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Rube   /rub/   Listen

A person who is not very intelligent or interested in culture.  Synonyms: bumpkin, chawbacon, hayseed, hick, yahoo, yokel.

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"Rube" Quotes from Famous Books

... Jimmy obstinately, preparing to dodge under the table in case of sudden necessity. "You said your left hand itched, and it meant money comin', and you hoped Rube Hobson was goin' to pay you for the turkey he bought a year ...
— Ladies-In-Waiting • Kate Douglas Wiggin

... fall back into the old lingo. Well, as I was saying, I didn't want to do it unless you would stay too, but he wouldn't have you. He has it in for all gringos, and that bull you passed him about me being from a foreign country called Grand Avenue! He fell for it like a rube for the tapped-wire stuff. He said if I wouldn't stay and help him he'd ...
— The Mucker • Edgar Rice Burroughs

... the sister, younger than herself, whom Rube Haman had married and driven to her grave within a year—the sweet Lucy, with the name of her father's mother. Lucy had been all English in face and tongue, a flower of the west, driven to darkness by this horse-dealing brute, who, before he was arrested and tried ...
— The Judgment House • Gilbert Parker

... nobody can tell in this life a darn thing about what's goin' to happen, and the things that do happen are the very ones you'd swear were the last that could. I mean—you look back to that day of the picnic—my! but I was a rube then—well, I mean you look back to that day, and what do you suppose I'd have thought then if somebody'd told me the time would ever come when I'd be 'way off here at college sittin' on a bench with Dora Yocum—with Dora Yocum, in the first place—and her crying, and both of us talking ...
— Ramsey Milholland • Booth Tarkington

... comedy, there have been certain characters indissolubly associated with the two-act. Among them are the Irish character, or "Tad"; the German, or "Dutch," as they are often misnamed; the "black-face," or "Nigger"; the farmer, or "Rube"; the Swedish, or "Swede"; the Italian, or "Wop"; and the Hebrew, ...
— Writing for Vaudeville • Brett Page

... might be freckled and towsled and, as his mother affirmed, forgetful and careless, but like a sponge his active young mind had soaked up a deal no books could have given him. You would best beware how you jollied Walter King or put him down for a "Rube." More than likely you would later ...
— Walter and the Wireless • Sara Ware Bassett

... he's fool enough to sell the hoss he kin keep away, too. So ye see, ye can't ladle out purp stuff about a 'dyin' stranger' to Rube. ...
— Stories in Light and Shadow • Bret Harte

... was a big window with the sash out and a sort of platform juttin' over the sidewalk. Just as we arrives out steps Nelson Hubbs, wearin' the same rube rig and carryin' the same green bag. He looks just as big and homely and good-natured ...
— Shorty McCabe on the Job • Sewell Ford

... this view. Long Otto, he affirmed, was no rube, but a scrapper from Biffville-on-the-Slosh. The hardiest hooligan would shrink from introducing rough-house proceedings into a room graced by the combined presence of Long ...
— Psmith, Journalist • Pelham Grenville Wodehouse

... whispered Rube Fellows, one of the boys that held him. "It's all in fun. Take it good-natured and they'll let you off light. They're only goin' to stretch you over the log and tan you eight or ten times with the leggin's. 'Twon't ...
— Rolling Stones • O. Henry

... him one little pitiful rag of a ten. But when they saw me keep on right down the line, some of 'em shut up and looked a little anxious, some cut the price, and some got sassier than ever. They called me Rube, and Johnny-on-the-spot-of-wealth, and Shekels, and a heap of other things. But I didn't mind. Still, next time I'll send my money by one of those commissioner fellows. To-day ...
— Ainslee's, Vol. 15, No. 5, June 1905 • Various

... "Wake up, Rube," sharply called his Uncle Peter, smartly hoeing another row a few paces behind him, "doan be idlin' your time; de sun ...
— The Jungle Fugitives • Edward S. Ellis

... and I am here to state that the way we breezed through that village made the proverbial Kansas cyclone look as if it was running on crutches. The inhabitants that didn't duck for the cellars stood on the plankwalk and made rude and discomplimentary remarks. Some well-meaning Rube had tipped his mitt to the town marshal, and that worthy cluck had stretched a rope from the blacksmith shop to the corner of the livery stable, so naturally we had to pause. Enter Marshal R.U.E. with business of making a pinch. ...
— The Sorrows of a Show Girl • Kenneth McGaffey

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