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Ramp   /ræmp/   Listen

An inclined surface connecting two levels.  Synonym: incline.
North American perennial having a slender bulb and whitish flowers.  Synonyms: Allium tricoccum, wild leek.
A movable staircase that passengers use to board or leave an aircraft.

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"Ramp" Quotes from Famous Books

... Undertube, which they reached by following a glowing sign and then an underground passageway. Alan rode down behind Hawkes on the moving ramp and found himself in a warm, brightly-lit underground world with stores, restaurants, newsboys hawking telefax sheets, ...
— Starman's Quest • Robert Silverberg

... up at the observation ramp's occupants—people who except for their bizarre dress might well be of Earth—and saw no curiosity in the eyes that sometimes swept ...
— Lost in the Future • John Victor Peterson

... each one was that they | |chose a husband with a given name that rhymed much | |the same with their own. Mrs. Baker was Josephine | |Ramp and secured Joe as her husband; Arnie Hallauer | |and Annie Ramp, Gust Lumblad and Gusta Ramp, and | |Eugene Carver and Ella Ramp. The latter is a | |widow. The given name of each one commences with the| |same letter in each ...
— News Writing - The Gathering , Handling and Writing of News Stories • M. Lyle Spencer

... station at Space Academy and suddenly the lively chatter and laughter of more than a hundred boys was stilled. Tumbling out of the gleaming monorail cars, they froze to quick attention, their eyes turned to the main exit ramp. ...
— Stand by for Mars! • Carey Rockwell

... feet. I was still weak and dizzy, with a lump on the back of my head where I had been struck. The scene about me was at first unfamiliar. We were in a rocky gully. Rounded broken walls. Caves and crevices. Dried ooze piled like a ramp up one side. The moonlight struggled down ...
— Astounding Stories of Super-Science, October, 1930 • Various

... humblest parts, how was the total edifice to be reared in its comprehensive grandeur? He, a worm as he was, could he venture to 10 assail the mighty behemoth of Muscovy, the potentate who counted three hundred languages around the footsteps of his throne, and from whose "lion ramp" recoiled alike "baptized and infidel"—Christendom on the one side, strong by her intellect and her organization, and the 15 "barbaric East" on the other, with her unnumbered numbers? The match was a monstrous one; but in its very monstrosity there lay this germ of encouragement—that ...
— De Quincey's Revolt of the Tartars • Thomas De Quincey

... at the Almains; for, said Gymnast, these jumps are for the wars altogether unprofitable, and of no use—but at one leap he would skip over a ditch, spring over a hedge, mount six paces upon a wall, ramp and grapple after this fashion up against a window of the full height of a lance. He did swim in deep waters on his belly, on his back, sideways, with all his body, with his feet only, with one hand in the air, wherein he held a book, crossing ...
— Gargantua and Pantagruel, Complete. • Francois Rabelais

... myself; and work up here, wi' nothing to break your thoughts but the sight of a hawk or the twinkle of a rabbit's scut, be very ripening to the mind. If awnly Phoebe was here! Sometimes I'm in a mood to ramp down-long an' hale her home, whether or no. But I sweats the longing ...
— Children of the Mist • Eden Phillpotts

... on the equally familiar big and brightly lit platform of the loading ramp. Some sixty or seventy great cylindrical vans floated alongside the platform, most of them disgorging ...
— Legacy • James H Schmitz

... battlements that form, no doubt, the parapet to a flat terrace behind.[238] Finally, in another relief, the sculptor shows two flights of steps bending round one part of a mound and each coming to an end at a door into the temple on its summit. The curve described by this ramp involved the use of steps, which are given in M. Chipiez's Restoration (Plate IV.). An interesting series of reliefs, brought to England from Kouyundjik, proves that in the palace interiors there were inclined galleries for the use of the servants. The lower edges of the ...
— A History of Art in Chaldaea & Assyria, v. 1 • Georges Perrot

... had to dismantle the machinery and load everything of any value on to a train. For several hours five of us dragged a huge cylinder and piston along the ground. We toiled and perspired. We made a ramp of heavy wooden beams in front of the train and then we slowly pushed the iron mass into a truck. We went back and, raising a big fly-wheel on its edge and supporting it with a wooden beam under each axle, we rolled it painfully along, swaying from ...
— Combed Out • Fritz August Voigt

... bugles out of the chest, and then take these lads—What's your name, boys? Eh? Scudamore? A vera gude name—take them over to Corporal Skinner, he will be practicing with the others on the ramp." ...
— The Young Buglers • G.A. Henty

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