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Sound out   /saʊnd aʊt/   Listen
Sound out

Speak, pronounce, or utter in a certain way.  Synonyms: articulate, enounce, enunciate, pronounce, say.  "I cannot say 'zip wire'" , "Can the child sound out this complicated word?"
Try to learn someone's opinions and intentions.  Synonyms: check out, feel out.

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"Sound out" Quotes from Famous Books

... cedar-room on the ground-floor ready for Mr. Washington, and anything in the house is at his command. Farewell, sir. Will you be pleased to present my compliments to your mother, who will be thankful to have her son safe and sound out of the war,—as also to my young friend Martha Custis, to whom and to whose children I wish every happiness. Come, my son!" and with these words, and another freezing curtsey, the pale little ...
— The Virginians • William Makepeace Thackeray

... new terror in his heart he fought his way around to the side of the house. Underneath his master's window he raised his head and tried to bark. But the wind snatched the muffled sound out of his throat and hurled it away into the darkness. Once more the still small voice that terrified even while it soothed pleaded with him to lie down and rest. Maybe he would have listened now, maybe he would have yielded, if he had not seen through the living-room ...
— Frank of Freedom Hill • Samuel A. Derieux

... "Now sound out, trumpets!" quo' Buccleuch; "Let's waken Lord Scroop, right merrilie!" Then loud the warden's trumpet blew— "O whae dare meddle ...
— Minstrelsy of the Scottish border (3rd ed) (1 of 3) • Walter Scott

... sound out of you or you get it good and proper. You know what we want. Get to work, Bill; I'll ...
— Brewster's Millions • George Barr McCutcheon

... a new fifteen-cent school exercise-book on his wife's collapsible sewing-table, set up for the event in the living-room. The household had been bullied into silence; Verona and Ted requested to disappear, and Tinka threatened with "If I hear one sound out of you—if you holler for a glass of water one single solitary time—You better not, that's all!" Mrs. Babbitt sat over by the piano, making a nightgown and gazing with respect while Babbitt wrote in the exercise-book, to the rhythmical wiggling and ...
— Babbitt • Sinclair Lewis

... hour as the clock strikes, the motor is started automatically and the chimes sound out the tunes while the colored lights are turned on and off; two small doors in the cathedral open and a small figure comes out while the chimes are playing, then returns and the doors are closed. —Contributed by C. V. Brokenicky, Blue ...
— The Boy Mechanic: Volume 1 - 700 Things For Boys To Do • Popular Mechanics

... food is the first thing in the world. Cleanliness may be next to godliness, but food is ahead of them all, and without food man loses his cleanliness, godliness and everything else worth having. When I wish to sound out a man, I ask him if he has ever been hungry. If I find he has never missed a meal in his life, I know his education has been neglected. For I believe that experience is the foremost teacher. I have ...
— The Iron Puddler • James J. Davis

... 'No, he did not.' 'Are you sure?' I said. 'There's more depends on it than you think!' 'Dead sure,' he said. 'I was up all night last Monday night because my mare was sick, and there was never a sound out of him. I would have heard if there had been, for the stable door was open all the time and his kennel is right across from it!' Now Rilla dear, those were the man's very words. And you know how that poor little dog howled all night after the battle of Courcelette. Yet he did ...
— Rilla of Ingleside • Lucy Maud Montgomery

... Mark Pattison, "in that of condensing and pointing his meaning, and in that of drawing the utmost harmony of sound out of the couplet, Pope carried versification far beyond the point at which it was when he took it up. The matter which he worked up into his verse has a permanent value, and is indeed one of the most precious heirlooms which the eighteenth century ...
— Six Centuries of English Poetry - Tennyson to Chaucer • James Baldwin

... but we know that we are of God," therefore the apostle subjoins here very seasonably a caution or correction of that which was spoken about the walking in the light, and fellowship with God, which words sound out some perfection, and, to our self flattering minds, might possibly suggest some too high opinion of ourselves. If we, even we that have fellowship with God, even I, the apostle, and you believing Christians, if we say, we have ...
— The Works of the Rev. Hugh Binning • Hugh Binning

... up, there, boys—every man's hand grabbing tight to the shoulder of the man on his left! Pass the word. And you, Missouri, hang onto the Lieutenant! Quick, there! And tread soft and tread fast, and don't let go, whatever happens! Not a sound out of any one! I'm leading the way. And Bruce is going to ...
— Bruce • Albert Payson Terhune

... he sat in the boat, and was bending over the thwart with a light, there was a gulping sound out at sea, and then came such a vile stench of rottenness. The same instant he heard a wading sound, as of many people coming ashore, and then up over the headland he saw a boat's ...
— Weird Tales from Northern Seas • Jonas Lie

... poor lads have chosen me cap'n, after your desertion, sir"—laying a particular emphasis upon the word "desertion." "We're willing to submit, if we can come to terms, and no bones about it. All I ask is your word, Cap'n Smollett, to let me safe and sound out of this here stockade, and one minute to get out o' shot before ...
— Treasure Island • Robert Louis Stevenson

Words linked to "Sound out" :   voice, question, nasalize, verbalize, palatalise, accentuate, misspeak, devoice, mouth, twang, click, query, vowelize, subvocalize, mispronounce, vocalize, speak, labialise, syllabize, syllabise, utter, trill, accent, flap, nasalise, round, palatalize, retroflex, talk, explode, raise, lisp, roll, subvocalise, labialize, stress, vocalise, drawl, aspirate, verbalise, vowelise, sound, sibilate, lilt

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