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Red pepper   /rɛd pˈɛpər/   Listen
Red pepper

Ground pods and seeds of pungent red peppers of the genus Capsicum.  Synonyms: cayenne, cayenne pepper.
Very hot red peppers; usually long and thin; some very small.  Synonym: tabasco.

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"Red pepper" Quotes from Famous Books

... in Zui and Tusayan households. As a rule they are of considerable size, and made of the same material as the rougher mealing stones. They are employed for crushing and grinding the chile or red pepper that enters so largely into the food of the Zui, and whose use has extended to the Mexicans of the same region. These mortars have the ordinary circular depressions and are used with a round pestle or crusher, often ...
— A Study of Pueblo Architecture: Tusayan and Cibola • Victor Mindeleff and Cosmos Mindeleff

... which bristles with such magical and almost miraculous defences. Moreover, the juice of the squirting cucumber is bitter and nauseous, and if it gets into the eyes or nostrils of man or beast, it impresses itself on the memory by stinging like red pepper. So the trick of squirting serves in a double way as a protection to the plant against the attacks of herbivorous animals ...
— Science in Arcady • Grant Allen

... a quarter pound dried Lima beans and one pound unpolished rice for twelve hours. Cook a half pound pearl barley for two hours. Blanch one pound carrots, one pound onions, one medium-size potato and one red pepper for three minutes and cold-dip. Prepare the vegetables and cut into small cubes. Mix thoroughly Lima beans, rice, barley, carrots, onions, potato and red pepper. Fill glass jars or the enameled tin cans three-fourths full of the above mixture of vegetables ...
— Every Step in Canning • Grace Viall Gray

... spoonfuls of olive-oil, an onion and a couple of tomatoes, and boil away until he turns red. You then take off the pot and add your fish, green herbs, four cloves of garlic, and a pinch of saffron, with salt and red pepper. Pour in water to cover the surface of the fish, and cook for twenty minutes over a fast fire. Then take a soup-plate, lay some slices of bread in it, and pour the bouillon over the bread. Serve the fish separately. Possibly you incline to add, in the immortal words of the late Mr. Lear, "Serve up ...
— From a Cornish Window - A New Edition • Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch

... by Charley. It had a little spout of celery down which I could pour the abundant juice from its inside; and it was flanked right and left respectively by a piece of lemon liberally sprinkled with red pepper and sundry crisp slabs of fried hominy. Every night of the shooting season each member of the household had "his duck." Later I was shown the screened room wherein hung the game, each dated by ...
— The Killer • Stewart Edward White

... jar or bottle with vinegar. If you add alum at all let it be very little; look your pickles over occasionally and remove any that may not be doing well. Small cucumbers, beans, green plums, tomatoes, onions, and radish pods, may be used for assorted pickles; one red pepper for forty or fifty cucumbers is sufficient; if the vinegar on pickles becomes white or weak, take it out and scald and skim it, then return ...
— Young's Demonstrative Translation of Scientific Secrets • Daniel Young

... consider our home. There we found the Bedouins, who, scarcely believing that we had escaped alive, grinned in the joy of their hearts, and we were at once provided from the chief's kitchen with a dish of Shabta, holcus cakes soaked in sour milk, and thickly powdered with red pepper, the salt of this ...
— First footsteps in East Africa • Richard F. Burton

... the juices of a bitter root and of two bulbous plants. Next he hunts till he finds two species of ants, one very large, black, and venomous; the other small and red, which stings like a nettle. He adds the pounded fangs of the Labarri and the Counacouchi snakes; and the last ingredient is red pepper. ...
— The World's Greatest Books, Volume 19 - Travel and Adventure • Various

... more in the cooking than in the materials; for instance, we had maize dressed in a dozen different ways. It was generally eaten as a sort of pudding at breakfast, at which meal there was also an unfailing dish of water-melons. Of course we had paprika handl (chicken with red pepper), and gulyas, a sort of improved Irish stew; and gipsy's meat, also very good, besides excellent soups and many nameless delicacies ...
— Round About the Carpathians • Andrew F. Crosse

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