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Pander   /pˈændər/   Listen

(past & past part. pandered; pres. part. pandering)
Yield (to); give satisfaction to.  Synonyms: gratify, indulge.
Arrange for sexual partners for others.  Synonyms: pimp, procure.

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"Pander" Quotes from Famous Books

... cheerfulness and terror, from the excitement caused by evil from which we are as safely separated as are those who look on from the enfuriate bulls in an arena. To such, history, and the history especially of the Renaissance, has been made to pander up but too much. The pain I speak of is the pain which must come to every morally sentient creature with the contemplation of some one of the horrible tangles of evil, of the still fouler intermeshing of evil with good, which history brings up ever and anon. Evil which ...
— Euphorion - Being Studies of the Antique and the Mediaeval in the - Renaissance - Vol. I • Vernon Lee

... South Pacific of those days. He was arrested and tried by order of Governor Darling, who, it is only fair to say, did his best to have him hanged. But, incredible as it seems, public sympathy was on the side of this pander to savages, this pimp to cannibals. Witnesses were spirited away, and at length the prosecution was abandoned. Soon after Stewart died at sea off Cape Horn. One authority says that he dropped dead on the deck of the Elizabeth, and that his carcass, reeking with rum, was pitched ...
— The Long White Cloud • William Pember Reeves

... them with a new vision of life. And if drama be an art (which the great public denies daily, but a few of us still believe), it must reasonably be expected to present life as each dramatist sees it, and not to express things because they pander to popular prejudice, or are sensational, or because ...
— Another Sheaf • John Galsworthy

... Allegorick Way, Men falsely figur'd, to the world convey, Libels the enormous Forgery of sense, Stamp'd on the brow of human Impudence; The blackest wound of Merit, and the Dart, That secret Envy points against Desert. The lust of Hatred pander'd to the Eye T'allure the World's debauching by a Lie. Th'rancrous Favourite's masquerading Guilt, Imbitt'ring venom where he'd have it spilt. The Courts depression in a fulsom Praise; A Test it's Ignoramus worst conveys, ...
— Anti-Achitophel (1682) - Three Verse Replies to Absalom and Achitophel by John Dryden • Elkanah Settle et al.

... others. Even warm friends of the colonies held that a military establishment should be paid for out of colonial revenues, and Shelburne was considering how a fund might be raised without taxation.[76] Unfortunately, Townshend chose to pander to the feelings of the majority of the commons. In a debate on the army supplies on January 26, 1767, he boasted, without any previous consultation with his fellow-ministers, that he could raise a revenue ...
— The Political History of England - Vol. X. • William Hunt

... not—and never had—in any guise whatever, the slightest compensating value for internal use. It isn't a food; it's a poison; it isn't a beneficial stimulant; it's a poison; it isn't an aid to digestion; it's a poison; it isn't a life saver; it's a life taker. It's a parasite, forger, thief, pander, liar, brutalizer, murderer! ...
— The Danger Mark • Robert W. Chambers

... suffering to humanity, none has done a tithe of the harm wrought by the incessant battle for the yellow metal which you call gold. If there had been no such thing on earth, the tribe to which I belong would to-day walk as gods amongst ordinary men. No, I shall do nothing to pander to this disease. When I die the secret of the mine perishes with me. Never more will man work there as long as I have the health and strength to ...
— The Mystery of the Four Fingers • Fred M. White

... had heard enough of Mr. Chiffinch to make me prejudge him; for his main business, it seemed, was to pander to the King's pleasures; and he had his rooms so near the river, it was said, that he might more easily meet those who came by water and take them up to His Majesty's rooms unobserved: yet when I saw him, I understood that any prejudgement was ...
— Oddsfish! • Robert Hugh Benson

... flames in every polished surface: it was almost barbaric, more like a reception room of a presbytery than a living room; but a presbytery decorated to convey the best of a strong and self-reliant mind, rather than to pander with a taste ornate to the futile conception of ...
— Sally Bishop - A Romance • E. Temple Thurston

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