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Prayer meeting   /prɛr mˈitɪŋ/   Listen
Prayer meeting

A service at which people sing hymns and pray together.  Synonym: prayer service.

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"Prayer meeting" Quotes from Famous Books

... estimate of the religious services at your college, viz: Church preaching service, Sunday School, Young People 's meetings, Week-day Prayer meetings, Week of Prayer for colleges, Y.M.C.A., Y.W.C.A. or any other religious service? (Mark each according to your estimate as Church 1, Prayer meeting ...
— The Journal of Negro History, Volume 5, 1920 • Various

... prayer meeting of the women held soon after this event, it was decided to build a kitchen at the west end of the log house so "de chillen might have a place to bake and eat their corn bread." While they were building this kitchen a man who saw them said to Miss Hartford, "It makes ...
— The Choctaw Freedmen - and The Story of Oak Hill Industrial Academy • Robert Elliott Flickinger

... Henry enthusiastically, giving no one a chance to speak but himself. "It's a prayer meeting, and every other kind of meeting all rolled into one. It's a revival meeting; a protracted meeting, that's what it is. You had better come with us, Mr. Renmark, and then you can see what it is like. You can walk ...
— In the Midst of Alarms • Robert Barr

... considerable time. It was a little after seven when Thomas, dinnerless and supperless, reached Hamstead, and plodding doggedly up the road in a heavy rain, met Mr. and Mrs. Elliott just starting out in their buggy for Thursday evening prayer meeting. ...
— The Old Gray Homestead • Frances Parkinson Keyes

... opposition—evade it, avoid it, or overcome it. It goes without saying, however, that no discipline of this sort will avail to keep the passions of a youth always in check, and my own were no exception. When about fifteen I once made a great scandal by taking out my knife in prayer meeting and assaulting a young man who, while I was kneeling down during the prayer, stood above me and squeezed my neck. He escaped with a couple of severe though not serious cuts in his hand. He announced his intention of thrashing me when we ...
— The Reminiscences of an Astronomer • Simon Newcomb

... afternoon service. The early prayer-meeting is left entirely to the natives, the three preaching services entirely to the missionaries, and the Sunday school, with the juvenile service, to my sister. There is also a Wednesday evening service, a monthly missionary prayer meeting, a church meeting, and a prayer meeting on Thursday afternoon. This last is in the hands of the natives. No native takes any part in the preaching on the station, except in extreme cases, when it is regarded as a makeshift. My father and I share ...
— Robert Moffat - The Missionary Hero of Kuruman • David J. Deane

... Miss Halbert stated that she would like to go to week service, if anybody else was going. Of course, the lawyer offered his escort, and Miss Du Plessis and the Captain begged to be included. Thus, four of the party set out for Mr. Perrowne's mid-week service, and four to Mr. Errol's prayer meeting. Mr. Lamb did not get much out of Miss Carmichael on the way, and Miss Halbert thought her escort unusually absent-minded. Coming home, Mr. Perrowne deprived Coristine of his fair charge, and Mr. Errol relieved the Squire of his sister. Accordingly, the ...
— Two Knapsacks - A Novel of Canadian Summer Life • John Campbell

... building. Here again I was surprised to find a most attractive interior. It looked like the inside of a prosperous club house. I don't know what I expected but I wouldn't have been startled if I'd found a hall filled with wooden settees and a prayer meeting going on. I had a lot of such preconceived notions knocked out of my head ...
— One Way Out - A Middle-class New-Englander Emigrates to America • William Carleton

... said, "liked to gad." She liked to have her house clean, empty, dark, locked, and to be out of it—anywhere. A church social, a prayer meeting, a ten-cent show; she seemed to have no preference. When there was nowhere else to go, she used to sit for hours in Mrs. Smiley's millinery and notion store, listening to the talk of the women who came in, watching them while they tried on hats, ...
— Song of the Lark • Willa Cather

... wounded he cried, "Oh, Lord!" His mother is sure he is safe because he called on the Lord. They have no conception of living religion. They have no prayer or conference meetings. Aside from our own I doubt if there is a prayer meeting nearer than Berea, seventy miles away. There is no family prayer in all the land. I asked my class of boys, twenty or more in number, how many had ever heard their mothers' voice in prayer. Not one of them could raise a hand. ...
— The American Missionary — Volume 38, No. 01, January, 1884 • Various

... Wednesday night we have a prayer-meeting after school is out. Thursday night we have ten or fifteen minutes to speak the gospel before the school is out. Friday night we have a Bible lesson in Chinese too. Saturday night we have a prayer meeting again. Sunday night all the same. But last Sunday noon I preach on the street where the Chinese live. Perhaps I will preach in the street nest Sunday. By and by, if I do not preach on the street, I shall preach in the mission-house on Sunday noon. I shall do as best I can, and ...
— The American Missionary - Volume 42, No. 1, January 1888 • Various

... them, so there is our leading. The Deacon loves 'Liza, and she is such a entertainment to him that he'd eat ten meals a day at her dictation and no questions asked. And she do beat all with her mothering ways with them old folks. Last Wednesday night she had Deacon a-leading prayer meeting with a red flannel band around his throat for his croaks, and just yesterday she made Mis' Bostick stay in bed half the day, covered up head and ears, to sweat off a little nose-dripping cold. She's always a-consulting Tom and leaving me out. I think she's got her eye on ...
— The Road to Providence • Maria Thompson Daviess

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