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Transpose   /trænspˈoʊz/   Listen

(past & past part. transposed; pres. part. transposing)
Change the order or arrangement of.  Synonyms: commute, permute.
Transfer from one place or period to another.  Synonyms: transfer, transplant.
Cause to change places.  Synonyms: counterchange, interchange.
Transfer a quantity from one side of an equation to the other side reversing its sign, in order to maintain equality.
Put (a piece of music) into another key.
Exchange positions without a change in value.  Synonym: commute.
Change key.

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"Transpose" Quotes from Famous Books

... state the following rule for the conversion of propositions in which the whole relation explicitly stated is taken as the copula: Transpose the terms, and for the given relation substitute its ...
— Logic - Deductive and Inductive • Carveth Read

... and form," are a vital transformation of the Divine substance; and that the forces of nature—"the generating causes or reasons of things" (logoi spermatikoi)—are a conscious transmutation of the Divine energy. This theory is more than hinted in the following passages, which we slightly transpose from the order in which they stand in Diogenes Laertius, without altering their meaning. "They teach that the Deity was in the beginning by himself".... that "first of all, he made the four elements, fire, water, air, and earth." "The fire is the highest, and that is called aether, in which, ...
— Christianity and Greek Philosophy • Benjamin Franklin Cocker

... through the three services, and suppose I can live through more. The men are not compelled to do this church work, although not one would think of refusing. There is much rehearsing to be done, and Sergeant Graves has to transpose the hymns and write out the notes for each instrument, and this requires much work. To show my appreciation of their obedience to my slightest request, a large cake and dozens of eggs have been sent to them after ...
— Army Letters from an Officer's Wife, 1871-1888 • Frances M.A. Roe

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