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Skylark   /skˈaɪlˌɑrk/   Listen

Play boisterously.  Synonyms: cavort, disport, frisk, frolic, gambol, lark, lark about, rollick, romp, run around, sport.  "The gamboling lambs in the meadows" , "The toddlers romped in the playroom"

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"Skylark" Quotes from Famous Books

... the Sturgeon feign death; according to Couch,[42] the Landrail, the Skylark, the Corncrake adopt the same device. Among mammals, the best-known example is probably ...
— The Industries of Animals • Frederic Houssay

... should pass, Without some kindness, kindly shown, The preacher said"—Then down to the grass A skylark dropped, like ...
— The Posy Ring - A Book of Verse for Children • Various

... of Wordsworth's best nature poems are: "Early Spring," "Three Years She Grew," "The Fountain," "My Heart Leaps Up," "The Tables Turned," "To a Cuckoo," "To a Skylark" (the second poem, beginning, "Ethereal minstrel") and "Yarrow Revisited." The spirit of all his nature poems is reflected in "Tintern Abbey," which gives us two complementary views of nature, corresponding to Wordsworth's earlier and later experience. The first is that of the boy, roaming foot-loose ...
— Outlines of English and American Literature • William J. Long

... completed what he had begun doing, and at the point where he had left off. In the stables the horses merrily stamped and snorted, the trees round the castle became green like periwinkles, the meadows were full of variegated flowers, high in the air warbled the skylark, and abundance of small fishes appeared in the clear river. Everywhere was life, ...
— Folk Tales Every Child Should Know • Various

... adjusted as to convert him into a perfectly dirigible parachute. Swift as his descent was, he alighted on the ground as lightly as a tuft of down. It was the poetry of motion. One or two writers have insisted that the horned lark's empyrean song compares favorably with that of the European skylark; but, loyal and patriotic an American as we are, honesty compels us to concede that our bird's voice is much feebler and less musical than that of his celebrated relative across the sea. It sounds like the unmelodious clicking of ...
— Birds of the Rockies • Leander Sylvester Keyser

... when you take the skylark for your guide, And soar straight up to sun-drenched shores of Time, Immortal singers there shall, eager-eyed, Await ...
— Masters of the Guild • L. Lamprey

... similar combinations; the most frequent is the quatrain couplet, called, from Shakespeare's poem, the Venus and Adonis stanza, ababcc^{5} (compare the end of the English sonnet and the ottava rima).[55] Familiar examples are Wordsworth's To a Skylark ...
— The Principles of English Versification • Paull Franklin Baum

... many great lyrics in our literature which have no palpable or deducible philosophy; but they are the utterance of deep, serious, imaginative natures, and they reach our minds and hearts. Wordsworth's "Daffodils," his "Cuckoo," his "Skylark," and scores of others, live because they have the freshness and spontaneity of birds and ...
— The Last Harvest • John Burroughs

... old that skylark was, but here was he, Savage Keith Rickman, played out at three and twenty. Was it, he wondered, the result, not of ordinary inebriety, but of the finer excesses of the soul? Was he a precocious genius? Had ...
— The Divine Fire • May Sinclair

... Adaptive likenesses of this sort, due to mere stress of local conditions, have no more weight as indications of real relationship than the wings of the bat or the nippers of the seal, which don't make the one into a skylark, or the ...
— Falling in Love - With Other Essays on More Exact Branches of Science • Grant Allen

... cold nest the skylark springs; Sings, pauses, sings; shoots up anew; Attains his topmost height, and sings Quiescent in ...
— The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 1, Issue 2, December, 1857 • Various

... You remind me of a bird. You have all the quick and easy graces of the skylark. Why should you not have ...
— The Ink-Stain, Complete • Rene Bazin

... thumping of the pit-engine in the next field. But soon the road grew white, and the walls likewise; and at the wall's foot grew long grass and gay flowers, all drenched with dew; and instead of the groaning of the pit-engine, they heard the skylark, saying his matins high up in the air, and the pit-bird warbling in the sedges, as he had ...
— Journeys Through Bookland V2 • Charles H. Sylvester

... true to a large extent, as manifest in the conditions common, but it is by no means a certainty that a sufficient balance of practice upon the delicate, esthetic lines of the voice in high pitch and in such selections as Shelley's "Ode to a Skylark" may not counterbalance the overemphasis upon low tones which is ordinarily practised by students of the speech arts. The orotund, sonorous, and forceful qualities are perhaps dwelt upon too much, and to have ...
— Expressive Voice Culture - Including the Emerson System • Jessie Eldridge Southwick

... Lixus," which he is observing in a cage, "continues, step by step, without the slightest emotion, his amorous by-play, as though nothing unusual were happening...The nightingale and the skylark may be silent, oppressed by fear; the bee may re-enter her hive; but is a weevil to be upset because the sun threatens ...
— Fabre, Poet of Science • Dr. G.V. (C.V.) Legros

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