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Rule out   /rul aʊt/   Listen
Rule out

Make impossible, especially beforehand.  Synonyms: close out, preclude.
Include or exclude by determining judicially or in agreement with rules.  Synonym: rule in.
Dismiss from consideration or a contest.  Synonyms: eliminate, reject, winnow out.  "This possibility can be eliminated from our consideration"

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"Rule out" Quotes from Famous Books

... its meaning, there need be no quarrel over that term. Let us rule out such accidents as when a weak book becomes widely known because it is supposed to be indecent, or because it is the first to embody popular propaganda, or because its hero is identified with an important figure of real life, or for any other casual reason. If a novel, because of the ...
— Definitions • Henry Seidel Canby

... snapped. "The honest answer that I get out of the telemetry data is that something in that gate broke the circuit and the switching operation failed. I think there are about seven thousand components in the gate. I don't know which one failed. A few I can rule out, because they would only cause part of the gate to fail. But a hundred different breaks could account for the data. So ...
— The Trouble with Telstar • John Berryman

... has never wished to encounter. The environment it calls for is congenial with it: and by that environment it could never be thwarted or condemned. The lumbering course of events may indeed involve it in rum, and a mind with permanent interests to defend may at once rule out everything inconsistent with possible harmonies; but such rational judgments come from outside and represent a compromise struck with material forces. Moral judgments and conflicts are possible only in the mind that represents many interests synthetically: in nature, where primary impulses collide, ...
— The Life of Reason • George Santayana

... fight the fire. (This time the Judge did not rule out the word.) Then his rifle had exploded in his hands, the bullet going just past his ear. The charge had scorched his neck. It was a simple story. The thing might have happened. It was entirely credible. There were no contradictions in it. But the manner of Jeffrey ...
— The Shepherd of the North • Richard Aumerle Maher

... all her influence in Thorne's behalf; but she speedily discovered that she made little headway; that while Berkeley listened, he did not assent; that he put down her efforts; mainly, to personal attachment to her cousin, and was therefore inclined to rule out her testimony. She needed help; pressure must be brought to bear which had no connection with Thorne; some one from the old life must speak, some one who shared the prejudices, and was big enough and generous enough to set them aside and judge of the affair from ...
— Princess • Mary Greenway McClelland

... "all-depends-on-the-subject" doctrine here, as always, swerves from one fatal difficulty. If, in what pleases poetically, poetical expression is always present, while in only some of what pleases poetically is the subject at the required height, is it not illogical to rule out, as the source of the poetic pleasure, that which is always present in favour of that which is ...
— Matthew Arnold • George Saintsbury

... One pays for something one has got or is going to get, and as we can rule out both reasons, the cheque is bad. In fact, it's not worth keeping. ...
— The Girl From Keller's - Sadie's Conquest • Harold Bindloss

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