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Transposition   Listen

Any abnormal position of the organs of the body.  Synonym: heterotaxy.
An event in which one thing is substituted for another.  Synonyms: permutation, replacement, substitution, switch.
(genetics) a kind of mutation in which a chromosomal segment is transfered to a new position on the same or another chromosome.
(mathematics) the transfer of a quantity from one side of an equation to the other along with a change of sign.
(electricity) a rearrangement of the relative positions of power lines in order to minimize the effects of mutual capacitance and inductance.
The act of reversing the order or place of.  Synonym: reversal.
(music) playing in a different key from the key intended; moving the pitch of a piece of music upwards or downwards.

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"Transposition" Quotes from Famous Books

... not as a concept an element of Nature. The so-called infinitesimals are Nature's real, natural finites. In mathematics the infinitesimals were an analytical—an "M"—time-binding—necessity, because of our starting point. I repeat once again that this transposition of our starting point would not affect the normal mathematics for normal purposes; it would build rather a new philosophic mathematics rigorously correct where analytical facts would be also psychological facts. This new mathematics would not only give correct results but also ...
— Manhood of Humanity. • Alfred Korzybski

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