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Ruination   Listen

An irrecoverable state of devastation and destruction.  Synonym: ruin.
An event that results in destruction.  Synonym: ruin.
Failure that results in a loss of position or reputation.  Synonyms: downfall, ruin.
Destruction achieved by causing something to be wrecked or ruined.  Synonyms: laying waste, ruin, ruining, wrecking.

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"Ruination" Quotes from Famous Books

... to a smaller game a few weeks before, and had pressed Burne into service—to the ruination ...
— This Side of Paradise • F. Scott Fitzgerald

... markets, and I don't suppose, to take the case of copper, that a single pound of it is mined from the Rio Tinto without the British Board of Trade knowing all about it. The neutral firms simply dare not risk getting put on to the British Black List; it means ruination for them. And then all these dollar-grabbing Yankees, enjoying all the advantages of war without any of its dangers—they make ...
— The Diary of a U-boat Commander • Anon

... wreck, destruction, undoing, dilapidation, disorganization, perdition, ruination, subversion, shipwreck, ...
— Putnam's Word Book • Louis A. Flemming

... that my bread rose just as light when Grits were in as when they were not. And if any party, Mrs. Doctor, dear, will make it rain before the week is out, and save our kitchen garden from entire ruination, that is the party Susan will vote for. In the meantime, will you just step out and give me your opinion on the meat for dinner? I am fearing that it is very tough, and I think that we had better change our butcher ...
— Anne's House of Dreams • Lucy Maud Montgomery

... deplored McCurvin. "If them things git too thick in the desert they'll be the ruination of me. I'll have yore stuff ready ...
— Frank Merriwell, Junior's, Golden Trail - or, The Fugitive Professor • Burt L. Standish

... you say it is impossible for you to be ready until the day after to-morrow. In that event, we must hold the English in their present positions at all costs. A premature advance on their part, while we would undoubtedly repulse it, would mean the ruination of our coup. See to it, gentlemen, that there is ...
— The Boy Allies On the Firing Line - Or, Twelve Days Battle Along the Marne • Clair W. Hayes

... indulged immoderately or in unnatural ways, they become most copious sources of bodily diseases, of mental disorders, and moral degradation. Every one knows how the passion of drink, when abused, proves the ruination of millions; excessive eating, too, injures the systems of countless people. But no animal passion is more liable to become disorderly, none needs more firm control and habitual watchfulness, than the passion of lust. Reason dictates that it should be indulged for no other purpose than that for ...
— Moral Principles and Medical Practice - The Basis of Medical Jurisprudence • Charles Coppens

... little Maggie frettin' woful to be missin' you out of it. Don't be keepin' me standin' on me feet, there's a good man, for it's quare and bad I've been, and the doctor was sayin' he couldn't tell what ruination mightn't be on me if I didn't mind what I was at. And here's the dacint lad waitin' to show us the road. We're just comin' along this instant, boyo. Look-a-daddy, 'twas all a mistake, and we'll settle it up next week, when we're both workin' agin. ...
— Strangers at Lisconnel • Barlow Jane

... silence having failed, another more forcible one was immediately adopted. Darigrand was sent to the Bastille in January 1763. His book is a most forcible and complete exposure of that horrible system of extortion, torture, and ruination which made a ...
— Books Fatal to Their Authors • P. H. Ditchfield

... mischance, misadventure, misfortune; disaster, calamity, catastrophe; accident, casualty, cross, reverse, check, contretemps, rub; backset[obs3], comedown, setback [U.S.]. losing game; falling &c. v.; fall, downfall; ruination, ruinousness; undoing; extremity; ruin &c. (destruction) 162. V. be ill off &c. adj.; go hard with; fall on evil, fall on evil days; go on ill; not prosper &c. 734. go downhill, go to rack and ruin &c. (destruction) 162, go to the dogs; fall, fall ...
— Roget's Thesaurus

... thrust itself upon Johnnie's notice. Out from the front of his host's throat, to the ruination of such scant good looks as he had, protruded an Adam's apple that was as large and tanned and tough-looking as his nose. On that brown prominence a number of long pale hairs had their roots. These ...
— The Rich Little Poor Boy • Eleanor Gates

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