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(compar. sappier; superl. sappiest)
Ludicrous, foolish.  Synonyms: cockamamie, cockamamy, goofy, silly, wacky, whacky, zany.  "Wore a goofy hat" , "A silly idea" , "Some wacky plan for selling more books"
Abounding in sap.  "Sappy kindling wood"

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"Sappy" Quotes from Famous Books

... below remained disdainfully indifferent. She dug, she clipped, she explored, inhaling, with little thrills, the faint mounting odour of forest loam and sappy stems. ...
— Ailsa Paige • Robert W. Chambers

... like huge withered leaves, hung bats, and from some of the trees the beard-moss hung yards long, and of a spectral gray; the very weeds trodden underfoot were sappy, and the smell of their squirting juice mixed itself with the ...
— The Pools of Silence • H. de Vere Stacpoole

... like the honest nappy; Whare'll ye e'er see men sae happy, Or women sonsie, saft an' sappy, 'Tween morn and morn, As them wha like to taste the drappie, ...
— Poems And Songs Of Robert Burns • Robert Burns

... is as necessary to man as to vegetation. You cannot have a rank, sappy race, like the English or the German, without plenty of moisture in the air and in the soil. Good viscera and an abundance of blood are closely related to meteorological conditions, unction of character, and a flow ...
— Locusts and Wild Honey • John Burroughs

... propitious heard; "Her final prayer at least success obtain'd: "For as she spoke rose round her legs the earth; "The lofty tree's foundation, crooked roots "Shot from her spreading toes; hard wood her bones "Became; the marrow in the midst remain'd "As pith; as sappy juice still flow'd her blood: "Her arms large boughs were spread; her fingers chang'd "To slender twigs; rough bark her skin became. "The growing tree press'd hard the gravid womb; "Invested next her breast, ...
— The Metamorphoses of Publius Ovidus Naso in English blank verse Vols. I & II • Ovid

... face, as if the mere mention of vinegar had set his teeth on edge. He looked the other way and ate as fast as he could, to close his eyes to the spectacle of any one spoiling the sappy swede greens with nauseous vinegar. To his system of edible philosophy vinegar was utterly antagonistic—destructive of the sap-principle, altogether wrong, and, in fact, wicked, as destroying good ...
— Amaryllis at the Fair • Richard Jefferies

... with something to be signed, and the General waved him to wait and hear. For Gholson, despite the sappy fetor of his mental temperament, had abilities that made him almost a private secretary to the General. Who, nevertheless, knew him thoroughly. When I had described Oliver's escape and would have hurried on to later details, General Austin raised ...
— The Cavalier • George Washington Cable

... cell, when it fills up and sinks. Many such cells grown together, as in a block of wood, when all or most of them are filled with water, will float as long as the majority of them are empty or only partially filled. This is why a green, sappy pine pole soon sinks in "driving" (floating down stream). Its cells are largely filled before it is thrown in, and but little additional water suffices to make its weight greater than that of the water. In a good-sized white ...
— Seasoning of Wood • Joseph B. Wagner

... farthest throb of news from the outer world, which entered and expired at Little Hintock like the exhausted swell of a wave in some innermost cavern of some innermost creek of an embayed sea; yet no news interfered with the nuptial purpose at their neighbor's house. The sappy green twig-tips of the season's growth would not, she thought, be appreciably woodier on the day she became a wife, so near was the time; the tints of the foliage would hardly have changed. Everything was so much as usual that no itinerant ...
— The Woodlanders • Thomas Hardy

... said Mrs. Haley, "Emma Jane Stucky is like one of them there dead pines out there in the clearin'. If you had a stack of almanacs as high as a hoss-rack, you couldn't pick out the year she was young and sappy. She must 'a' started out as a light'd knot, an' she's been a-gittin' tougher year in an' year out, till now she's tougher'n the toughest. No'm," continued Mrs. Haley, replying to an imaginary argument, "I ain't predijiced ag'in' the poor creetur'—the Lord knows I ain't. If I was, no vittels would ...
— Free Joe and Other Georgian Sketches • Joel Chandler Harris

... the heavy oils of a tarry consistency remained, they were only to be found in the sappy portions of the long-leaf pine and in the loblolly (Specimens II and IV). Exposure in a semi-tropical climate for 26 years had resulted in the removal of the more volatile portions of the creosote oil. The penetration of the oil into the sap wood seemed to be perfect, ...
— Transactions of the American Society of Civil Engineers, vol. LXX, Dec. 1910 - Tests of Creosoted Timber, Paper No. 1168 • W. B. Gregory

... creek, by leaping from one stone to another, and pursued a course along a rotting rail fence, covered with vines. And from over in the low ground came the "sqush" of the cows as they strode through the rank and sappy clover. We crossed a hill whereon stood a deserted negro "quarter"—the moldering mark of a life that is now dreamy and afar off—and after crossing another valley slowly ascended the rounding bulge of ground, capped by the home of the General. Alf had begun to ...
— The Jucklins - A Novel • Opie Read

... Protest was in vain. "Sappy," he was and had to be until he won a better name. The peace pipe was smoked all round and he was proclaimed third War Chief of the Sanger Indians (the word War inserted ...
— Two Little Savages • Ernest Thompson Seton

... the land on which the trees stand. This method was adopted in order to cope with high winds and at the same time to arrest growth, for in the damp soil in which Japanese pears are rooted, the branches would be too sappy. Foreign pears are not more generally cultivated because they come to the market in competition with oranges, and the Japanese have not yet learnt to buy ripe pears. The native pear looks rather like an enormous russet apple but it is as hard as a turnip, ...
— The Foundations of Japan • J.W. Robertson Scott

... a cup of gold she held, And with her right the riper fruit did reach, Whose sappy liquor, that with fulness sweld, Into her cup she scruzed with dainty breach Of her fine fingers without foul impeach, That so fair wine-press made the wine more sweet." ...
— Among My Books • James Russell Lowell

... months, and then made up for use. They never top their tobacco, and the leaves never ripen together. The mode adopted by the North American planters is somewhat different; they top their plants when they have eight full leaves, or they keep it suckered; and, by this means, the leaves are large and sappy. ...
— Tobacco; Its History, Varieties, Culture, Manufacture and Commerce • E. R. Billings

... their discourse somewhat Ellesmerically: they do not talk with the simplicity La Fontaine's would; but there is a good deal in them. They are not altogether sappy. ...
— Friends in Council (First Series) • Sir Arthur Helps

... underground.) All his other men-figures are clothes upon sticks The derniere chemise of a man in a fix, (As a captain besieged, when his garrison's small, bets up caps upon poles to be seen o'er the wall;) And the women he draws from one model don't vary, All sappy as maples and flat as a prairie. When a character's wanted, he goes to the task As a cooper would do in composing a cask; He picks out the staves, of their qualities heedful, Just hoops them together as tight as is needful, And, if the ...
— Selections From American Poetry • Various

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