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Zero in   /zˈɪroʊ ɪn/   Listen
Zero in

Direct onto a point or target, especially by automatic navigational aids.  Synonyms: home in, range in.
Adjust (as by firing under test conditions) the zero of (a gun).  Synonym: zero.

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"Zero in" Quotes from Famous Books

... the shot, five parties entered the ground zero area. One party consisted of eight members of the earth-sampling group. They obtained samples by driving to within 460 meters of ground zero in a tank specially fitted with rockets to which retrievable collectors were fastened in order to gather soil samples from a distance. This group made several sampling excursions on 16 and 17 July. The tank carried ...
— Project Trinity 1945-1946 • Carl Maag and Steve Rohrer

... polished wooden basin with a moveable rim, and around it are small compartments, numbered to a certain extent, namely 38, alternately red and black in irregular order, numbered from one to 36, a nought or zero in a red, and a double zero upon the black, making up the 38, and each capable of holding a marble. The moveable rim is set in motion by the hand, and as it revolves horizontally from east to west round its axis, the marble is caused by a jerk of the finger and thumb to fly off in a contrary ...
— The Gaming Table: Its Votaries and Victims - Volume I (of II) • Andrew Steinmetz

... from the anthology of that country, which, so far as we know, consists of two poems by a seaman named Nelson, one of Captain McClure's crew. The highest temperature ever observed on this "gem of the sea" was 53 deg. in midsummer. The lowest was 65 deg. below zero in January, 1853; that day the thermometer did not rise to 60 deg. below, that month was never warmer than 16 deg. below, and the average of the month was 43 deg. below. A pleasant climate to ...
— The Man Without a Country and Other Tales • Edward E. Hale

... educated flattered girls in an age of luxury and a society of leisure. He noted that the water-colours on the walls of the room she sat in had mainly the quality of being naives, and reflected that naivete in art is like a zero in a number: its importance depends on the figure it is united with. Meanwhile, however, he had fallen in love with her. Before he went away, at any rate, he said to her: "I thought St. George was coming to see you to-day, but ...
— The Lesson of the Master • Henry James

... cannot be called unhealthy. The greatest variation of temperature is probably from 40 deg. below zero in winter to 90 deg. above in summer, and the dry, intense cold we experienced in Northern Siberia is here unknown. Only a short time ago the sea journey to Nome was no less hazardous than the land trip formerly was over the dreaded Chilkoot Pass and across the treacherous lakes to ...
— From Paris to New York by Land • Harry de Windt

... the necessities and luxuries of life by the Mexican tariff. Juarez is an old settlement, dating from 1585, and is situated three thousand eight hundred feet above the sea. It is subject to great extremes of heat and cold, the thermometer showing 105 deg. Fahr. at times in July, and 5 deg. below zero in January. Snow falls here occasionally to the depth of two feet, while the Rio Grande freezes hard enough to bear heavily laden mule wagons. It is difficult for the place to cast off its former name, El Paso del Norte (Passage of the North), so called ...
— Aztec Land • Maturin M. Ballou

... and destruction, in the early morning, long before daylight, I was aroused from slumber by a knock at the door of our little log house on Oak Creek. One stops to think twice before he jumps out of a warm bed when the temperature is out of sight below zero in the room, the fire has gone out and a blizzard is howling outside. The rapping at the door was continued till I opened it. A rope was placed in my hand in which were two knots. They showed the length and width of a coffin the man wished to make, and for which he wanted lumber. I had only an ...
— The American Missionary - Volume 52, No. 2, June, 1898 • Various

... dangerous things to trifle with. All in vain. More theorems went on to my cuff than into my head. Never did chalk do so much work to so little purpose. And, therefore, it came that Furnace Second was reduced to zero in Professor Surd's estimation. He looked upon me with all the horror which an unalgebraic nature could inspire. I have seen the Professor walk around an entire square rather than meet the man who had no mathematics in ...
— Stories by American Authors, Volume 5 • Various

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