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Freightage   Listen
Freightage  n.  
The charge for transportation; the expense of carriage.
The transportation of freight.
Freight; cargo; lading. Milton.

Collaborative International Dictionary of English 0.48

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"Freightage" Quotes from Famous Books

... back to tiny blobs, bounding most of America and thrusting its jetty pseudopods everywhere, he'd see the great inkblot of the Deathlands. I don't know how else than by an area of solid, absolutely unrelieved black you'd represent the Deathlands with its multicolored radioactive dusts and its skimpy freightage of lonely Deathlanders, each bound on his murderous, utterly pointless, but utterly absorbing business—an area where names like Nowhere, It, Anywhere, and the Place are the most natural thing in the world when a few of us decide to try to pad ...
— The Night of the Long Knives • Fritz Reuter Leiber

... dread o'er him, pen and inkstand Flew against the wall together. Ready now and newly soled were My strong boots which old Vesuvius Had much damaged with his sulphur. Farther now I journey onward. Up, my good old Marinaro! Off from land! the waves with pleasure Bear light hearts and weightless freightage. ...
— The Trumpeter of Saekkingen - A Song from the Upper Rhine. • Joseph Victor von Scheffel

... duty, toll, tax, impost, cess^, sess^, tallage^, levy; abkari^; capitation tax, poll tax; doomage [U.S.], likin^; gabel^, gabelle^; gavel, octroi^, custom, excise, assessment, benevolence, tithe, tenths, exactment^, ransom, salvage, tariff; brokerage, wharfage, freightage. bill &c (account) 811; shot. V. bear a price, set a price, fix a price; appraise, assess, doom [U.S.], price, charge, demand, ask, require, exact, run up; distrain; run up a bill &c (debt) 806; have one's price; liquidate. amount ...
— Roget's Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases: Body • Roget

... when the beer didn't count at all, but just the spirit of comradeship of drinking together. And, ha!—another thing! I, too, could call for small beers and minimise by two-thirds the detestable freightage with which comradeship ...
— John Barleycorn • Jack London

... de Lussan, shaking his head. "Well, it has been a short cruise and a merry one. Pity to lose our freightage and lives." ...
— Sir Henry Morgan, Buccaneer - A Romance of the Spanish Main • Cyrus Townsend Brady

... their vessels at a lower rate, and of course to engross this branch of business, unless the laws of the State, such as acts of navigation, shall forbid, in which case those acts will operate so far as a discouragement upon agriculture; the advanced freightage being so much ...
— The Diplomatic Correspondence of the American Revolution, Vol. VIII • Various

... of wagon-road and pack-trail from one railroad base, and by forty miles of mountains from the other, its future turned upon the hope of cheaper transportation. As a gold camp it was an anomaly. With a single exception its ores were low grade, and the wagon-road and pack-trail freightage made them practically ...
— Empire Builders • Francis Lynde

... wide freightage doors, I came to a narrow one which was wide open; so I first looked, and then walked in. It was an unfinished place where a slim young woman was busy about her housework, while a sick-looking man was "standing round." There was a cooking-stove, and she was ...
— Illustrated Science for Boys and Girls • Anonymous

... trips would be required to freight the grain from the railroad to the ranch. The corn had been shelled and sacked at elevator points, eastward in the State, and in encouraging emigration the railroad was glad to supply the grain at cost and freightage. ...
— Wells Brothers • Andy Adams

... setteth!—mark my proud argosy As the breeze flutters her pennons of snow, Wafting from far the glad mariner's melody O'er the blue waters in rhythmical flow! Tell me, oh, soul of mine, what is the freightage fair 'Neath her white wings that she beareth to thee? Treasures of golden ore, gems from Golconda's shore, Lo, she is ...
— Poems of the Heart and Home • Mrs. J.C. Yule (Pamela S. Vining)

... prevail about the comparative valuelessness of our commerce with Russia, because of its assumed entire one-sidedness—losing sight altogether of its vast consequence to the shipping interest; and of the freightage, which is as much an article of commerce and profit as cottons and woollens; oblivious, moreover, of the great political question involved in the maintenance and aggrandisement of that shipping interest, which must be taken to account ...
— Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, Vol. 53, No. 331, May, 1843 • Various

... dependent on Salt Lane for a play-ground. They had the Long Wharf. Ships from the most distant foreign shores deposited their loads of freightage there, and the children were free to read the foreign brands, to guess the contents, and to watch the sailors,—free to all brain-puzzling calculations, and to clothes-soiling, clothes-rending feats, among the treasures of the ship-hold and the wharf: no ...
— The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 14, No. 86, December, 1864 • Various

... France, in the space of twelve years. V. To diminish annually, and in the same space of time finally put an end to, the exportation of specie from France to Great-Britain, which amounts annually to five millions of our money for the purchase of Tobacco, and the freightage of English ships, which bring it into our ports. VI. By diminishing the cause of the outgoing specie, to augment the balance of commerce in favour of the nation. These are the principal advantages ...
— History of Louisisana • Le Page Du Pratz

... very best prospect that some of them may be gratified. He is like the merchant whose ventures on the sea are divided among many vessels. He may lose one or more, yet preserve the main bulk of his fortune from the wreck. But he who has only a single bark—one freightage, however costly—whose whole estate is invested in the one venture—let him lose that, and all is lost. It does not matter that his loss, speaking relatively, is but little. Suppose his shipment, in general estimation, to be of small value. The loss to him ...
— Confession • W. Gilmore Simms

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