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Slow motion   /sloʊ mˈoʊʃən/   Listen
Slow motion

A movie that apparently takes place at a slower than normal speed; achieved by taking the film at a faster rate.

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"Slow motion" Quotes from Famous Books

... this great swarm of minor planets is, that till recently none of them showed a disk to the telescope. Inasmuch as only their light was visible, they were indistinguishable from stars, except by their slow motion. A hundred years ago only three hundred and fifty had been discovered; our photographic star-charts have since then shown the number recorded to exceed ...
— A Journey in Other Worlds • J. J. Astor

... a day pass more slowly; the sun seems to have forgotten himself; he has yet such a course to run before he reaches his bed, that I believe he will never accomplish it; his slow motion drives ...
— The Love-Tiff • Moliere

... lady is by, we will not speak of your fears," said the earl, with a slow motion of the hand. "Clara, you will find your—Lady Hope. She will, perhaps, be glad to hear that ...
— The Old Countess; or, The Two Proposals • Ann S. Stephens

... noses down a small slope. Once they heard a thundering noise far away to the east. It sounded like a cannon shot, but probably was only the immense inland ice "calving." When the ice during its constant but slow motion towards the coast slides out into the sea, it is lifted up by the water and is broken up into huge, heavy blocks and icebergs which float about independently. When these pieces break away the inland ice ...
— From Pole to Pole - A Book for Young People • Sven Anders Hedin

... my readers must be generally aware that glaciers are masses of ice in slow motion, at the rate of from ten to twenty inches a day, and that the stones which are caught between them and the rocks over which they pass, or which are embedded in the ice and dragged along by it over those rocks, are of course subjected to a crushing and grinding power altogether ...
— Modern Painters, Volume IV (of V) • John Ruskin

... in depth. They are called glaciers. And what is most astonishing in respect to these icy accumulations is that, though the ice is perfectly compact and solid, the whole mass is found to be continually in a state of slow motion down the valley in which it lies, at the rate of about a foot in twenty-four hours. By standing upon the surface and listening attentively, we hear, from time to time, a grinding sound. The rocks which lie along the sides are pulverized, and are continually moving against each other ...
— Hannibal - Makers of History • Jacob Abbott

... night or by day, the Pole Star is ever found in the same place—at least, so far as ordinary observation is concerned. No doubt, when we use the accurate instruments of the observatory the notion of the fixity of the Pole Star is abandoned; we then see that it has a slow motion, and that it describes a small circle every twenty-four hours around the true pole of the heavens, which is not coincident with the Pole Star, though closely adjacent thereto. The distance is at present a little more ...
— The Story of the Heavens • Robert Stawell Ball

... mechanism should be manipulated as rapidly as possible since slow motion will appreciably lengthen the exposure. In making time exposures the camera shutter must be held open for the desired time. Personnel with photographic experience may desire to use cut film with the fingerprint camera. A few tests will determine the optimum exposure times ...
— The Science of Fingerprints - Classification and Uses • Federal Bureau of Investigation

... tardily obeyed, and many hours elapsed before our encampment was raised. Had I submitted to my surgeon's orders, I might have been in a state to accompany the most dilatory of the stragglers; I could have borne, perhaps, the slow motion of a litter, on which some of the sick were transported; but in the evening, when the surgeon came to dress my wounds, he found me in such a situation that it was scarcely possible to ...
— Murad the Unlucky and Other Tales • Maria Edgeworth

... Therefore its channel is usually not a hundredth part as wide as the gorge or valley in which it lies. But when the discharge takes place by a glacier, the speed of which rarely exceeds four or five feet a day, the ice stream because of its slow motion has to fill the trough from side to side, it has to be some thousand times as deep and wide as the torrent. The result is that as soon as the glacial condition arises in a country the ice streams proceed ...
— Outlines of the Earth's History - A Popular Study in Physiography • Nathaniel Southgate Shaler

... meridian. The polar axis can be set at any latitude and a graduated arc gives the exact position. The instrument is set level by means of two small levels attached to the tripod top. The polar axis is fitted with worm wheel and worm for slow motion. The handle with the universal joint can be clamped on either side of the worm shaft. Telescope of 3" aperture and three ...
— Astronomical Instruments and Accessories • Wm. Gaertner & Co.

... knight had ridden down from Wensley moor With the slow motion of a summer's cloud; He turned aside towards a vassal's door, And, "Bring another ...
— Lectures on the English Poets - Delivered at the Surrey Institution • William Hazlitt

... the chest a huge bunch of a hundred rusty keys, that clattered in her shaking hands. Then she sat down and proceeded to oil them all. Before she had finished, out from the tub, the water of which had kept on a slow motion ever since she had ceased stirring it, came the head and half the body of a huge gray snake. But the witch did not look round. It grew out of the tub, waving itself backwards and forwards with a slow horizontal motion, till it reached the princess, when it laid its head upon her shoulder, ...
— Fairy Tales Every Child Should Know • Various

... with slow motion, and for a time moved his eyes over the audience. At last his glance rested somewhere on the highest rows of the amphitheatre; his breast moved with more life, and something happened which caused wonder and astonishment. That face became bright with a smile; a ray of light, ...
— Quo Vadis - A Narrative of the Time of Nero • Henryk Sienkiewicz

... his shoulder, and her sobs were choking her. Tom kissed his mother's forehead as the tears coursed down his cheeks, and motioned me to take her away. I placed her down on the floor, where she remained silent, moving her head up and down with a slow motion, her face buried in her shawl. It was but now and then that you heard a convulsive drawing of her breath. Old Tom had remained a silent but agitated spectator of the scene. Every muscle in his weather-beaten countenance twitched convulsively, and the tears ...
— Jacob Faithful • Captain Frederick Marryat

... goat stood in a little clearing closed in by a ring of whins on the hillside. Her head swayed from side to side like the slow motion of the pendulum of a great clock. The legs were a little spread, the knees bent, the sides slack, the snout grey and dry, ...
— Waysiders • Seumas O'Kelly

... nervous. They rushed the dory from its moorings, and all taking oars and paddles, gave way strongly as they could. At that time there were no waves of consequence, only a long, slow motion like the pulse of the sea which came down from the outer mouth of great Kaludiak Bay. The wind had not yet risen, although steadily ...
— The Young Alaskans • Emerson Hough

... flame and boomed. One of Riggs's starting, popping eyes—the right one—went out, like a lamp. The other rolled horribly, then set in blank dead fixedness. Riggs swayed in slow motion until a lost balance felled him ...
— The Man of the Forest • Zane Grey

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