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Oxidation   /ˌɑksədˈeɪʃən/   Listen

The process of oxidizing; the addition of oxygen to a compound with a loss of electrons; always occurs accompanied by reduction.  Synonyms: oxidisation, oxidization.

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"Oxidation" Quotes from Famous Books

... have so far almost totally resisted satisfactory management, despite tremendous efforts. Among techniques that have been tried are neutralization with limestone and other materials, air sealing to cut down on the oxidation that helps form the acid, sealing of mine openings to prevent outflow, mining methods designed to prevent exposure of sulfuritic materials, and chemical inhibition of acid generation. Regardless of the hope that some ...
— The Nation's River - The Department of the Interior Official Report on the Potomac • United States Department of the Interior

... of sulphuret of iron and other salts, the cementing auxiliaries requisite to form the hard conglomerate, and on exposure to the atmosphere changes color to yellow and violet, losing also its firmness by oxidation. ...
— Scientific American Supplement, No. 455, September 20, 1884 • Various

... triselenide is less volatile than the trisulphide, and is pale green in color. It is energetically decomposed by water, with formation of boric acid and liberation of hydrogen selenide. The liquid rapidly deposits free selenium, owing to the oxidation of the hydrogen selenide retained in solution. Light appears to decompose the triselenide into free selenium ...
— Scientific American Supplement, No. 841, February 13, 1892 • Various

... illustrated description of the origin and properties of the coloring matter of the blood, known as haemoglobin, drawing attention to its remarkable formation by a higher synthetical act from the albumenoids in the animal body, and to the circumstance that, contrary to general rule, both its oxidation and reduction may be easily effected. It was explained that on this rhythmic action of oxidizing ...
— Scientific American Supplement, No. 643, April 28, 1888 • Various

... the stage of water, then merged into the stage of air. More and more the aerial elements—oxygen, carbon, nitrogen—have entered into its constituents and fattened the soil. The humanizing of the earth has been largely a process of oxidation. More than disintegrated rock makes up the soil; the air and the rains and the snows have all ...
— Time and Change • John Burroughs

... performed them, a fresh defect was discovered, which threatened more alarming consequences than the others. Upon stripping off some sheets of copper, the spike nails which fastened the planks were found to be decaying, and many were so entirely decomposed by oxidation that a straw was easily thrust through the vacant holes. As we had not enough nails to replace the copper, for that was now our only security, we could not venture to remove more than a few sheets from those parts which appeared to be the most suspicious, under ...
— The History of Australian Exploration from 1788 to 1888 • Ernest Favenc

... into water, where they are steeped for twelve hours, when the water is run off into a vessel and agitated in order to promote the formation of the blue coloring matter, which does not exist ready formed in the tissues of the plant, but is the result of the oxidation of other substances contained in them. The coloring matter then settles at the bottom; it is then boiled to a certain consistency and afterwards spread out on cloth frames, where it is further drained of water and pressed into cubes or cakes ...
— Catalogue of Economic Plants in the Collection of the U. S. Department of Agriculture • William Saunders

... physiological studies. The simplicity of Liebig's views, and the popular form in which they have been presented, have given them wide currency, and incorporated them in the common belief and language of our text-books. Direct oxidation or combustion of the carbon and hydrogen contained in the food, or in the tissues themselves; the division of alimentary substances into respiratory, or non-azotized, and azotized,—these doctrines are familiar even to ...
— Medical Essays • Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

... the cold weather following the gathering of the crop, little or no change takes place in the flavor of the kernels. During the heat of summer, however, they deteriorate. The natural amount of moisture in them is reduced, the air enters, oxidation takes place and the flavor ...
— The Pecan and its Culture • H. Harold Hume

... hasn't reached the iron in the hull, Boston, my boy. It takes a long time for cold acids to act on iron after the first oxidation, but in fifty years mixed nitric and sulphuric will do lots ...
— Great Sea Stories • Various

... justified the expenditure, for with this lamp he made the discovery that the FILAMENT of carbon, under the conditions of high vacuum, was commercially stable and would stand high temperatures without the disintegration and oxidation that took place in all previous attempts that he knew of for making an incandescent burner out of carbon. Besides, this lamp possessed the characteristics of high resistance and small radiating surface, ...
— Edison, His Life and Inventions • Frank Lewis Dyer and Thomas Commerford Martin

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