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Gearing   Listen
Gearing  n.  
(Mach.) The parts by which motion imparted to one portion of an engine or machine is transmitted to another, considered collectively; as, the valve gearing of a locomotive engine; belt gearing; esp., a train of wheels for transmitting and varying motion in machinery.
Frictional gearing. See under Frictional.
Gearing chain, an endless chain transmitting motion from one sprocket wheel to another.
Spur gearing, gearing in which the teeth or cogs are ranged round either the concave or the convex surface (properly the latter) of a cylindrical wheel; for transmitting motion between parallel shafts, etc.

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"Gearing" Quotes from Famous Books

... a year has led a most conservative existence as a hay wain and a stage-coach dragged by a curiously assorted team of dogs and goat, into the semblance of some weird sort of autocart, by the aid of bits of old garden hose, cast-away bicycle gearing, a watering-pot, and an ...
— People of the Whirlpool • Mabel Osgood Wright

... We can't stop here all night. Let's have the rest. The sight'll warm your heart." And he laughed at his own grim pleasantry. "The boys have cleared out your stud 'plugs.' And, I guess, yer barns are chocked full of yer wheel gearing and implements. Say, I guess we'll ...
— The Story of the Foss River Ranch • Ridgwell Cullum

... wouldn't go together—eh? So I had to kind of give up the agency, and I took a churn that was filling a long-felt want just then. Churns is always my specialty and I forgot all about the bicycle—just like a fellow will—eh? But here a while back I wanted to rig up a gearing for the churn and so I took down the wreck of the old wheel, and dubbing around I worked out a ball-bearing sprocket joint—say, man, she runs just like a feather. And now what I want is a patent for the sprocket ...
— In the Heart of a Fool • William Allen White

... as Congressman, but lost it as President largely because of his egotism. He seemed to think that if he neglected to oil the gearing of the solar system about so often, it would stop running. We should learn from this to be humble even when we are in authority. Adams and Jefferson were good friends during the Revolution, but afterwards political differences estranged them till they returned to private life. Adams was ...
— Comic History of the United States • Bill Nye

... and complex scene the relatively permanent molds of statutory provision, unqualified by a large degree of administrative discretion. One of the major reasons urged for governmental intervention is furnished by the need for gearing the different parts of the industrial process with one another for a planned result. In wartime this need is freely conceded by all; but its need in economic crisis is conceivably even greater, the results sought being more complex. So in the interest both of unity of design and of flexibility ...
— The Constitution of the United States of America: Analysis and Interpretation • Edward Corwin

... Butterworth & Dickinson, Burnley, showed Catlow's patent dobby, which is illustrated above, as applied to a strong calico loom. This dobby is a double lift one, thus obtaining a wide shed, and the use of two lattice barrels connected by gearing so that they both revolve in the same direction. The jack lever is attached to the vertical levers, the top and bottom catches being worked respectively by the two barrels, and connected with the ends of the levers. ...
— Scientific American Supplement, No. 647, May 26, 1888 • Various

... necessity of gearing to reduce the number of revolutions to those possible for a large screw, this member is made very small, and allowed to revolve three thousand times a minute, so that the requisite power is obtained with great simplicity of mechanism, which further decreases friction. The shafts, and even the ...
— A Journey in Other Worlds - A Romance of the Future • John Jacob Astor

... She was the more to be admired because the language of Domesday Book is not, perhaps, the clearest medium wherein to describe a small but complete electric-light installation, deriving its power from a water-wheel by means of cogs and gearing. ...
— Traffics and Discoveries • Rudyard Kipling

... one piece of machinery and discovered another beneath it, joined to the first by the gearing of two wheels; and the second was more like one of those automatic apparatuses ...
— The Teeth of the Tiger • Maurice Leblanc

... continued Jack; "then you'll help Ralph to collect cocoa-nut cloth and cut it into shape, after which we'll make a sail of it. I'll see to getting the mast and the gearing; so let's ...
— The Coral Island • R.M. Ballantyne

... depressing discovery—the hind gearing was locked with a chain running from wheel ...
— Bart Stirling's Road to Success - Or; The Young Express Agent • Allen Chapman

... of wool-washing machine has a frame carrying a number of forks arranged transversely to the machine. The forks are by suitable gearing given a motion which consists of the following cycle of movements. The forks are driven forwards in the trough of the machine, carrying the wool along with them, they are then lifted out, carried back, and again allowed to drop into the machine, when they are ready to go forward ...
— The Dyeing of Woollen Fabrics • Franklin Beech

... the wood selected had to be of the hardest substance, and their gearing all of brass; they were stretched with levers, tackle-blocks, capstans or tympanums; the direction of the shooting was changed by means of strong pivots; they were moved forward on cylinders, and the most considerable of them, which were brought piece by piece, were ...
— Salammbo • Gustave Flaubert

... furnace consists of a cast iron revolving cylinder, averaging 25 feet in length and 4 ft. 4 in. in diameter, which revolves on four friction rollers, resting on truck wheels, rotated by ordinary gearing. ...
— Getting Gold • J. C. F. Johnson

... attempted except to replace such parts as are broken or worn out, by others exactly like them. To make alterations while the machine is in motion, or to introduce new combinations, however ingenious, into any part of the original plan, might produce an accident or a breakage of the gearing when perhaps it would be least expected. When the devout Khuniatonu exchanged one city and one god for another, he thought that he was merely transposing equivalents, and that the safety of the commonwealth was not concerned in the operation. Whether it was ...
— History Of Egypt, Chaldaea, Syria, Babylonia, and Assyria, Volume 5 (of 12) • G. Maspero

... one of which is line-shaded; the construction of oval gearing; Professor Rankine's process for rectifying and ...
— Mechanical Drawing Self-Taught • Joshua Rose

... shears; (v) washing, grinding or mixing machinery; (w) calendar rolls in paper and rubber manufacturing; (x) laundering machines; (y) burring machinery; (5) or in proximity to any hazardous or unguarded belts, machinery or gearing; (6) or upon any railroad, whether steam, electric or hydraulic; (7) or upon any vessel or boat engaged in navigation or commerce within the ...
— Mining Laws of Ohio, 1921 • Anonymous

... gearing, were the most elegant and expensive that money could command; and it was a rare thing to see upward of twenty such equipages, which, as well as the housings of the horses, were emblazoned with heraldric devices, and glittering ...
— Graham's Magazine Vol. XXXII No. 2. February 1848 • Various

... and tell him that a certain god might, if he chose, stop the machines and extinguish the lights when the electricity had been turned on; he would reply that this anarchistic god would be simply a misplaced gearing or a broken wire, and that it would be easy for him to seek and find this disturbing god. The practice of the modern factory teaches scientific determinism to the wage-worker, without it being necessary for him to pass through the theoretic study ...
— Communism and Christianism - Analyzed and Contrasted from the Marxian and Darwinian Points of View • William Montgomery Brown

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