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Reversible   /rɪvˈərsəbəl/  /rivˈərsəbəl/   Listen

A garment (especially a coat) that can be worn inside out (with either side of the cloth showing).

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"Reversible" Quotes from Famous Books

... substage condenser is attached a gymbal carrying a reversible circular frame with a plane mirror on one side and a concave mirror on the other (Fig. 40, g). The plane mirror is that usually employed, but occasionally, as for example when using low powers and with the condenser racked down and thrown out ...
— The Elements of Bacteriological Technique • John William Henry Eyre

... the entrance to Grand Bay, the largest body of water in the entire river. From here a long close-hauled tack would bring them to the Narrows, a rocky gorge-like formation leading to the noted Reversible Falls below. The tide now was running down, and this greatly aided the boat in her onward sweep. Far away in the east the sky rapidly reddened, and the light of a new day was dispelling the shades of night. Eben's heart caught ...
— Jess of the Rebel Trail • H. A. Cody

... reached the back part of the showroom, down-stairs, he brought out an unframed picture about three feet long and two high, and placed it in a favorable light. "There," said he, "is a picture which will suit you. It is what we call a reversible landscape, and is copied from the only genuine picture of the kind in the world. It is just as good as two pictures. In this position, you see, a line of land stretches across the middle of the picture, with trees, houses, and figures, with ...
— Amos Kilbright; His Adscititious Experiences • Frank R. Stockton

... "I suppose so. I don't wear reversible cuffs and I am disgustingly rich. I've shot tigers in India, lived in the Latin quarter, owned a steam yacht, climbed San Juan Hill—but I have not found a permanent niche. There are not places enough to ...
— The Law-Breakers and Other Stories • Robert Grant

... make this encouragement more and more difficult each decade. The naturally inclined eccentric finds his sharp outlines rubbed off by unavoidable attrition with a larger world than owns him. Insensibly he lends himself to the shaping hand of new ideas. He gets his reversible cuffs and paper collars from Cambridge, Massachusetts, the scarabaeus in his scarf-pin from Mexico, and his ulster from everywhere. He has passed out of the chrysalis state of Odd Stick; he has ceased ...
— An Old Town By The Sea • Thomas Bailey Aldrich

... little opportunity for adjustments and is not advisable. A double box, one sliding within the other, would be better, but still not quite satisfactory. It is far better to adapt one's camera to the apparatus, and this can always be done; it being very simple with a reversible back camera, which can be backed right up to the opening, and more difficult but always possible with others. Fig. 7 shows the entire apparatus in place, and the manner in which it is used. AB is the window board, C is the negative box, D is the camera adjusted to the latter, ...
— Bromide Printing and Enlarging • John A. Tennant

... de recevoir la modification reversible c'est qu'etant constitue autrement que les cellules differenciees de l'organisme il est influence autrement qu'elles par les memes causes perturbatrices. Mais est-il impossible que malgre la difference de constitution physico-chimiques il soit ...
— Hormones and Heredity • J. T. Cunningham

... the mode in which electricity manifests itself, and what it can do. It may be well to point out at the outset what has occasionally been stated, but which has not received the philosophical attention it deserves—namely, that electrical phenomena are reversible; that is, any kind of a physical process which is capable of producing electricity, electricity is itself able to produce. Thus to name a few: If mechanical motion develops electricity, electricity will produce mechanical motion; the movement of a pith ball and an electric motor are examples. ...
— The Machinery of the Universe - Mechanical Conceptions of Physical Phenomena • Amos Emerson Dolbear

... hands. "I warned you, remember—the change isn't completely reversible. Your hands will always look—strange. The fingers had to be lengthened, for instance. I wanted to make you as safe as possible among the Lhari. I think you'll pass anything but an X-ray. Just be careful ...
— The Colors of Space • Marion Zimmer Bradley

... 608; volatile, frothy; light, lightsome, light-minded; giddy; fast and loose. weak, feeble-minded, frail; timid, wimpish, wimpy &c. 860; cowardly &c. 862; dough-faced [U.S.]; facile; pliant &c. (soft) 324; unable to say "no", easy-going revocable, reversible. Adv. irresolutely &c. adj.; irresolved[obs3], irresolvedly[obs3]; in faltering accents; off and on; from pillar to post; seesaw &c. 314. Int. "how happy could I be with ...
— Roget's Thesaurus

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