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Reimburse   /rˌiɪmbˈərs/   Listen

(past & past part. reimbursed; pres. part. reimbursing)
Pay back for some expense incurred.
Reimburse or compensate (someone), as for a loss.  Synonym: recoup.

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"Reimburse" Quotes from Famous Books

... the "generous" Mahaya said, "No; your life is yet safe, do not risk it; but let my men do what they can, and in the meanwhile, as I have been a party to your losses, I will feed you and your people; and if I do not succeed in the end, you shall be my guest until I can amass sufficient property to reimburse ...
— What Led To The Discovery of the Source Of The Nile • John Hanning Speke

... generous girl without a murmur paid out of her humble purse at a time—be it remembered!—when she had scarcely wherewithal to purchase the bare necessaries of life, and when she could have no reason to expect that I should ever be able to reimburse her. ...
— Confessions of an English Opium-Eater • Thomas De Quincey

... body of French and Flemish gentlemen, under William of Orange and his brother, Mouy, Esternay and others, which may have swelled his army to about seventeen thousand men in all.[686] In vain did his cousin, the Duke of Lorraine, attempt to dissuade him, offering to reimburse him the one hundred thousand crowns he had already spent upon the preparations for the expedition. Even Conde's death did not discourage him. He came, he said, to fight, not for the prince, but for "the cause."[687] When about entering ...
— History of the Rise of the Huguenots - Volume 2 • Henry Baird

... real significance were at once rejected by M. de Witte. These were: the cession of the Island of Saghalien, already partly occupied by the Japanese troops; the interning of all Russian ships lying in Japanese waters; an indemnity of $600,000,000 to reimburse Japan for the cost of the war, and a limitation of the ...
— A Short History of Russia • Mary Platt Parmele

... year lists of "immediate requirements," which the council as promptly filed owing to the lack of any accompanying draft. To spend good siller "oot o' the Common Guid" and then look to a far-off Government to reimburse them, was an affair in which the shrewd burgesses of Stranryan very naturally ...
— Patsy • S. R. Crockett

... reports on various war claims, I spoke (December 13, 1878) at some length against a bill to reimburse William and Mary College, Virginia, for property destroyed during the war, in which I collated the precedents and reviewed the law of nations in the matter of payment of claims for property destroyed in the ravages of war by either the friendly or opposing ...
— Slavery and Four Years of War, Vol. 1-2 • Joseph Warren Keifer

... ambitious, and equally covetous of the grandeur of their family, but after his own fashion, and the mould of his frigid, reflective, and profoundly dissembling character. At the peace of Ruel, in 1649, the Duke de Bouillon had demanded "his re-establishment in Sedan, or if the Queen preferred to reimburse him for it at an estimated price, with the possessions promised and due to his house; for himself, the government of Auvergne; for his brother that of Haute and Basse Alsace, with that of Philipsbourg and the command of all the armies of Germany." ...
— Political Women, Vol. 2 (of 2) • Sutherland Menzies

... paid. You or I must have been ruined, Mr. Selfridge, and it has settled on you. I do not pay der Titan's insurance—nor will der other insurers. On der contrary, as der collision clause in der policy is void with der rest, your company must reimburse me for der insurance which I must pay to der Royal Age owners—that is, unless our good friend here, Mr. Rowland, who was on der lookout at der time, will swear ...
— The Wreck of the Titan - or, Futility • Morgan Robertson

... his hands, and that defeat meant his political ruin. Close-fisted and miserly as he was, no one knew so well as the Honorable Erastus how valuable this position of Representative was to him in a financial way, and that by winning re-election he could find means to reimburse himself for all he had expended in the fight. So, to the surprise of the Democratic Committee and all his friends, Mr. Hopkins announced that he would oppose Forbes's aggressive campaign with an equal aggressiveness, ...
— Aunt Jane's Nieces at Work • Edith Van Dyne

... loss in triumph leads Religion's feeble strife; Joys future amply reimburse Joys bankrupts of ...
— The Poetical Works of Edward Young, Volume 2 • Edward Young

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