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Yiddish   /jˈɪdɪʃ/   Listen

A dialect of High German including some Hebrew and other words; spoken in Europe as a vernacular by many Jews; written in the Hebrew script.

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"Yiddish" Quotes from Famous Books

... Street and east of Broadway, is the most densely populated square mile on earth. Its people are of all races; Chinatown, Little Hungary and Little Italy elbow each other; streets where the signs are in Hebrew characters, theatres where plays are given in Yiddish, notices in the parks in four or five languages, make one rub his eyes and wonder if he is not in some foreign land. Into this region Myra Kelly went as a teacher in the public school. Her pupils were largely Russian Jews, and in a series of delightfully ...
— Americans All - Stories of American Life of To-Day • Various

... rapid footsteps slackened. When I reached that part of the Mile End Road in which the Jewish tailors live, and found myself listening to a foreign language which I afterwards knew to be Yiddish, and looking at men with curls at each side of their sallow faces, slithering along as if they were wearing eastern slippers without heels, I stopped, without knowing why, at the corner of a street where an Italian organ-man was playing ...
— The Woman Thou Gavest Me - Being the Story of Mary O'Neill • Hall Caine

... about ten minutes for me to come back in the ring, the lawn-mower got impatient and began to bark at me in Yiddish, so I decided that our lawn could grow whiskers like a Populist farmer and be hanged ...
— You Can Search Me • Hugh McHugh

... we entered the Holy City, and arrived at Father's friend's house, where we were made very welcome and treated most kindly. I soon made friends with the boys, for, you know, I can speak yiddish quite well. ...
— Pictures of Jewish Home-Life Fifty Years Ago • Hannah Trager

Words linked to "Yiddish" :   nudnik, shlimazel, beigel, schmegegge, schlepper, gonif, mishegaas, meshugga, kibitzer, nosh, knish, meshugge, schemozzle, shmegegge, chutzpanik, shmo, shnook, meshugaas, pisha paysha, klutz, chutzpa, schtick, shmuck, tshatshke, mensh, schmo, schnorrer, goniff, meshuggener, schlemiel, chachka, schmear, schtik, schmuck, mishegoss, parve, shmear, schmaltz, nudnick, schmeer, ganef, schmalz, schlep, shlep, shtick, shmooze, shiksa, tsuris, meshuga, shegetz, shemozzle, putz, shikse, German, nebbech, pareve, bagel, tsatske, shlemiel, mishpachah, mishpocha, shnorrer, shmaltz, hutzpah, knocker, German language, shlepper, ganof, tchotchke, High German, nebbish, tsoris, meshuggeneh, schnook, tchotchkeleh, shtik, yenta, megillah, kvetch, chutzpah, schlimazel, mensch

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