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Sure-enough   /ʃʊr-ɪnˈəf/   Listen

(used informally especially for emphasis).  Synonyms: honest-to-god, honest-to-goodness, old.  "Had us a high old time" , "Went upriver to look at a sure-enough fish wheel"

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"Sure-enough" Quotes from Famous Books

... that we are real sure-enough Santa Claus and just pick out everything we want to give everybody, and pretend that we could get it and give it ...
— Santa Claus's Partner • Thomas Nelson Page

... doodle, can't ther ghost come out yere jest ez easy ez he kin' go inter ther house—that is, if he's a sure-enough ghost?" ...
— Ted Strong in Montana - With Lariat and Spur • Edward C. Taylor

... buried the Dead Past until his Memory was a Blank for the whole Period up to the Time that the President of the Fidelity National invited him to Dinner and he got his first Peek at a sure-enough Butler. ...
— More Fables • George Ade

... triumphantly into the inquiring eyes of his friends. "I won't have to eat my hat," said he. "This is a sure-enough city, all right, ...
— The Lord of Death and the Queen of Life • Homer Eon Flint

... such when they come along. I expect the new spring costume helped some. And the shave—oh, I was goin' it strong! No cut-price, closing-out, House-of-Smartheimer bargain, altered free to fit—not so, Lobelia! Why, I pawed over whole bales of stuff in a sure-enough Fifth-ave. tailor works; had blueprint plans of the front and side elevations drawn, even to the number of buttons on the cuffs, and spent three diff'rent noon hours havin' it modeled on me before they could ...
— Torchy, Private Sec. • Sewell Ford

... hear that?" exclaimed Hanky Panky, all excitement; "it was a sure-enough moan. Rod, Josh, there's been some poor fellow down there all this while; and we never dreamed of it when we pulled that ...
— The Big Five Motorcycle Boys on the Battle Line - Or, With the Allies in France • Ralph Marlow

... you can put your money on that. The C. G. R.'s a sure-enough tail-twister where there ain't no competition. Your road'll get every pound of ore in the camp if it ever ...
— A Fool For Love • Francis Lynde

... Hound was a prisoner. Yes, Sir, Bowser was a sure-enough prisoner. But there is a great difference in prisons. Bowser was a prisoner of kindness. It seems funny that kindness should ever make any one a prisoner, ...
— Bowser The Hound • Thornton W. Burgess

... ecstasy of delight. She was not a man-eater, perhaps, but she was nearly romance-mad. She thought only of the wild excitement of having a sure-enough lover, the hurt of it was yet a little beyond her grasp. "Oh, Carol, don't be so sweet," Lark had begged her once. "How can the boys help being crazy about you, and it hurts them." "It doesn't hurt anything but their pride when they get ...
— Prudence Says So • Ethel Hueston

... kind and learn regular old rock-bottom economy. They'd come, with their stuff that should of been fattening shotes, and Genevieve May would lecture on how to can it. It looked through the glass like sure-enough human food. ...
— Ma Pettengill • Harry Leon Wilson

... carcase is worth losing; do you think I don't know that? do you think I ever went back on you? I always knew you were in the right of it—drunk or sober, I knew that. What do you want?—an oath? Man, you're clever enough to see that this is sure-enough earnest.' ...
— The Ebb-Tide - A Trio And Quartette • Robert Louis Stevenson and Lloyd Osbourne

... have their whacking fill of prairie hen and suckling pig and barbecued shote, and sure-enough beefsteak, and goobers hot from the parching box; and scrapple, and yams roasted in hot wood-ashes; and hotbiscuit and waffles and Parker house rolls—and the thousand and one other good things that may be found in this ...
— Europe Revised • Irvin S. Cobb

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