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Uranology   Listen

The branch of physics that studies celestial bodies and the universe as a whole.  Synonym: astronomy.

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Words linked to "Uranology" :   immersion, mean solar time, superior conjunction, solar physics, TT, apoapsis, epoch, come up, celestial latitude, go under, terrestrial time, celestial mechanics, orbital plane, astrophysics, mean time, culmination, astrodynamics, limb, date of reference, extragalactic nebula, superior, galaxy, Kepler's law, rise, celestial longitude, nucleosynthesis, nucleus, astronomy, canal, hour angle, comet, major planet, asterism, coma, natural philosophy, stargaze, autumnal equinox, anomaly, Kepler's law of planetary motion, inferior, dec, absolute magnitude, red shift, ingress, equinox, libration, radio astronomy, star, Oort cloud, set, Hubble's law, go down, uprise, TDT, conjunction, stargazer, point of periapsis, astronomer, primary, ascension, active, Copernican system, point of apoapsis, selenology, redshift, accretion, nebular, HA, physics, barycenter, ra, retrograde, terrestrial dynamical time, inclination, nebulous, phase, node, vernal equinox, outer planet, planet, Ptolemaic system, direct, meteor, inferior conjunction, ephemeris time, equinoctial point, egress, Hubble law, emersion, uranologist, variation, ascend, declination, right ascension, quiet, meteoroid, inclination of an orbit, alignment, periapsis, astrometry

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