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Myopic   /maɪˈɑpɪk/   Listen

Unable to see distant objects clearly.  Synonyms: nearsighted, shortsighted.
Lacking foresight or scope.  Synonyms: short, shortsighted, unforesightful.  "Shortsighted policies" , "Shortsighted critics derided the plan" , "Myopic thinking"

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"Myopic" Quotes from Famous Books

... cannot come from lower because minus nequit gignere plus, or that the notion of transformation is absurd, for it implies that species tend to their own destruction, and that would violate the principle that every reality tends to persevere in its own shape. The point of view is too myopic, too tight and close to take in the inductive argument. Wide generalizations in science always meet with these summary refutations in their early days; but they outlive them, and the refutations then sound oddly antiquated and scholastic. ...
— The Meaning of Truth • William James

... the neighbouring Cirque the Ball of the City of Paris is whirling noisily. Yes, life goes on in the old, old way in the land of equality and brotherhood; and the "red fool-fury of the Seine" is but a froth on the surface. The "Twilight of the Peoples" is the morbid vision of a myopic seer. With which reflection ...
— Without Prejudice • Israel Zangwill

... us; I believe that many of us are to leave their bones there, and I hope there will be plenty of Prussians to keep them company; I would like to see the ground down there in the valley heaped with dead Prussians!" He arose and pointed down the valley of the Meuse. Fire flashed from his myopic eyes, which had exempted him from service with the army. "A thousand thunders! I would fight, yes, I would, if they would have me. I don't know whether it is seeing them assume the airs of masters in my country—in this country where ...
— The Downfall • Emile Zola

... young man who supported bravely the weight of his Christian names, a reminder of his mother having occupied some small post in the household of Queen Victoria the Good. He might have been any age between 35 and 50 with his thin sandy hair, his myopic gaze, and his habitual ...
— The Yellow Streak • Williams, Valentine

... immediate {9} consequence of something like inflammation of the coats, under which they yield, and there is ground for believing that it may often originate in causes acting directly on the individual affected, and may thenceforward become transmissible. When both parents are myopic Mr. Bowman has observed the hereditary tendency in this direction to be heightened, and some of the children to be myopic at an earlier age or in a higher degree than their parents. Thirdly, squinting is a familiar ...
— The Variation of Animals and Plants Under Domestication, Volume II (of 2) • Charles Darwin

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