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Physiological condition   /fˌɪziəlˈɑdʒɪkəl kəndˈɪʃən/   Listen
Physiological condition

The condition or state of the body or bodily functions.  Synonyms: physical condition, physiological state.

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Words linked to "Physiological condition" :   gestation, infertility, habituation, maternity, pathological state, anestrus, agalactia, vitalisation, anaesthesia, asphyxia, torpidity, muscularity, dilatation, toxic condition, abnormality, dependence, potence, obstruction, anoestrus, sterility, flatulence, healthiness, hyperthermy, poisoning, amyxia, pseudocyesis, analgesia, sedation, anhydrosis, condition, agalactosis, angiotelectasia, anoestrum, flexion, sleep, suspended animation, sopor, oxygen debt, hypothermia, status, anhidrosis, hypercapnia, oestrus, abnormalcy, distention, good health, anestrum, slumber, elastosis, potency, emmetropia, upset, pregnancy, arousal, flexure, cold sweat, hypercarbia, estrus, fertility, vitalization, rut, gas, bloodiness, rigor mortis, dependency, drive, addiction, wakefulness, flection, torpor, incompatibility, cellularity, blockage, normothermia, myasthenia, acapnia, fecundity, hyperthermia, false pregnancy, physical condition, flatulency, hypopigmentation, intoxication, disorder, hypocapnia, anesthesia, acathexia, hyperpigmentation, cryptobiosis, dependance, oligospermia, heat, distension

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