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Zip   /zɪp/   Listen

A quantity of no importance.  Synonyms: aught, cipher, cypher, goose egg, nada, naught, nil, nix, nothing, null, zero, zilch, zippo.  "Reduced to nil all the work we had done" , "We racked up a pathetic goose egg" , "It was all for naught" , "I didn't hear zilch about it"
A code of letters and digits added to a postal address to aid in the sorting of mail.  Synonyms: postal code, postcode, ZIP code.
Forceful exertion.  Synonyms: energy, vigor, vigour.  "He's full of zip"
A fastener for locking together two toothed edges by means of a sliding tab.  Synonyms: slide fastener, zip fastener, zipper.

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"Zip" Quotes from Famous Books

... in the boards. At the same instant the man stumbled forward upon his knees, and lay lifeless upon the deck, a blood-stained feather jutting out from his back. As Alleyne stooped to raise him, the air seemed to be alive with the sharp zip-zip of the bolts, and he could hear them pattering on the deck like apples at ...
— The White Company • Arthur Conan Doyle

... was, we were in no small danger. Zip! A tiny pebble whirred past with the force almost of a bullet. Lop-Ear and I began paddling frantically. Whiz-zip-bang! Lop-Ear screamed with sudden anguish. The pebble had struck him between the shoulders. ...
— Before Adam • Jack London

... the bottom, sending a shower of fragments hurtling in every direction, oft dislodging some section of parapet, yet never reaching the depths of the cave. Add to this nerve-racking siege work the instant, spiteful flash of barbed arrow or zip and crack of bullet when hat or hand of one of the defenders was for a second exposed, and it is not difficult to fancy the wear and tear on even the stoutest heart in the depleted ...
— An Apache Princess - A Tale of the Indian Frontier • Charles King

... her face and drenched her. And then, at the first cast she made into a still, deep pool, where the night loitered under the very eye of day, an imprudent trout took the gray hackle fly, and made off with it. The splash, and the "zip" of the tightening line through the water; and then the fight, and the capture—Well, if they were going ...
— The Heart of Thunder Mountain • Edfrid A. Bingham

... sittin' out in the front yard of his house—it's mine, now—watchin' a hoptoad catch flies. You've seen a toad catch flies, haven't you, Mr. Fosdick? Mr. Toad sits there, lookin' half asleep and as pious and demure as a pickpocket at camp-meetin', until a fly comes along and gets too near. Then, Zip! out shoots about six inches of toad tongue and that fly's been asked in to dinner. Well, granddad and I sat lookin' at our particular toad when along came a bumble-bee and lighted on a honeysuckle blossom right in front of the critter. The toad didn't take time to think it over, ...
— The Portygee • Joseph Crosby Lincoln

... own instrument—knew, too, that Melinda Jones' hands were sweeping the keys—and all that Melinda Jones had done for her comfort was forgotten in the deep resentment which heated her blood and flushed her cheek as she listened to "Old Zip Coon," which followed "Money-musk," a shuffling sound of feet telling that somebody's boots were keeping time after a very unorthodox fashion. Next came a song—"Old Folks at Home"—and in spite of her resentment Ethelyn found herself listening intently as James' ...
— Ethelyn's Mistake • Mary Jane Holmes

... to saw away the sole pieces was given, and the gangs resumed. "Zip—zip," again went the ...
— The Treasure-Train • Arthur B. Reeve

... front. An occasional "zip" gave warning that the sharpshooters were not asleep, and the quick eye of the general saw that our line needed rectification and how. Brief orders were given to the officer in command. My comrade was left to aid in carrying them out. The rest of us withdrew. Scarcely had ...
— The Creed of the Old South 1865-1915 • Basil L. Gildersleeve

Words linked to "Zip" :   travel rapidly, forcefulness, nada, name and address, fix, locomote, relative quantity, strenuosity, travel, fastener, fixing, dress, destination, force, Fanny Adams, fastening, go, holdfast, bugger all, sweet Fanny Adams, naught, flutter, nihil, fleet, null, fasten, dart, move, zoom, code, frock, whizz, nil, cardigan, whizz along, athleticism, slide fastener, strength, cypher, fuck all, skirt, zippy, flit, address, vigour, pant, secure, zoom along, cipher, unzip, trouser, run

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