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Pax   /pæks/   Listen

(Roman Catholic Church) a greeting signifying Christian love for those assisting at the Eucharist.  Synonym: kiss of peace.

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"Pax" Quotes from Famous Books

... 30. But ex d(ecreto) d(ecurionum) would refer better to the Sullan forum below the town, especially as the two bases set up to Pax Augusti and Securitas Augusti (C.I.L., XIV, 2898, 2899) were found down on the site of the ...
— A Study Of The Topography And Municipal History Of Praeneste • Ralph Van Deman Magoffin

... afar: their windows open back towards her as Daniel's did towards Jerusalem—Urbs quam dicunt Roman—the City. Along the great road, hard by, her imperial writ runs. They have never subscribed to the vow of Ruth, 'Thy people shall be my people and thy God my God.' They dwell under the Pax Romana, not merely protected by it but as citizens. Theirs are the ancestral deities portrayed on that unfading pavement in the very centre of the villa—Apollo and Daphne, Bacchus ...
— On the Art of Writing - Lectures delivered in the University of Cambridge 1913-1914 • Arthur Quiller-Couch

... deberet concupiscere, nihilque ita se timere perdituros sicut pacem bonam, quam hactenus habuerunt inconcussam: sicque diuino nutu est actum vt Rex truculentus ad alia se verteret, atque in breui postmodum caderet, quia dissipat Dominus eos, qui bella volunt, et istis manet pax ...
— The Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffiques, - and Discoveries of The English Nation, Volume 9 - Asia, Part 2 • Richard Hakluyt

... I have already suggested something; it is only as well to note that I have put them out of their strict order in the stratification of history. It is too often forgotten that in these countries the Christian culture is older than the Moslem culture. I for one regret that the old Pax Romana was broken up by the Arabs; and hold that in the long run there was more life in that Byzantine decline than in that Semitic revival. And I will add what I cannot here develop or defend; that in the long run it is ...
— The New Jerusalem • G. K. Chesterton

... side, was a glorification of the British race; it was a foreshadowing of the happy time when this governing and triumphant people would give the world the blessing of the pax Britannica. "We are not yet," said Ruskin in his inaugural address, "dissolute in temper but still have the firmness to govern and the grace to obey." In this address he preached that if England was not to perish, "she must found colonies as fast ...
— Laurier: A Study in Canadian Politics • J. W. Dafoe

... assent, quia, cum male pugnatum apud Caudium esset, legionibus nostris sub iugum missis pacem cum Samnitibus fecerant, dediti sunt eis; iniussu enim populi senatusque fecerant. Eodemque {5} tempore Ti. Numicius, Q. Maelius, qui tum tribuni plebis erant, quod eorum auctoritate pax erat facta, dediti sunt, ut pax Samnitium repudiaretur. Atque huius deditionis ipse Postumius, qui dedebatur, suasor et auctor fuit. Quod idem multis annis post {10} C. Mancinus, qui ut Numantinis, quibuscum sine senatus auctoritate foedus fecerat, ...
— Helps to Latin Translation at Sight • Edmund Luce

... is not unlike," he again began, "The noon these pricking memories print on me - Yea, that day, when the sun grew copper-red, And I served in Judaea . . . 'Twas a date Of rest for arms. The Pax Romana ruled, To the chagrin of frontier legionaries! Palestine was annexed—though sullen yet, - I, being in age some two-score years and ten And having the garrison in Jerusalem Part in my hands as acting officer Under the Governor. A tedious time I found it, of routine, amid a folk Restless, ...
— Time's Laughingstocks and Other Verses • Thomas Hardy

... slang name for a priest, among the mob of France, is a 'Pax Vobiscum,' or shortly, ...
— Our Fathers Have Told Us - Part I. The Bible of Amiens • John Ruskin

... the Empress Helena, mother of Constantine, and was at least as old as Helena's pilgrimage to Jerusalem in 326. She was not a Western, feudal queen, nor was her Son a feudal king; she typified an authority which the people wanted, and the fiefs feared; the Pax Romana; the omnipotence of God in government. In all Europe, at that time, there was no power able to enforce justice or to maintain order, and no symbol of such a power except Christ and His ...
— Mont-Saint-Michel and Chartres • Henry Adams

... how I had killed my lodger's little girl and baked her in a pie. Well, when my voice left off confessing, he started out of his dream, and says he, a mustering up a gloom, 'My erring sister, say three Paternosters and three Ave Marias kneeling, and eat no butter nor eggs next Wednesday, and pax vobiscum!' and off a went with his hands behind him, looking as if there was no such thing as me in ...
— The Cloister and the Hearth • Charles Reade

... was fast dying out. The Polish Government had not strength to persecute, and Poland became the refuge of the sects. When the bishops found that they could not prevent toleration, they resolved that they would not restrict it. Trusting to the maxim, "Bellum Haereticorum pax est Ecclesiae," they insisted that liberty should extend to those whom the Reformers would have exterminated.[7] The Polish Protestants, in spite of their dissensions, formed themselves into one great party. When the death of the last of the Jagellons, on the ...
— The History of Freedom • John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton

... suppose it's Pax for the future,' said Lord Hugh; 'if you won't come out, you won't. Please leave off being a cat and ...
— The Magic World • Edith Nesbit

... golden band! And this corner, Maurice, look,—this is in remembrance of you,—of your birthday token to her. Do you not see the design is a brooch, and the device a dove carrying an olive-branch in its mouth, and the word 'Pax' ...
— Fairy Fingers - A Novel • Anna Cora Mowatt Ritchie

... Why should he say Pax? Freeing his hand, he caught the little brute under the chin, and was again knocked into the lobelias by a blow on ...
— The Longest Journey • E. M. Forster

... Deum. Nec fora, nec leges colimus; nec aratra subimus; Praedandi est solus militiaeque labor: Seu ruimus per aperta maris, seu cingimus igne Maenia, seu cultis exspatiamur agris. Oppida quum positis florent ingloria bellis, Fortia pax alta corda quiete tenet: At nobis medio Fama est quaesita periclo, Quoque magis durum est, hoc magis omne placet. Plurima quid referam? Si tu ista refellere nescis, Vicimus, inque ...
— Gustavus Vasa - and other poems • W. S. Walker

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