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Red China   /rɛd tʃˈaɪnə/   Listen
Red China

A communist nation that covers a vast territory in eastern Asia; the most populous country in the world.  Synonyms: Cathay, China, Communist China, mainland China, People's Republic of China, PRC.

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"Red China" Quotes from Famous Books

... them. But all the time it was as though her eyes didn't see them. All the time it was as though she was looking at something very far away. Then all of a sudden she began to jingle them together in her hand,—the little piece of red china and the chunk of yellow bowl! And swing her shoulders! And stamp her foot! It looked like dancing. ...
— Fairy Prince and Other Stories • Eleanor Hallowell Abbott

Words linked to "Red China" :   People's Republic of China, Asian country, Heilong Jiang, egg fu yung, spring roll, Kunlan Shan, Hunan, Taklamakan Desert, Kuangchou, Yellow River, Dalian, Singan, Huang He, Chinese Revolution, Gansu, Yunnan, Luoyang, Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region, Tianjin, yin, Pamir Mountains, Chinese brown sauce, Chang Jiang, Manchuria, Sino-Tibetan, Tyan Shan, Canton River, Hopei, Ieoh Ming Pei, Chu Kiang, Hebei province, yang, Inner Mongolia, Changjiang, Yangtze Kiang, Mukden, chi, acupressure, Port Arthur, cattie, egg roll, Peiping, feng shui, Szechwan, Loyang, Nei Monggol, Asia, acupuncture, Nanning, Chungking, Gobi, Yalu, fortune cookie, Liaodong Bandao, Xinjiang, egg foo yong, Moukden, Bo Hai, Xian, shanghai, catty, Gansu province, Kansu, Yalu River, Gobi Desert, Red Guard, Szechuan, Nan-chang, Hsian, Luta, mainland China, Mekong, Grand Canal, dim sum, Brahmaputra, Nanking, Peking, Nanjing, Yunnan province, Lushun, Sian, Fengtien, Po Hai, Hangchow, Hopeh, Brahmaputra River, Tientsin, Nanchang, Tien Shan, Pearl River, Cultural Revolution, Heilong, Asian nation, G-Jo, Yangtze River, the Pamirs, china, I. M. Pei, falun gong, Sinkiang, Changan, Great Wall, Wuhan, Taiyuan, Amur, canton, Kuenlun, Liaodong Peninsula, Poyang, Dairen, Sichuan, Yangtze, ki, Chinese Wall, qi, Kunlun, Nan Ling, Szechwan province, Kunlun Mountains, Hunan province, Kwangchow, Beijing, Shenyang, Great Wall of China, Tangshan, Chongqing, Hebei, Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, Hwang Ho, Talien, brown sauce, Gan Jiang, Zhu Jiang, Hangzhou, Luda, Nan-ning, Pei, capital of Red China, Kan River, stylostixis, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Chinese, Mekong River, Amur River, ch'i, Sino-Tibetan language, Chang, T'ien-ching, Taklimakan Desert, shiatsu, Kuenlun Mountains

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