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Popularize   /pˈɑpjələrˌaɪz/   Listen

(past & past part. popularized; pres. part. popularizing)
Cater to popular taste to make popular and present to the general public; bring into general or common use.  Synonyms: generalise, generalize, popularise, vulgarise, vulgarize.  "Relativity Theory was vulgarized by these authors"
Make understandable to the general public.  Synonym: popularise.

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"Popularize" Quotes from Famous Books

... scientific spirit and by the scientific method, under the direction of as competent a teacher as can be secured. Only those who are determined to do serious work and who have ability to cope with these problems should be admitted. Every attempt to popularize the course should be discouraged. The class might be carried on under the auspices of a church, a charity organization society, or even of a library. The initiative should be taken by some one person with the requisite discrimination, ...
— Library Work with Children • Alice I. Hazeltine

... more to popularize art than engraving? Is photography of greater importance than engraving? Matson, p. ...
— Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Debate Index - Second Edition • Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

... from the Dardanelles, requesting his uncle not to ask him for a spark of enthusiasm. He despised our Moslem allies, he said, and thought with pity of the miserable herds of men in regiments marching across the steppes at the bidding of a despot that we were helping to popularize. He certainly wrote in the tone of a jejune politician; pardonable stuff to seniors entertaining similar opinions, but most exasperating when it runs counter to them: though one question put by Nevil was not easily ...
— The Shaving of Shagpat • George Meredith

... express my profound indebtedness, for the central mythological idea embodied in this tale, to Mr. J.G. Frazer's admirable and epoch-making work, "The Golden Bough," whose main contention I have endeavored incidentally to popularize in my present story. I wish also to express my obligations in other ways to Mr. Andrew Lang's "Myth, Ritual, and Religion," Mr. H.O. Forbes's "Naturalist's Wanderings," and Mr. Julian Thomas's "Cannibals and Convicts." If I ...
— The Great Taboo • Grant Allen

... that gas is the most convenient and in many ways one of the best forms of fuel for heating and cooking purposes, and the efforts which all large gas companies are now making to popularize and increase the use of gas for such purposes will undoubtedly bear fruit in the future. But before the day can come for gas to be used in this way on a large scale, there is one fact which the gas manager and gas stove manufacturer must clearly realize and submit ...
— Scientific American Supplement, No. 795, March 28, 1891 • Various

... effort. If the minister had been given more science in his preparation for life, there is little doubt that the Church would have accepted, especially in small towns and villages, its opportunity to popularize science by bringing men and women skilful in presenting useful information into the community and by this time would have been regarded as socially the most valuable instrument for ...
— Rural Problems of Today • Ernest R. Groves

... do to popularize myself," said Early whimsically. "I'll think over the situation a bit, Jim, and see if I can see any way out from under. Of course, Percival hasn't any record by which you can discredit him and keep his mouth ...
— Jewel Weed • Alice Ames Winter

... Messenger, circulating through the entire community and educating the people both in English and in scientific thought, will soon popularize ...
— Darkness and Dawn • George Allan England

... and for this reason, also, he could not quietly wait until the world should come to his way of thinking. Much of the time, therefore, which he would otherwise naturally have spent in research, he spent in contending for and in endeavoring to popularize the facts of science. It was this desire to make his ideas prevail that led Huxley to work for a mastery of the technique of speaking and writing. He hated both, but taught himself to do both well. The end of all his infinite pains about his writing ...
— Autobiography and Selected Essays • Thomas Henry Huxley

... have entertained a sort of veneration, and the villa which he designed at Chiswick was a reduced copy of Palladio's Villa Capra, near Vicenza. This and other works of his show a failure to appreciate the unsuitability of Italian conceptions to the climate and tastes of Great Britain; his efforts to popularize Palladian architecture, without the resources which Palladio controlled in the way of decorative sculpture and painting, were consequently not always happy in their results. His greatest work was the design for a new Palace at Whitehall, London. Of this colossal scheme, which, if completed, ...
— A Text-Book of the History of Architecture - Seventh Edition, revised • Alfred D. F. Hamlin

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