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Turnover   /tˈərnˌoʊvər/   Listen

The ratio of the number of workers that had to be replaced in a given time period to the average number of workers.  Synonyms: employee turnover, turnover rate.
A dish made by folding a piece of pastry over a filling.
The volume measured in dollars.  Synonym: dollar volume.
The act of upsetting something.  Synonyms: overturn, upset.

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"Turnover" Quotes from Famous Books

... the people in their Sunday dress. The men wear three or four cloth waistcoats, all of different lengths, so as to let the various colours, red, white, and blue, with which they are bound, appear one above the other in tiers, a muslin turnover collar, full plaited breeches of fine cloth tied at the knee by garters of floating ribbon, white woollen stockings with worked clocks and light yellow shoes, their flap hats ornamented with a roll of chenille of varied colours. The headdress of the ...
— Brittany & Its Byways • Fanny Bury Palliser

... most successfully managed factories also plan their annual product so that employment will be continuous. They have discovered that the periods of unemployment seriously affect the personnel of a labor force and they estimate that the turnover of the labor force which requires the constant breaking in of new men is an item of serious financial loss. The Ford Automobile Works at one time hired 50,000 men in one year while not employing at any one time more than 14,000. They estimated ...
— Creative Impulse in Industry - A Proposition for Educators • Helen Marot

... business which you may enter after leaving this institution. Most of the businesses presenting the greatest possibilities from the point of view of an engineering career are those requiring very large investment and having a comparatively small turnover or yearly income. Of necessity, in all enterprises of this character, the main factor of cost is interest, and if you intend following engineering as a profession, my advice to you would be to learn first the value of money, or, to put it another ...
— Scientific American Supplement, No. 1178, June 25, 1898 • Various

... little sallies in response to her companion's talk. He was telling her all about the carnival. The Derby was the greatest race the world over. It was run for about six thousand sovereigns, but the total turnover of the meeting was probably a million of money. Thus on its business side alone it was a great national enterprise, and the puritans who would abolish it ought to think of that. A race-horse cost about three hundred a year to keep, but of ...
— The Christian - A Story • Hall Caine

... Our rapid turnover of patients involved a large amount of manual labour in stretcher work, clearing up wards, and so on, but all this was done for us by our brancardiers, or stretcher-bearers. These were Belgians who for one reason or another ...
— A Surgeon in Belgium • Henry Sessions Souttar

... eldest sister, 'you must tell Mrs. Betty what it is; if it be any private business that we must not hear, you may call her out. There she is.' 'Why, sister,' says the gentleman very gravely, 'what do you mean? I only desire her to go into the High Street' (and then he pulls out a turnover), 'to such a shop'; and then he tells them a long story of two fine neckcloths he had bid money for, and he wanted to have me go and make an errand to buy a neck to the turnover that he showed, to see if they would take ...
— The Fortunes and Misfortunes of the Famous Moll Flanders &c. • Daniel Defoe

... Switzerland, as well as in the Northern countries of Central Europe, the cooeperative movement has made enormous headway in recent years. The British cooeperators, according to the report of the Federation of Cooeperative Societies, had in 1912 a turnover amounting to over six hundred millions of dollars. They have over twenty-four hundred stores scattered throughout the cities of Great Britain. The Cooeperative Productive Society and the Cooeperative Wholesale Society produced goods in their ...
— Violence and the Labor Movement • Robert Hunter

... much satisfaction, that these old hop-kilns and storerooms have been of great service during the war for drying medicinal herbs, chiefly belladonna and henbane, and that in 1917 the turnover exceeded L6,000. ...
— Grain and Chaff from an English Manor • Arthur H. Savory

... establish in Ireland. Their representatives were described as monsters in human shape, and they were adjured to cease their "hellish work." Now the branches of the Society number nearly 1000, with an annual turnover of upwards of 2-1/2 millions, and they include creameries, village banks, and societies for the purchase of seeds and manure and for the marketing of eggs. It is not necessary to tell again the story of the Recess Committee and the formation of the Department of Agriculture. ...
— Against Home Rule (1912) - The Case for the Union • Various

... bill of fare was composed of potatoes and corn-bread, and sometimes corn-bread alone. My wife had put up a lunch for me, fearing that I might not be able to get anything to eat, in which there was a small mince-pie turnover; and the children had slipped a small box of candy in my bag as a Christmas gift. I produced the turnover which by common consent was divided between the astonished children. Such a glistening of eyes and smacking of small lips you ...
— A Little Book for Christmas • Cyrus Townsend Brady

... tea which had been poured over them, lay scattered on the table. Little wells of tea lay here and there on the board, and a knife with a broken ivory handle was stuck through the pith of a ravaged turnover. ...
— A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man • James Joyce

... climbing on the table to get a turnover," announced Molly in a tone of dignified disapproval, and Charlotte came to the rescue just in time to defeat the plans of the small pirate, whose schemes for getting what he wanted ...
— Glenloch Girls • Grace M. Remick

... a tinge of yellow pervading her face, as if some of the complexion had run into her teeth and the whites of her eyes. A clean white cap, tied under the chin with tape, concealed all but the edge of her grey locks. She wore a violet turnover, a large wrapper, a brown stuff gown that hardly reached her ankles, and thick worsted ...
— Noughts and Crosses • Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch

... Started without a dollar."... "Yellow flounces on the overskirt—"... "I says, 'Wilkie, your department's got to go bigger this year,' I says."... "Fifteen per cent. turnover in thirty-one weeks."... "One of the biggest men in the biggest—"... "The wife says she'll have to let out my pants if my appetite—"... "Say, did you see that statue of a Turk in the hall? One ...
— The Turmoil - A Novel • Booth Tarkington

... (machinery) general, general generos, goods generos alimenticios, food-stuffs generos imperfectos, jobs generoso, generous genio, temper gente (la), people gerente, manager girar, to draw (a bill), to turn giro, bill, draft, also turnover gobernar, to govern gobierno, government goleta, schooner goma elastica, caucho, rubber gorra (gorro), cap gorrion, sparrow gozar, to enjoy grabado, embossed gracia, grace, gracefulness graduacion, ...
— Pitman's Commercial Spanish Grammar (2nd ed.) • C. A. Toledano

... societies, creameries, agricultural societies (for selling implements, foodstuffs, etc.), credit banks, poultry societies, and other miscellaneous organizations. The total membership is nearly 100,000, the total turnover nearly two and a half millions.[55] Nearly half the butter exported from Ireland is made in the 392 co-operative creameries, and at the other end of the scale extraordinarily valuable work is done by the 237 agricultural ...
— The Framework of Home Rule • Erskine Childers

... plunging headlong, as some people do,) and trotted into the kitchen to teach the cook and a little butcher boy who had just brought in the dinner, to spell "cat," and asked her in return for this kindness, to make him a "turnover pie," which you ...
— Baby Nightcaps • Frances Elizabeth Barrow

... all we were after, perhaps Wing 13, Room 3, would have supplied sufficient of that indefinitely, with the combination of the ever-voluble Lena and the ever-present labor turnover. Even more we desired to learn the industrial feel of the thing—what do some of the million and more factory women think about the world of work? Remaining longer in Wing 13 would give no deeper clue to that. For all that I could find out, the candy workers there thought nothing about it one ...
— Working With the Working Woman • Cornelia Stratton Parker

... unreflectingly presumed by their several aggregations of subjects to be of some substantial use also in some other bearing; but it would be a highly diverting exhibition of credulity for any outsider to fall into that amazing misconception. But the like is manifestly true of commercial turnover and export trade among modern peoples; although on this head the infatuation is so ingrained and dogmatic that even a rank outsider is expected to accept the fallacy without reflection, on pain of being rated ...
— An Inquiry Into The Nature Of Peace And The Terms Of Its Perpetuation • Thorstein Veblen

... Improved Milk Soup Milk Soup for Children Mincemeat (1) Mincemeat (2) Mincemeat Pancakes Minestra Mint Sauce Mushroom Cutlets Mushroom and Eggs Mushroom and Potato Stew Mushroom Pie Mushroom Savoury Mushroom Souffle Mushroom Tart and Gravy Mushroom Tartlets Mushroom Turnover ...
— The Allinson Vegetarian Cookery Book • Thomas R. Allinson

... attracted per capita. Although it moved up to 11th place in 1996, this was largely due to inflows from Russia related to the construction of the Yamal natural gas pipeline. Belarus's trade deficit has grown steadily over the past three years - from 8% of total trade turnover in 1995 to 14% in the first quarter of 1997 - despite the government's efforts to promote exports and limit imports. Given Belarus's limited fiscal reserve, a continued growth in the trade deficit will increase vulnerability to a balance of ...
— The 1998 CIA World Factbook • United States. Central Intelligence Agency.

... to render adequate thanks to the Rev. Stephen Turnover for the gratification he received in his curious library by a sight of Joseph Carnaby's name at full length, in red ink, coming from a trumpet in the mouth of an angel. This invaluable document is upon an engraving in a frontispiece to the New Testament. But since unhappily he could procure ...
— Citation and Examination of William Shakspeare • Walter Savage Landor

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