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Starchy   /stˈɑrtʃi/   Listen

Consisting of or containing starch.
Rigidly formal.  Synonyms: buckram, stiff.  "The letter was stiff and formal" , "His prose has a buckram quality"

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"Starchy" Quotes from Famous Books

... into the combination, Professor Fernbach, of the Pasteur Institute, and after eighteen months' hard work he discovered a process of fermentation by which a large amount of fusel oil can be obtained from any starchy stuff. Hitherto the aim in fermentation and distillation had been to obtain as small a proportion of fusel as possible, for fusel oil is a mixture of the heavier alcohols, all of them more poisonous ...
— Creative Chemistry - Descriptive of Recent Achievements in the Chemical Industries • Edwin E. Slosson

... put them on to cook in boiling water. Delicately flavoured vegetables (spinach, celery, fresh peas, etc.) will require but little water, and that should be allowed to boil away at the last. If spinach is stirred constantly, no water need be added. Starchy vegetables should be completely covered with water, and strongly flavoured vegetables (as turnips, onions, cabbage, and cauliflower) should be cooked in water ...
— Ontario Teachers' Manuals: Household Science in Rural Schools • Ministry of Education Ontario

... not fall in love with the picture before him, sweet as it was,—the young girl in a soft flowing white dress (she was too true an artist to have starchy outlines), the shimmering hair, the delicate wavering color, the proud poise of the head, the plump white arm and slender fingers with their pale-pink nails, and, above all, the exquisite voice that seemed so to enter into the culmination ...
— Hope Mills - or Between Friend and Sweetheart • Amanda M. Douglas

... Besides, the various starches require different periods for digestion. Rice is more easily disposed of than bread. Each new item stimulates the desire for more food. It is best, when having potatoes, to have no other starchy food in that meal; or when bread is eaten, to have no potatoes or other starchy food. The habit of eating meat, potatoes and bread in the same meal is very common ...
— Maintaining Health • R. L. Alsaker

... real head of hair; and in order that our railway party should not forget the reason for its existence, Mr. Bouncer occasionally favoured them with a sight of his bald head, and also narrated to them, with great glee, how, when a very starchy lady of a certain age had left their carriage, he had called after her upon the platform - holding out his wig as he did so - that she had left some of her property behind her; and how the passengers and porters had grinned, and the starchy lady ...
— The Adventures of Mr. Verdant Green • Cuthbert Bede

... ferments of the digestive tract. At a temperature of about 120 deg. C. starch begins to undergo chemical change, resulting in the rearrangement of the atoms in the molecule with the production of dextrine and soluble carbohydrates. Dextrine is formed on the crust of bread, or whenever potatoes or starchy foods are browned. At a still higher temperature starch is decomposed, with the liberation of water and production of compounds of higher carbon content. When heated in contact with water, it undergoes hydration changes; gelatinous-like products are formed, which ...
— Human Foods and Their Nutritive Value • Harry Snyder

... into halves crosswise. Make the cream sauce, and add the onion juice. When the rice is done, drain, sprinkle it in the center of a large platter, press the halves of the eggs down into it, and pour over the cream sauce. Garnish with the chopped parsley. This takes the place of both meat and starchy vegetables for either ...
— Many Ways for Cooking Eggs • Mrs. S.T. Rorer

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