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Slicker   /slˈɪkər/   Listen

A macintosh made from cotton fabric treated with oil and pigment to make it waterproof.  Synonym: oilskin.
A person with good manners and stylish clothing.
Someone who leads you to believe something that is not true.  Synonyms: beguiler, cheat, cheater, deceiver, trickster.

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"Slicker" Quotes from Famous Books

... licked the flap on the envelope, sealed it shut, stuck some stamps on the front, and scrawled "AIR MAIL" under the stamps. He dropped the letter into the "STATESIDE" slot. The exam hadn't been so bad. What did they think he was, anyway? A city slicker who had never seen a live cow in his life? He ambled into the off-duty pilots' lounge. He had an hour to kill before going on watch, and this was as good a place as any to kill it. The lounge was almost empty. Most ...
— Pushbutton War • Joseph P. Martino

... had eaten, Fadeaway rolled his few belongings in his slicker and tied it to the saddle. He was not afraid of Corliss, but like men of his stamp he wanted Corliss to know that he was not alone unafraid, but willing to be aggressive. He mounted and rode up to the ranch-house. Corliss, who had seen him approach through the window, sat at his ...
— Sundown Slim • Henry Hubert Knibbs

... him her father's old "slicker." Henry cut it into suitable shape and nailed and lashed it securely to the runners and to the table top. Now he had a flat-bottomed sled with a rising front to it that would serve. He smiled as he looked at the queer contrivance and said aloud: "I wish Mr. ...
— A Little Book for Christmas • Cyrus Townsend Brady

... brandin' irons all in the house, hangin' up right where he could get his hands on 'em. Whenever they would go off to other ranches to gather cattle, you would see ever' man with his beddin' tied up behind him on his horse. He'd have jes' a small roll. They would always have a slicker if nothin' else. That slicker answered for ever'thing sometimes. My husband slep' many a night with his ...
— Slave Narratives: a Folk History of Slavery in the United States From Interviews with Former Slaves - Texas Narratives, Part 1 • Works Projects Administration

... tricks. He's slicker on a trail than any other Injun on the border, unless mebbe it's old Wingenund, the Huron. This Shawnee'd lead us many a mile for nuthin', if we'd stick to his trail. I'm long ago used to him. He's doubled like an old fox, run harder'n a skeered fawn, an', if needs be, he'll lay ...
— The Last Trail • Zane Grey

... group of strange horsemen dash down toward the cattle, flying a slicker high over his head. This horseman made a frightful object charging along the front of the already ...
— Nan Sherwood at Rose Ranch • Annie Roe Carr

... don't worry about that!" declared the deputy chief. "I never saw a slicker piece ...
— Tom Swift among the Fire Fighters - or, Battling with Flames from the Air • Victor Appleton

... paralyzed while the Captain snatched his rubber hat from the nail behind the kitchen door, and slipped into his slicker. He was out of the house before the coat ...
— Captain Pott's Minister • Francis L. Cooper

... girl in the yellow slicker and rubber hat made for the highest end of the boat, measured her distance to the Chelton, and while Kent and Cora strained to ...
— The Motor Girls on Crystal Bay - The Secret of the Red Oar • Margaret Penrose

... meaning, after all." He laughed in a sickly fashion. "It was your deal all right, and you-all dole them right, too. Well, I ain't kicking. I'm like the player in that poker game. It was your deal, and you-all had a right to do your best. And you done it—cleaned me out slicker'n a whistle." ...
— Burning Daylight • Jack London

... hers through the window that overlooked the corrals and the outbuildings. Lew was coming up to the house with a slicker over his head to keep ...
— Cow-Country • B. M. Bower

... tent, I reckon," replied Sim, "though most all my blankets is in there on the bed. Maybe I kin find a slicker somewheres. Wid, he ain't got nothing left ...
— The Sagebrusher - A Story of the West • Emerson Hough

Words linked to "Slicker" :   impostor, misleader, peculator, mountebank, counterfeiter, wangler, fortune hunter, straw man, bluffer, oilskin, utterer, imitator, fake, sham, slyboots, four-flusher, betrayer, chiseler, faker, macintosh, dissembler, forger, decoy, nominal head, man of the world, impersonator, sophisticate, chiseller, fox, pseud, mac, steerer, swindler, embezzler, dodger, wrongdoer, gouger, figurehead, front, cheater, falsifier, phoney, mackintosh, grifter, fraud, pseudo, offender, front man, city slicker, defrauder, traitor, city boy, two-timer, imposter, double-crosser, pretender, scammer, double-dealer, defalcator, beguiler, obscurantist, strawman, sandbagger, mack, dissimulator, prevaricator, hypocrite, role player, phony, finagler, trickster, liar, shammer, charlatan

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