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Moonbeam   /mˈunbˌim/   Listen

A ray of moonlight.  Synonyms: moon-ray, moon ray.

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"Moonbeam" Quotes from Famous Books

... him darkly, at dead of night, The sods with our bayonets turning, By the struggling moonbeam's misty light, ...
— McGuffey's Fifth Eclectic Reader • William Holmes McGuffey

... of the mysterious distance came the sound of voices, and the sharp clatter of hoofs and wheels, and Jenny slid away—a white moonbeam—from the hill. For a moment she glimmered through the trees, and then, reaching the house, passed her sleeping father on the veranda, and, darting into her bedroom, locked the door, threw open the window, and, falling on her knees beside it, leaned her hot cheeks upon her hands, and listened. In ...
— Tales of the Argonauts • Bret Harte

... sunk into a dream of delight, and was wishing HE were a sunbeam or a moonbeam; and he would have been glad to hear more and more, and for ever. But at last, as all was still, he opened his eyes and looked around for his dear guest; but she was flown far away; so he could not bear to sit there any longer alone, and he rose and went to the gurgling brook. It gushed ...
— Peter Schlemihl etc. • Chamisso et. al.

... trees, illuminating the foliage with her mild bluish rays, he pictured to himself the meeting of the two lovers on the flowery turf bathed in the silvery light. His brain seemed on fire. He saw Reine in white advancing like a moonbeam, and Claudet passing his arm around the yielding waist of the maiden. He tried to substitute himself in idea, and to imagine the delight of the first words of welcome, and the ecstasy of the prolonged embrace. A shiver ran through his whole body; ...
— A Woodland Queen, Complete • Andre Theuriet

... ethereal. Her skin was so exquisite, the coloring of her hair and eyes and of her lips was so delicately fine that it gave her the fragility of things bordering upon the supernal—of rare exotics, of sunset and moonbeam effects. No, he had been under no spell of illusion as to her beauty. It was a reality—the more fascinating because it waxed and waned not with regularity ...
— The Grain Of Dust - A Novel • David Graham Phillips

... thin, flickering moonbeam crept in and partially lighted up the room. It fell on to the door that led into the pedlar's chamber, and showed her something dark and slimy that was flowing slowly—slowly from under it into her room. She did not cry out or fall senseless. ...
— The Strand Magazine: Volume VII, Issue 37. January, 1894. - An Illustrated Monthly • Edited by George Newnes

... interior blackness of the vault. For a time I believe I was indeed mad—the echoes rang with the piercing shrieks I could not restrain! Silent at last through sneer exhaustion I glared about me. The moonbeam had vanished, in its place lay a shaft of pale gray light, by which I could easily distinguish the whole length of the staircase and the closed gateway it its summit. I rushed up the ascent with the ...
— Vendetta - A Story of One Forgotten • Marie Corelli

... stand, still you listen, still you smile! Still melts your moonbeam through me, white awhile, Softening, sweetening, till sweet and soft Increase so round this heart of mine, that oft I could believe your moonbeam smile has past The pallid limit and, transformed at last, Lies, sunlight and salvation—warms ...
— An Introduction to the Study of Browning • Arthur Symons

... moonlight, were seen The foldings of his mantle green: Lightly he dreamt, as youth will dream Of sport by thicket, or by stream Of hawk or hound, of ring or glove, Or, lighter yet, of lady's love. A cautious tread his slumber broke, And close beside him, when he woke, In moonbeam half, and half in gloom, Stood a tall form, with nodding plume; But ere his dagger Eustace drew, His ...
— Marmion: A Tale of Flodden Field • Walter Scott

... must I through lifetime sorrow For the splendour of the sunlight, And the moonbeam's charming lustre And the glory of the heavens, 560 Which I leave, while still so youthful, And as child must quite abandon, I must leave my brother's work-room, Just beyond my ...
— Kalevala, Volume I (of 2) - The Land of the Heroes • Anonymous

... when the moon shone fair on the main, Choice spirits were gathered from meadow and plain— And lightly embarking from Erin's bold cliffs, They slid o'er the wave in their moonbeam skiffs. A ray for a rudder—a thought for a sail— Swift, swift was each bark as ...
— Poems • Sam G. Goodrich

... broken the ice; but the next instant he was uncertain if she had heard or understood. A moonbeam showed him her face,—it was very pale with a look of determination on it, and her eyes were ...
— Bluebell - A Novel • Mrs. George Croft Huddleston

... fires. At three in the morning (August 20th) the word was passed to march. Such pitchy darkness covered the face of the plain that Smith ordered every man to touch his front file as he marched. Now and then a flash of lightning lighted the narrow ravine; occasionally a straggling moonbeam pierced the clouds and shed an uncertain glimmer on the heights; but these flitting guides served only to make the darkness seem darker. The soldiers groped their way, stumbling over stones and brushwood, and did not gain the rear of the camp till day broke. Then ...
— The Great Events by Famous Historians, Vol. 17 • Charles Francis Horne

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