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Shoshone   /ʃoʊʃˈoʊni/   Listen

A member of the North American Indian people (related to the Aztecs) of the southwestern United States.  Synonym: Shoshoni.
The language spoken by the Shoshone (belonging to the Uto-Aztecan family).

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"Shoshone" Quotes from Famous Books

... of Little Rain Water Trails of the Ceriso The Scavengers The Pocket Hunter Shoshone Land Jimville—A Bret Harte Town My Neighbor's Field The Mesa Trail The Basket Maker The Streets of the Mountains Water Borders Other Water Borders Nurslings of the Sky The Little Town ...
— The Land of Little Rain • Mary Austin

... of travel from the southwest estuary of the lake (Thumb) to the Firehole river was about one mile south of the present stage route. The tourist who to-day makes the rapid and comfortable tour of the park by stage, looking south from Shoshone Point, may catch a glimpse of a portion of the prostrate forest through and over which we struggled, and thus form some idea of the difficulties which beset us on our journey from the lake to the ...
— The Discovery of Yellowstone Park • Nathaniel Pitt Langford

... halloed to the others until they reached the shelter of the rocks. It required two more shots to finish him, and thus died Polina, or Penina, the leader of the Snakes and scourge of the white man. The shot from Howard Maupin's repeating rifle closed the Snake, or Shoshone war, and peace reigned until their great uprising under ...
— Reminiscences of a Pioneer • Colonel William Thompson

... north side of the Snake, after climbing out of the canon at Decker's Ferry, the cross-roads branch as per sign-post: "Thirty miles to Shoshone Falls, one mile to Decker's Ferry. Good road." This last assertion must be true, as we have it on no less authority than that of Decker himself. Nothing is said of the road to Bliss,—not even that there is such a Bliss only sixteen miles away. Being a station on the Oregon Short Line, Bliss ...
— A Touch Of Sun And Other Stories • Mary Hallock Foote

... Words, Phrases, and Sentences in the Shoshone Language. 162 pp. 4^o. In Introduction to the Study of Indian Languages, 2 ed. Collected at the Shoshone and Bannock Agency, Wyoming Territory, 1880-1881. None of the schedules are neglected, and many are filled and additions made. Mr. Ballou has added much to the value of his manuscript ...
— Catalogue Of Linguistic Manuscripts In The Library Of The Bureau Of Ethnology. (1881 N 01 / 1879-1880 (Pages 553-578)) • James Constantine Pilling

... told me of an interesting happening witnessed by his grandfather very many years ago. A war party had set out to take horses from the Shoshone. One morning just at sunrise the fifteen or sixteen men were traveling along on foot in single file through a deep canon of the mountains, when one of them spied on a ledge far above them the head and shoulders of a great mountain sheep which ...
— American Big Game in Its Haunts • Various

... "Shoshone squaw, did you say she was, Henry? They ain't much for looks, but there's a heep of wear ...
— Judith Of The Plains • Marie Manning

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