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Swill   /swɪl/   Listen

Wet feed (especially for pigs) consisting of mostly kitchen waste mixed with water or skimmed or sour milk.  Synonyms: pigswill, pigwash, slop, slops.

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"Swill" Quotes from Famous Books

... always glad to see YOUNG PEOPLE come with papa's mail. Out here in the wilderness we do not often see nice papers; but then we see what city people never see—plenty of Indians. Many of them are very poor, and so hungry that they pick bread and scraps of meat out of the swill barrels to eat—old stuff that the soldiers have thrown away. I think people should send the poor Indians something to eat. I send you a picture of some Indians as they look hunting for food this cold day. I am only nine years old, and can not ...
— Harper's Young People, February 24, 1880 - An Illustrated Weekly • Various

... one-half of this city is German, and it is they who will save it if danger arises. You must come with me one night to South St. Louis, that you may know us. Then you will perhaps understand, Stephen. You will not think of us as foreign swill, but as patriots who love our new Vaterland even as you love it. You must come to our Turner Halls, where we are drilling against the time when the Union shall have ...
— The Crossing • Winston Churchill

... within my doors!—not I, indeed. What, you wish to get into my house to gormandise and swill ...
— The Pacha of Many Tales • Frederick Marryat

... abundant information on obsolete expressions, the word is readily to be found. Old Gouldman, for instance, whose columns are replete with uncommon and local English terms, gives "Pandoxor, to brew," citing Alciatus as authority, and "Pandox, a swill-bowl," apparently a word used by Statius. It is obviously a barbarous derivative of the same Greek words as Pandocium or Pandoxarium ([Greek: pan] and [Greek: docheion]), the hostelry open to all comers. If, however, ...
— Notes & Queries 1850.02.09 • Various

... "I guess the swill is worth more to the hogs than even a new mug would be, Tony," said Uncle Benny, holding up the mug to the sun, to see how small a defect had condemned it. Then, knocking out the bottom, and straightening it with his hammer on ...
— Our Young Folks—Vol. I, No. II, February 1865 - An Illustrated Magazine for Boys and Girls • Various

... is it? What o'clock you think is it? I think is not yet eight o'clock. How is that, eight 'clock! it is ten 'clock struck. It must then what I rise me quickly. Adieu, my deer, I leave you. If can to see you at six clock to the hotel from ***, we swill ...
— English as she is spoke - or, A jest in sober earnest • Jose da Fonseca

... when Bob finished. On the way to the house he met his uncle coming out of the yard, a huge pail of swill for ...
— Hidden Treasure • John Thomas Simpson

... me. You needn't trouble yourself to think about anything. I will think for you; I know what is good for you; I am your perpetual parent. Such is the dispensation of an all-wise Providence! Now, the design of your creation is—not that you should swill, and guzzle, and associate your enjoyments, brutally, with food; Toby thought remorsefully of the tripe; 'but that you should feel the Dignity of Labour. Go forth erect into the cheerful morning air, and—and stop there. Live hard and temperately, be respectful, ...
— The Chimes • Charles Dickens

... hereby summoned to appear ... for violating Section Two Hundred and Forty-eight of Article Twelve of Chapter Twenty of the Health Ordinances in that you did upon the seventh day of May, 1920, fail to keep a certain tin receptacle used for swill or garbage, in shape and form a barrel, within the building occupied and owned by you until proper time for its removal and failed to securely bundle, tie up and pack the newspapers and other light refuse and rubbish ...
— By Advice of Counsel • Arthur Train

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