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Natural action   /nˈætʃərəl ˈækʃən/   Listen
Natural action

A process existing in or produced by nature (rather than by the intent of human beings).  Synonyms: action, activity, natural process.  "Volcanic activity"

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"Natural action" Quotes from Famous Books

... nature, where our author always began, and finding there a free and sportive element, he carries it into human life; making the contention that its aim should be, and that its destiny will be, to free itself from the constraint of mere work and rise into that natural action of the faculties which may be called play—a moral and spiritual process. ...
— Library of the World's Best Literature, Ancient and Modern, Vol. 7 • Various

... to the good and benefit of nature. But yet without praying in aid of alchymists, there is a manifest image of this in the ordinary course of nature: for in bodies, union strengtheneth and cherisheth any natural action, and on the other side, weakeneth and dulleth any violent impression; and even so ...
— Library Of The World's Best Literature, Ancient And Modern, Vol 3 • Various

... convenience, not by ceremonial rule, are hollowed in the soft new sandstone underlying the snowy gypsum; and most of the facades show one or more horizontal lines of natural bead-work, rolled pebbles disposed parallelly by the natural action of water. In the most ruinous, the upper layer is a cornice of hard sandstone, stained yellow with iron and much creviced; the base, a soft conglomerate of the same material, is easily corroded; and the supernal part caves in upon the principle which is destroying ...
— The Land of Midian, Vol. 1 • Richard Burton

... and Caligula, in Alcibiades and Byron, in Robespierre and St. Just, we have attempted to sketch the leading perversions of youthful energy and intelligence. Let us now proceed to exhibit their more wholesome, and, we trust, their more natural action. And first, in respect to the emotions, these may all be included in the single word enthusiasm, or that impulsive force which liberates the mental powers from the ice of timidity as Spring unloosens the streams from the grasp of Winter, and sends them forth in a rejoicing rush. ...
— The Atlantic Monthly, Volume 16, No. 93, July, 1865 • Various

... is nothing marvellous; and I cannot help thinking, that, had they married, their lives would have passed in the common track with their fellow parishioners. His endeavouring to shield her from the storm, was a natural action, and what he would have certainly done for his horse, if he had been in the same situation. Neither am I of opinion, that their sudden death was a reward of their mutual virtue. You know the Jews ...
— Lady Mary Wortley Montague - Her Life and Letters (1689-1762) • Lewis Melville

... just administration, with wise and humane princes, a government which is not properly based on the people, possesses an unavoidable and oppressive evil of the first magnitude, in the necessity of supporting itself by physical force and onerous impositions, against the natural action of the majority. ...
— The Bravo • J. Fenimore Cooper

... treatment, however, the enema is most satisfactory, and when employed it is best to do it thoroughly. I do not advocate the regular and continuous use of this measure. One should not come to depend upon it. A natural action is desirable, and this can invariably be brought about by a proper diet, as above suggested, by exercise and by a sufficient amount of water. The enema or colon- flushing should be used only when absolutely necessary, ...
— Vitality Supreme • Bernarr Macfadden

... of twenty-five should have a fancy to marry a brown woman of eighteen, is nothing marvellous; and I cannot help thinking, that had they married, their lives would have passed in the common track with their fellow parishioners. His endeavouring to shield her from a storm, was a natural action, and what he would have certainly done for his horse, if he had been in the same situation. Neither am I of opinion, that their sudden death was a reward of their mutual virtue. You know the Jews were reproved for thinking a village destroyed by fire, more wicked than those ...
— Letters of the Right Honourable Lady M—y W—y M—e • Lady Mary Wortley Montague

... the progeny existed before animals were divided into sexes, and produced the beginning of sympathetic society, the source of which may perhaps be thus well accounted for; whenever the glandular system is stimulated into greater natural action within certain limits, an addition of pleasure is produced along with the increased secretion; this pleasure arising from the activity of the system is supposed to constitute the happiness of existence, in contradistinction to the ennui or taedium vitae; as shown ...
— The Temple of Nature; or, the Origin of Society - A Poem, with Philosophical Notes • Erasmus Darwin

... there are two things to which the same function is prescribed in the course of nature, and one of these successfully accomplishes the function by natural action, the other is altogether incapable of that natural action, instead of which, in a way other than is agreeable to its nature, it—I will not say fulfils its function, but feigns to fulfil it: which of these two would in ...
— The Consolation of Philosophy • Boethius

... all moral sense of right and all natural action of conscience were gone, there remained in the man an inheritance of traditional feeling, which even Matilde's influence could not make him wittingly violate any further,—a remnant of honour, a thread, as it were, ...
— Taquisara • F. Marion Crawford

... exclaimed, "does one yeoman know another! To elevate a distinction into a difference is the natural action of their minds. I will point that out to Blaize. He shall see that the ...
— The Shaving of Shagpat • George Meredith

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