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In walking position with right foreleg raised.

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"Passant" Quotes from Famous Books

... their assuming so singular a device was uncertain, but the figure was generally supposed to represent the mysterious being called the White Lady of Avenel. [Footnote: There is an ancient English family, I believe, which bears, or did bear, a ghost or spirit passant sable in a field argent. This seems to have been a device of a punning or canting herald.] The sight of this mouldering shield awakened in the mind of Halbert the strange circumstances which had connected his ...
— The Monastery • Sir Walter Scott

... prelate to whom Cardinal Lorraine doubtless referred in no complimentary terms, when, at the assembly of the clergy at Poissy, he said, "qu'il estoit contrainct de dire, Duodecim sumus, sed unus ex nobis Diabolus est, et passant plus outre, qu'il y avoit ung evesque de la compagnie ... qui avoit revele ce qui se faisoit en laditte assemblee," etc. Journal de Bruslart, ...
— History of the Rise of the Huguenots - Volume 2 • Henry Baird

... se transpose Et passant de la forme au son, Trouve dans la m├ętamorphose La jeune fille et ...
— Confessions of a Young Man • George Moore

... feet to the river's edge and barked. Feet came clambering down the bank and a workman followed the dog, with a bag of tools and a basket. He walked up to the river, and putting his hands in a trumpet to his mouth called in a huge voice: "Un passant, Margot! Margot!" Fanny remembered her whistle ...
— The Happy Foreigner • Enid Bagnold

... had, ere they came beneath the magic touch of genius, no more to do with each other than this book has with the Stock Exchange. Who would have dreamed of travelling from the Tabard in Southwark to the last new singer, via Exeter-hall and the lilies of the valley, and touching en passant on to cardinal virtues and an Irish Viscount? But see; given only a little impudence, and less logic, and hey presto! the thing is done; and all that remains to be done is to dilate (as the Rev. Dionysius O'Blareaway would do at this stage of the process) upon the moral ...
— Two Years Ago, Volume I • Charles Kingsley

... only en passant. Compared with the mysterious and grandiose past of India, the ancient Aryavarta, her present is a natural Indian ink background, the black shadow of a bright picture, the inevitable evil in the cycle of every nation. India has become decrepit and has fallen down, like a huge memorial ...
— From the Caves and Jungles of Hindostan • Helena Pretrovna Blavatsky

... a toutes les tetes couronnes de l'Europe, notre philosophe s'amuse, en passant, a repandre du ridicule sur les ouvrages de Hugo Grotius. J'oserais croire qu'il n'en sera pas cru sur sa parole, et que le Droit de la guerre et de la paix ira plus loin a la posterite que l'Essai sur ...
— Baron d'Holbach • Max Pearson Cushing

... white louses do become an old coat well; it agrees well, passant; it is a familiar beast to man, ...
— The Merry Wives of Windsor - The Works of William Shakespeare [Cambridge Edition] [9 vols.] • William Shakespeare

... every knight that loved chivalry, And would his thanks have a passant name, Hath prayed that he might be of that game, And well was him that thereto ...
— Christmas: Its Origin and Associations - Together with Its Historical Events and Festive Celebrations During Nineteen Centuries • William Francis Dawson

... stern resolution; and this implied the constant presence of a close, undeviating method in my studies. I tasked myself accordingly to read—understandingly, if possible—so many pages every night, making my notes, queries, doubts, &c., EN PASSANT. In order to do this, I prescribed to myself a rule, to pass directly from the toils of the day and the store to my chamber, suffering no stoppage by the way, and studiously denying myself the dangerous fascinations ...
— Confession • W. Gilmore Simms

... figures. This splendid costume, on which the light played, seemed glazed with flame on every fold. The man who wore it had his armorial bearings embroidered on his breast in vivid colors; a chevron accompanied by a deer passant. The shield was flanked, on the right by an olive branch, on the left by a deer's antlers. This man wore in his girdle a rich dagger whose hilt, of silver gilt, was chased in the form of a helmet, and surmounted by a count's coronet. ...
— Notre-Dame de Paris - The Hunchback of Notre Dame • Victor Hugo

... make their advances. How gaily, how magnificently they are attired! What finely proportioned limbs—what beautifully formed features! They have been carousing, peradventure, with some young Greeks—who have just saluted them, en passant—at the famous coffee-house before mentioned. Everything around you is novel and striking; while the verdure of the trees and lawns is yet fresh, and the sun does not seem yet disposed to sink below the horizon. The carriages still move on, and return, in measured procession. ...
— Seeing Europe with Famous Authors, Volume V (of X) • Various

... writing a dull letter; poorlyish from Company, not generally, for I never was better, nor took more walks, 14 miles a day on an average, with a sporting dog—Dash—you would not know the plain Poet, any more than he doth recognize James Naylor trick'd out au deserpoy (how do you spell it.) En Passant, J'aime entendre da mon bon homme sur surveillance de croix, ma pas l'homme figuratif—do ...
— The Works of Charles and Mary Lamb (Vol. 6) - Letters 1821-1842 • Charles and Mary Lamb

... impatience to be enlightened on all these interesting points, you will grant me leave to inquire en passant, Dr. Reasono, if your savans receive the Mosaic account of the ...
— The Monikins • J. Fenimore Cooper

... that haue sithens succeeded him, vse the same armes as peculiar to the crowne of England, which he vsed in his time; [Sidenote: He bare but two lions or rather leopards as some thinke.] namelie, three lions passant gold in a field gewels (as Polydor writeth) the three floure delices were since that time annexed thereto by Edward the third, by reason of his claime to the crowne of France, whereof hereafter ye shall heare. Among other greeuances which ...
— Chronicles of England, Scotland and Ireland (2 of 6): England (1 of 12) - William the Conqueror • Raphael Holinshed

... Archbishop Parker, who allowed him to have a shop or shed at the north-west door of St. Paul's. He appears to have had two Marks, one of which was derived from the sign of his shop, "The Mermaid," with the motto, "Omnia tempus habent," and the other (here reproduced) of a doe passant, and the motto, "Cerva charissima et gratissimus hinnulus pro." Thomas Woodcock, 1576-94, who dwelt at the sign of the Black Bear, in St. Paul's Churchyard, was a bookseller rather than a printer; his Mark is an evident double pun ...
— Printers' Marks - A Chapter in the History of Typography • William Roberts

... presently, and as though en passant, "I have dismissed Tardif to-day—I hope you won't mind these dull domestic ...
— The Judgment House • Gilbert Parker

... pleasures of life are well enough in their time, but they must not usurp the chief place in a man's thought.[Footnote: Cf. J. S. Mill, Autobiography, p. 142: "The enjoyments of life are sufficient to make it a pleasant thing, when they are taken en passant, without being made a principal object. The only chance is to treat, not happiness, but some end external to it, as the purpose of life."] His first concern must be to keep true, to play the game; he must seek first the Kingdom of God and His ...
— Problems of Conduct • Durant Drake

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