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Scratchy   /skrˈætʃi/   Listen

Causing abrasion.  Synonym: abrasive.
Easily irritated or annoyed.  Synonyms: cranky, fractious, irritable, nettlesome, peckish, peevish, pettish, petulant, techy, testy, tetchy.  "Not the least nettlesome of his countrymen"
Lacking consistency.  Synonyms: spotty, uneven.
Unpleasantly harsh or grating in sound.  Synonyms: grating, gravelly, rasping, raspy, rough.

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"Scratchy" Quotes from Famous Books

... that they would not be out after six at night, except on Saturday, when they were to go to the bazaar, and were pledged to put on their best clothes, to wash themselves to the uttermost, and to clean their nails—not with scissors, which are scratchy and bad, but with flat-sharpened ends of wooden matches, which do no harm ...
— The Phoenix and the Carpet • E. Nesbit

... the conclusion that the pleasure to be derived from sleeping on a bed of spruce or hemlock boughs has been greatly overestimated by those who have written and spoken with such enthusiasm on the topic. To me the prickly, scratchy sensation imparted by contact with the evergreen was such as to counterbalance the delights of inhaling its ...
— Fibble, D. D. • Irvin Shrewsbury Cobb

... Scratchy. In jest they burlesque the name of Annibale Caracci, a famous Italian artist, and apply it to ...
— Selections from the Poems and Plays of Robert Browning • Robert Browning

... had been rare in Eric's life, and when they did happen were unhappy adventures,—cold water in a hand basin in the kitchen sink, a scratchy sponge, and a towel too small. So if Mrs. Freg had said "bath-time and bed-time" to him now, he might have run away. But if Ivra's mother said it, it must be. She was his mother too, now, and he loved her and ...
— The Little House in the Fairy Wood • Ethel Cook Eliot

... expected something serious to happen, and were glad she had kept that grip of his arms, but they did not know the depth of root in that shadowy old Forsyte. Something wry occurred about his shaven mouth and chin, something scratchy between those long silvery whiskers. Then he said with a sort of dignity: "He'll be the death of me. I knew how ...
— Forsyte Saga • John Galsworthy

... colored of the Plovers. Large numbers of them nest along the Pacific coast and in Texas; north of Texas, in the interior, they are locally distributed. The eggs are pale clay color, marked with small scratchy dots of black. Size 1.20 x .90. Data.—Newport Beach, California, May 1, 1897. Nest a hollow in the sand, a short distance above high water; lined with broken shell. Collector, ...
— The Bird Book • Chester A. Reed

... already it requires frequent shakings to make it write at all. I thought it would be a blessing, it threatens to become a curse. I foresee that very shortly I shall descend again to a pencil, or write my letters with the aid of scratchy pens and fat, respectable ...
— Olivia in India • O. Douglas

... the world like a bit o' good cider vinegar to keep off the festerin'. It may seem a trifle scratchy fer the moment, but it assassinates the blood-p'ison. There ye go! It's the fine thing fer ye, ...
— The Conquest of Canaan • Booth Tarkington

... she groaned. "I knew it would be hateful having it at school. Why wasn't I born in the holidays? There ought to be a law regulating births to certain times of the year. If I were head of a school I'd let every girl go home for her birthday. Don't speak to me! I feel scratchy!" ...
— A Patriotic Schoolgirl • Angela Brazil

... to note that it was secured, when I thought I heard a noise outside. I stood perfectly silent, and listened. Yes! Now I could distinctly hear a sound of whispering, and something slithered over the panels, with a rasping, scratchy noise. Evidently, some of the brutes were feeling with their claw-hands, about the door, to discover whether there were any means ...
— The House on the Borderland • William Hope Hodgson

... are quite all right again, Jack," answered the girl. "Sometimes they feel the least bit scratchy. But I bathe them with a solution the doctor gave me and ...
— The Rover Boys at Big Horn Ranch - The Cowboys' Double Round-Up • Edward Stratemeyer

... regularly with Mr. Heddegan. Her letters from him were seen, at least on the outside, and in part within, by Mrs. Wace. Had she read more of their interiors than the occasional sentences shown her by Baptista she would have perceived that the scratchy, rusty handwriting of Miss Trewthen's betrothed conveyed little more matter than details of their future housekeeping, and his preparations for the same, with innumerable 'my dears' sprinkled in disconnectedly, to show the depth of his affection ...
— A Changed Man and Other Tales • Thomas Hardy

... one o' your briery, scratchy gals, that seems to catch fellers in thorns. She allers fit and flouted her beaux, and the more she fit and flouted 'em the more they 'd be arter her. There wa'n't a gal in all Oldtown that led such a string o' fellers arter her; 'cause, you see, ...
— Oldtown Fireside Stories • Harriet Beecher Stowe

... districts south of the river. There are few drives more enjoyable than a drive along the Vienne to the royal retreat of Chinon. The country is rich and noble, deep in grass and maize and corn, with meadows set in low broad hedgerows, and bare scratchy vineyards along the slopes. The road is lined with acacias, Tennyson's "milk-white bloom" hanging from their tender feathery boughs, and here beneath the hot sun of the South the acacia is no mere ...
— Stray Studies from England and Italy • John Richard Green

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