mat, and take the count, and if I was dazed, for a while, I suppose it was mostly convalescence from shock. Then I tightened my belt, and reminded myself that it wasn't the first wallop Fate had given me, and remembered that in this life you have to adjust yourself to your environment or be eliminated from the game. And life, I suppose, has tamed me, as a man who once loved me said it would do. The older I get the more tolerant I try ...
— The Prairie Child • Arthur Stringer

... pillar and from pillar to post, keep between hawk and buzzard. agitate, shake, convulse, toss, tumble, bandy, wield, brandish, flap, flourish, whisk, jerk, hitch, jolt; jog, joggle, jostle, buffet, hustle, disturb, stir, shake up, churn, jounce, wallop, whip, vellicate^. Adj. shaking &c v.; agitated tremulous; desultory, subsultory^; saltatoric^; quasative^; shambling; giddy-paced, saltatory^, convulsive, unquiet, restless, all of a twitter. Adv. by fits and starts; subsultorily^ &c adj.^; per ...
— Roget's Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases: Body • Roget

... fit Terms—having struggled from its nit, Was seized on by a swarm of Scotchmen Those scientifical hotch-potch men, Who have at least a penny dip, And wallop in all doctorship, Just as in making broth they smatter By bobbing twenty things in water: These men, I say, made quick appliance And close, to phrenologic science; For of all learned themes whatever, That schools ...
— The Poetical Works of Thomas Hood • Thomas Hood

... the money I'm getting for this job looks good to me, governor, but my chance to put a wallop into anything that old Vose and his sons are interested in looks just as good. I wouldn't be in this just for the money end of it. I'm no pirate, but when they kicked me out of the pilot-house and posted me up and down this coast, they put themselves ...
— Blow The Man Down - A Romance Of The Coast - 1916 • Holman Day

... say farewell—for the present," said Mellor, as they all gathered round the door. "Don't forget that thou art pledged to us by the bonds of our noble order. In token whereof, give them the mystic wallop." ...
— The Hero of Garside School • J. Harwood Panting

... cross with disappointment. To be dashed to the ground, you know, just as I was beginning—"Tell me some more about him," I went on. I'm a plain business man and hang on to an idea like a bulldog; once I get my teeth in they stay in, for all you may drag at me and wallop me with ...
— The Motormaniacs • Lloyd Osbourne

... a cuspidore. 'Twas my first insight into the amenities of football. I'd like to see a whole game of it. They say it lasts an hour and a half. Of all the cordial, why-how-do-you-do mule kicks handed down in rhyme and story, that wallop was ...
— Pardners • Rex Beach

... to me," sighed Weary lugubriously, "we mighta managed it without hitting the Old Man a wallop in ...
— The Flying U's Last Stand • B. M. Bower

... as a little bee, blockin' right hooks and body jabs that was bein' shot at me by a husky young uptown minister who's a headliner at his job, I understand, but who's developin' a good, useful punch on the side. I was just landin' a cross wallop to the ribs, by way of keepin' him from bein' too ambitious with his left, when out of the tail of my eye I notices Swifty Joe edgin' in with a card in ...
— Shorty McCabe on the Job • Sewell Ford

... asking her not to wallop you too often," the tease had just begun afresh, when the opening of the door forced her to swallow her ...
— The Getting of Wisdom • Henry Handel Richardson

... in vogue. Another volunteered the remark, as if to equalize the honors in some measure, "If we did wallop you 'uns, you 'uns killed our best general." "We feel mighty bad about Stonewall's death," and so their tongues would run on, whether our men ...
— War from the Inside • Frederick L. (Frederick Lyman) Hitchcock

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