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Rosebush   /rˈoʊzbˌʊʃ/   Listen

Any of many shrubs of the genus Rosa that bear roses.  Synonym: rose.

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"Rosebush" Quotes from Famous Books

... princess was missing, and in a moment the palace was like a beehive in a garden. But in a minute more, the queen was brought to herself by a great shout and clapping of hands. They had found the princess fast sleep under a rosebush to which the wind puff had carried her, finishing its mischief by shaking a shower of red rose-leaves all over the little white sleeper. Startled by the noise the servants made, she woke; and furious with glee, scattered ...
— Half-Hours with Great Story-Tellers • Various

... back the least bit more, Miss Austin. That's it! Now walk toward me, up this path, till you reach the rosebush." ...
— Mrs. Red Pepper • Grace S. Richmond

... through the giant gateway, and clambered up to Balyika Cave, a spacious chamber in the side of the cliff, rudely but strongly fortified by a stone rampart that had been built to guard the entrance. A wild rosebush grew in the narrow doorway and seemed at first to refuse all admittance. Manasseh and Blanka waited without, while Aaron fought his way through the brambles, which tore at his leather coat without injuring it, and presently returned with ...
— Manasseh - A Romance of Transylvania • Maurus Jokai

... 'bout it," said he, earnestly, and he came to her where she stood by a rosebush. "Does you see dis ...
— What Can She Do? • Edward Payson Roe

... infinities, of all that thrills, of extravagant excesses, of all the feminism from out the vocabulary of happiness! My friends, do but drink the philtres of this art! Nowhere will ye find a more pleasant method of enervating your spirit, of forgetting your manliness in the shade of a rosebush.{HORIZONTAL ELLIPSIS} Ah, this old magician, mightiest of Klingsors; how he wages war against us with his art, against us free spirits! How he appeals to every form of cowardice of the modern soul with his charming ...
— The Case Of Wagner, Nietzsche Contra Wagner, and Selected Aphorisms. • Friedrich Nietzsche.

... ignorant and unbossed. I will not dwell on the week that followed. The lady gardener gave almost vicious orders by telephone and the worker did his best, but it is not a handy way to direct a garden. When the last rosebush is in, including some that Will is gloomily certain will never grow, I think I shall go away for a rest to some place where there is only ...
— The Smiling Hill-Top - And Other California Sketches • Julia M. Sloane

... first, however, walk through the lady at the piano in the breakfast-room. That rosebush is close by her. You would ...
— Lilith • George MacDonald

... along to be watered. A peasant boy rode on one, and he had taken off all his clothes except his large broad black hat. The youth whistled like a bird, and rode into the pond where it was deepest; and as he passed by the rosebush he gathered a rose and stuck it in his hat; and now he fancied himself very fine, and rode on. The other roses looked after their sister, and asked each other, "Whither is she going?" but that no ...
— A Christmas Greeting • Hans Christian Andersen

... plucking red roses from a big rosebush trained along the wall and buds not yet opened, began to throw them into the room through ...
— Yvette • Henri Rene Guy de Maupassant

... the scraggly rosebush, bare except for the bright red haws, their smooth hard surfaces shining in the sun. Richard got out his knife, and by dint of scratching his hands in a dozen places, succeeded in gathering quite a cluster. Then he went to work at ...
— The Twenty-Fourth of June • Grace S. Richmond

... there won't anything happen to scare you," responded Bob soothingly. It must be confessed that the knowledge of the little sum of money tucked away under the rosebush gave him a bolder outlook on ...
— Betty Gordon in Washington • Alice B. Emerson

... behind that second rosebush," replied Hazel, holding Ella tight with one arm while ...
— Jewel's Story Book • Clara Louise Burnham

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